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Match day thread: Walsall



  • Full match commentary will be on BBC3CR 630/1161MW and on iFollow.


  • Standing room only on the train to Brum, sure that's the Wycombe hoards descending rather than general incompetence and greed of the rail providers.

  • Wycombe hoards? I though we were broke. OK - where's the loot?

  • Wrap up warm, a few sleet and snow flurries in the air around the black country this morning and lunchtime. Good job there's set to be a decent turn out, we might need to huddle for warmth!

  • Does seem a bit chilly already, Nice bar at the hotel next to the away end.

  • One change from Tuesday, CMS back in for Samuel.

  • Russell Martin starts for Walsall.

  • Seems a bit harsh on Samuel after his excellent display on Tuesday, but hey-ho, in Gaz we trust.

  • Hit the crossbar at one end, concede at the other. Bollocks.

  • Playing well and don't deserve to be losing. Hit the bar and missed a couple of what looked like point blank headers. Ferrier number 16 outstanding for Walsall, looks like he will create a chance every time he gets the ball. Signed from Borehamwood Wood in the summer!

  • Chances at both ends but Walsall clearly in top for me so far.

  • 2 nil...don't know how we are not winning never mind losing

  • Another example of potential local non-league talent although to call Morgan Ferrier a non-League player is a bit misleading as he is in his mid-twenties and has spent many years at Arsenal and Crystal Palace. Big unit, very pacey and very right footed.

  • Decent match, very similar to the Charlton game a while back. We were good in spells, but also poor at times and gave away really sloppy goals at the wrong moments. Probably the 15 minutes after half time were the killer for us, we just weren't at the races and 2-0 was always going to be a big ask. A shame, as we played well after that and thoroughly deserved to get it back to 2-1, only to concede a horrible 3rd goal at a time when we were very much on top.

    For us, Paris and Fred were a constant threat, Paris was especially unlucky not to score with a screamer against the underside of the bar. JJ was good defensively, but his passing and set pieces let him down at times. Samuels certainly impressed me, hard working and some really nice touches.

    Ferrier was a constant threat for Walsall and gave Harriman a torrid afternoon. 3-2 was probably a fair scoreline in the end, but the sloppy nature of the 2nd and 3rd goals was very frustrating.

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    We know we can match most teams for 40 minutes, 90 is going to prove a challenge on occasion. The newish attacking 442 is great at times but might left us a bit short when they attacked in numbers. Thought Fred was excellent and actually covered JJ a fair bit in the first half as well as causing no end of probs for them, Curtis had another good game but seemed to tire quite badly at the end. Rocky dropped a couple again. Samuel very lively when brought on , Kashket too, although I'm not sure they really knew who was supposed to be playing where when they went for it late on. With Tyson still to come back and Freeman seemingly still last in the order we shouldn't need to worry about scoring but it looked at times like any good combo from them could end up in our net.
    Not a bad game all told on a cold day against a decent team. A late equaliser would have flattered us massively.

  • 3-2 flattered us as it is, but there were a couple of moments when we had the momentum at 2-1 and then 3-2 where we could have stolen a point.

    Paris looked dangerous when he had the ball, but unforunately that was limited to a handful of occasions. Kashket and Samuel were both very impressive. Going forwards we looked good at times, but they were all over us when they were attacking and we could have conceded a lot more.

  • Not sure 3-2 flattered us, I thought it was about right. Purely on chances, we were unfortunate to be behind at the break and we put them under plenty of pressure in the last half hour. That said I thought they edged it overall. Certainly agree we didn't get Paris on the ball enough, he caused all sorts of problems when running at them and showed some real quality at times in the 1st half.

  • I think you’ve got it spot on @Wycombe85. It was a very even match and had we got the first goal the result might have ended in our favour. CMS really should have stuck his header away to do just that.

    That said our defending was truly woeful at times and we were lucky not to concede a couple more.

  • In Gaz we trust but I don't think he'll be leaving out our best CDM many more times from now on

  • CDM? Central Defensive Midfielder? Dominic Gape? Marcus Bean? A N Other?

  • @micra said:
    CDM? Central Defensive Midfielder? Dominic Gape? Marcus Bean? A N Other?

    I think Gapey is the correct term

  • Was too open at times but we did have chances at 0-0 the CMS one sticks in the mind.

    The difference in set pieces was the most disappointing for me, they put some great balls in the box compared to us. Was also impressed with the 31 Connor Ronan for them.

    Samuel looked a threat when he came on, disappointed with the loss but not too downbeat.

  • Curtis Thompson and Paris Cowan Hall's performance today were below par and both deserved to be subbed. I thought Alex Samuel was exceptional when he came on and changed the game . Scott Kashket was very selfish in grabbing the ball and taking the penalty himself - ran around like a headless chicken !

  • I thought Paris caused them problems was unlucky with his shot off the cross bar and also forced there keeper into a good save. I thought our back four was rubbish today if we defend like that we wont win many games. Our run of fixtures over the next month is very tough with Posh, Luton, Sunderland and Accy all to play.

  • Can’t defend like that and expect too many points in L1

  • Is central defence Jason McCarthy’s best position? I note that Sido wasn’t even on the bench yesterday and I know he is the source of at least one anxious moment per match but we will need all the height we can muster at the back next Saturday and I wonder if there is a case for moving JM back to right back and resting either Harri or PCH? I seem to recall that Harri performed very well in a more advanced position earlier this season and he might also provide better defensive cover than PCH.

    I think it’s a sine qua non that “Gapey” (with acknowledgement to @EssexWanderer) will come in to bolster both defence and attack.

  • PS I’d also start with Alex Samuel.

  • Darius Charles was on the bench yesterday. Surely he would be a major contender for selection to take back a central position, with Jason Mac moving back to his preferred right back? Move Harriman forward as he will defend as well as provide a forward threat. Tough on PCH whom by most accounts has played well the last few games, but we have to stop conceding first and foremost before looking to score. Too many occasions we are chasing a deficit in L1 and in the end, we will pay a price!

  • Would mix it up a little bit for Posh but still go 442.
    Allsop, McCarthy Charles, El Abd, JJ, Harriman, Gape, Thompson, Fred, Bayo, Samuel.

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