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Match day thread: Fleetwood



  • If I buy a league match ticket from my club for an away game, my club keeps 5%, rest goes to the home club. Why would it be different for a ticket to watch online?

    Since the 80s I believe, home clubs keeps the match receipts for league games, iFollow match passes are subverting that concept. Presumably I could have bought the pass from the Fleetwood site and they would have then got the 80%, but would I have got home commentary as well?

  • What happens to the other 2p, Dev?

  • Trevor Stroud has just told me that iFollow will be on the Club Board's meeting agenda on Monday. The Club's position will be fed back at the Fans Council meeting on Thursday.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover said:
    What happens to the other 2p, Dev?

    Gets trousered by this bloke Shroud!

  • It worked for Richard Pryor in Superman 3.

  • @DevC said:
    My understanding is that is exactly how the revenue is allocated @OxfordBlue . Effective split from the platform sold is

    selling club £6.66
    FL £1.66
    VAT £1.66

    Not sure how many games are available - we know tues nights are plus international weekends, I suspect we may find that Boxing day, New years day and easter weekend games may well be too.

    Nobody will ever know whether this was revenue enhancing for clubs or not as no one knows how many people would have shown up live but decided not to to watch online instead. Obviously we don't (but the clubs do) know how many people sign up for each game.

    Its hard to see how this can be a major revenue enhancer though.


    _500 people watch online for 5 away games per season through WWFC of which 100 would have gone to game), total revenue (5*500*6.66) = £16650

    200 people watch online for 5 home games of which 100 would have otherwise gone to the game = Total revenue (20056.66) = £6660

    Lost revenue 100 * 5*15 (ex vat terrace) = -£7500

    Lost revenue from away support staying at home 100515 = -£7500

    Total net revenue earned over season - £8310_

    Obviously real numbers will be different from those wild assumptions (and some figures no one will ever know) but hard to see how the net revenue can ever be huge.

    On the other hand hard to see how clubs can lose a lot either, so then you are in balancing advantages for fans seeing games they would otherwise miss against potential loss of atmosphere from less people attending.


    So if the above is true, rather than ‘shame on us’ for ordering on IFollow, my £10 mostly went to WWFC, whereas if i’d gone to Fleetwood they would have got the money.

  • Hang on, are we deciding that a couple of Wycombe fans know how this works better than the Accy owner?

  • Irony of Fleetwood on Tuesday. They’re known as the “Cod Army” but the chippy outside the ground only sold haddock!

  • Was shut at 9.50pm too, couldn't understand that.

  • @A_Worboys said:
    Irony of Fleetwood on Tuesday. They’re known as the “Cod Army” but the chippy outside the ground only sold haddock!

    Great, I prefer it to cod:-)

  • What on Earth was that music when they scored?

    On ifollow I think the pricing is key. Needs to be set at a level where it doesn’t appeal as an alternative to watching the game live. That way only those that can’t be there in person would watch online. I think there is an argument for setting the online stream cost to match the ticket price.

  • In a world where watching unofficial streams for the big leagues is rife, there's surely no chance anyone would be paying £20 or more to watch a league 1 game online!

  • @Glenactico said:
    What on Earth was that music when they scored?

    I think it was the theme from the old BBC children's series, 'Captain Pugwash'.

  • Before anyone says it, because I know you’re going to

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