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Simple Question - iFollow...

is it worth it?

Any experience of massive streaming lag/ frequent drop-outs etc?

Wisdom needed.



  • Are you watching or listening. For the most part listening is fine, I rarely get a drop-out (although if I do it's always as someone is baring down on goal!).

    I've only watched two matches and they were fine, even better with Phil's commentary.

  • Haha, always the way. I'll probably watch.

  • Not had any problems so far.

  • IFollow is much better value this year than previous years whe it comes to watching a match.

    Previously, you had to use a VPN (which affected the connection if you lived in the UK and was a lot of hassle), got no commentary, and the picture dropped out a lot.

    Now, you get the soothing, sultry tones of Phil Catchpole over the top of the picture, the stream quality is higher definition, and you can watch Tuesday games without any VPN jiggery pokery.

    You can rewind when there is a goal or other pivotal moment, and also select a slow motion option to get a better look.

    It's still a bit expensive for what it is in my opinion, but the next best thing to being at the match for sure.

  • I've only used iFollow once but it was fine, good video quality, and will be using it tonight. The commentary is slightly out of sync with the video, but not enough to spoil it.

    Just don't get your friends at the game to text you goal updates, as they arrived before I saw them on video! The transmission is some way behind real time.

  • I was pleasantly surprised at the footage and the sync up of the commentary. Very polished, and I've used it 4-5 times on midweeks.

    Am away tonight, so can't watch our game which is a shame, but can recommend it if, not unreasonably 200miles is too far to go to watch it live

  • Blimey @OxfordBlue, if I knew I sounded like that I would have rushed out an album in time for Christmas.

  • Completely agree with the above comments, ifollow has improved a lot and I’ve not had any problems with it.
    Having Phil’s excellent commentary has made it an even better service and I would thoroughly recommend it.

  • How about that, Phil? A few more pints to line up?!
    Looking forward to this evening. Wrap up well and don the waterproofs and/or windcheaters.

  • I echo all of the comments about Phil's commentary. It really is superb

  • It's a massive test of our play off credentials this evening.

    If we can just get promoted this year it really will help prolong our descent into conference south football

  • @niebieski : I trust there won’t be anyone baring down on goal. Not a night for streakers!

  • Are pubs allowed to show it?

  • "The referee has the magic spray hanging down from his belt, which is a disconcerting image" - a @bluntphil classic from the Shrewsbury game.

  • Is it possible to watch it on the tv somehow? I’ve got iFollow on iPad and iPhone and a Virgin box.

  • Do you have an AppleTV?

  • Are there crisps?

  • @Lloyd2084 If you haven't got an AppleTV you can get a lightning to HDMI cable / adapter which you can then hook up to the TV and the iPad. If you have got an AppleTV then you can just AirPlay to it.

  • getting a bit geeky

  • Thank you! I’ll put away my SCART cable then... ;)

  • I will be staring vacantly at the slowly refreshing BBC website on the train home as some miserable but noisy bloke dressed in cycling gear shouts confidential business down his phone. No cables required.

  • Back to the original question, yes, it's worth it. Phil's commentary has given me many memorable moments from games that I couldn't make it to, most notably Bean's goal and Torquay away. Those memories, while perhaps not quite as good as having been there, are infinitely better than watching the scores come in on Twitter. It's even better when he's joined by Bill too.

    He also produces some absolute commentary gems like "Oxford have scored 3 goals now, that's one for each side of their ground".

  • @micra said:
    @niebieski : I trust there won’t be anyone baring down on goal. Not a night for streakers!

    Baring / Bearing, guaranteed I'd get the wrong one!

    I've side loaded Google Chrome onto my Amazon FireTV 4K box and as long as you tick the 'desktop site' option for the WWFC site it works. I quite often watch the home matches the following day from the match center/results/watch on iFollow option, where the full match including the our commentary and not the ropey ITN/EFL of the extended highlights is available.

  • Lovely - thanks. Idiots follow up question, have just purchased, but can find no link to where the stream will exist online. Can anyone help?

  • @Wendoverman said:
    I will be staring vacantly at the slowly refreshing BBC website on the train home as some miserable but noisy bloke dressed in cycling gear shouts confidential business down his phone. No cables required.

    The best time this happened to me was on a train from London to Oxford.

    The twat in question happened to be in a suit rather than cycling gear, and was part of a consortium trying to buy Oxford United from Kassam.

    Was a fairly juicy conversation, largely about how f***** Oxford are. But that was a few years ago.

  • @OxfordBlue heh heh intriguing. I had a solicitor discussing a divorce case once. I was tempted to ask for his card to avoid ever using him. Another time someone was obviously discussing with a mate how he was going to hide the fact he was getting his mistress in when his wife was away for the weekend. Very loud. On a train full of people whose expressions must have painted a pretty picture. He remained completely oblivious as if he was on his own somewhere. Only one of them was in cycling gear.

  • FYI if you use a VPN, the game is also 6 Euros rather than £10!

  • It has become a feature of using public transport since mobile phones became the norm. Heard a young/teenage girl on the bus, telling her mate that she might be pregnant but could't understand it as "he nearly always pulls out in time!!! Didn't know wether to laugh or offer her some free simple advice!

  • I couldn’t recommend it enough, although I’d request that other interviewers are allowed when @bluntphil does a separate one. That husky voice keeps me going when I can’t get to the gane

  • I tried to buy the game tonight and it said it wasn't available in my area, i was in oxford?

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