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Interesting initiative from the club. Appears to be a neat design that means people can sit or stand without obstructing others.



  • Yeah, but we have a terrace. Presumably the club has to decide if we all sit or stand in a particular area. Otherwise you are blocking the view behind.

  • I assume Bill and Jim are paying for these!

  • I would think the terrace next season will consist of these new style seats.

  • I pay for an ST at the back so I can stand without bothering anyone, they don't need to fiddle about with my seat (oooh matron!)

  • I would think they have been given to us for the publicity !!!

    @mooneyman said:
    I assume Bill and Jim are paying for these!

  • This was discussed at a Fans Council meeting a while ago. The club is not incurring any costs, the company approached the club to trial them. They are installed at the end of the family stand, where the seats are missing.

  • Lovely - it's the block next to the terrace - so they can sing "Stand up if you love Wycombe" most of the game and and all the happy smiling faces in Block J can be used in the promotional video.

  • Should rip out all the seats and bring back the woodlands terrace

  • Win win situation for us, maybe have a singing/naughty corner.

  • I think this is a great idea but surely if you’re standing up the person behind you sitting down can’t see?

  • No @floyd suggest you read the article

  • Basically along the lines that you have about half as many seats/standing positions as per normal blocks of seats, so you're "High" enough sitting, however lanky a bastad is standing in front of you.

    Works to a point, but you're basically having to lose numbers.

  • Aye right, the article doesn’t explain how it works does it, just that it does!

  • No, you have to do a bit of imagining, and counting the rows v steps. Looks to be 2 v 1, instead of the current 1v1.

  • Steps v rows = 2 v 1 ?

  • Looks like 2 steps per row (check the picture). Rather than each row being on one step as per the rest of the seating.

    Otherwise how could they get the extra height needed for someone standing not blocking some sitter?

  • My son has been trying for years for Safe Standing. You may recall that a number of years ago Wycombe Wanderers held a Safe Standing Day which was live on TV. Wycombe Wanderers have taken the bull by the horns & have taken a tiny step by using common sense. I have stood in crowds of very large crowds including the World Cup Final at Wembley in 1966 & have never got into bother. Being a Wycombe fan this week is getting better & better. Thank you to the powers that be for taking this action.

  • Looks like the seat is situated at the front of the step so it is behind your behind so to speak. Possibly swinging legs when you sit up on the seat. Possibly uncomfortable to sit all the time.

  • Like I said @Malone.

  • Why would anyone sit or stand there? Is anyone planning on trying out the naughty corner?

  • it looks weird to me

    They may well have designed it so that if you're sitting and someone is standing in front of you you can still see, but I reckon if you're sitting and the person to your right is standing and leaning forward on that barrier then it's going to impede your view.

    I think PPF is right, no-one who intends to remain seated is going to be interested in using those seats. Why would they?

  • Good idea for football in general, but it does seem slightly pointless at a ground with a terrace which is never sold out.

    I'm guessing it might be that it's easier to get through the safety hoops at a ground that already has a standing terrace?

  • I think I'm right in saying that the number of people accommodated in this area is less than would be the case if seating only was provided. So whilst this measure in an area previously without seating does increase the ground capacity surely any expansion would decrease the ground capacity.

  • Which we never fill anyway !!

  • @eric_plant speak for yourself. I'd like to give this a go to see.

  • I have genuinely never understood why the seats outside the boxes aren't sofas or at least lazy boy recliners. On a sunny day end of season game that would be worth splashing out on.

  • Clearly these won’t get loads of use at AP where there is already the option to sit or stand. But I can see that there might be a few groups of people that go to games where some would prefer to stand and others to sit so I see some sense in it.

    To my mind they would be best used in the home/away end of a stadium where there is currently an all seated arrangement. Some or all of an existing all seater away end could be replaced with these, allowing more choice and flexibility. Although it is rare, I have seen clashes between those that want to sit/stand at away games and this might help.

  • Do these not take away quite a bit of capacity though?

  • I wonder if that's part of the point @malone. We've been operating below AP's actual 'capacity,' for a couple of seasons now. Fewer seats in home areas should allow us to sell more tickets in the away end.

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    @eric_plant speak for yourself. I'd like to give this a go to see.

    Fair enough, I'd imagine most people that do will be because they want to stand though

    Surely if you intend to sit there are far better seats available?

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