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Match day thread: Fleetwood



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    Big let off, Madden should have scored with header. 78 mins, PCH on for Williams who has had a good game. Will miss those long throws, where did they come from? Thompson on for Morris now.

  • Fred on for CMS, 3 mins of added time.

  • Sido unfairly booked, fifth booking, out for Saturday.

  • FT 1-1, fair result but we had the momentum in 2nd half.

  • Can’t complain about getting a point away from home. Glad for Bayo too.

  • If only gapes screamer went in...... good performance in the second half

  • Yep, decent second half. Bayo was excellent, disagree with @Steve_Peart about Williams though, seemed to me to misplace quite a few passes and not look up early enough when closed down. Handy throw on him though.

  • Down in the drop zone now though, but if we can beat Burton on Saturday we will go above them.

  • Heartbreaking to see the PNL defeated in the 98th minute tonight !!!!!

  • @ChasHarps said:
    Heartbreaking to see the PNL defeated in the 98th minute tonight !!!!!

    Soured only by the name of the victors. Still can't have it every which way I suppose!

  • Switched over to Radio Oxford a couple minutes before Lu'on scored. Can't abide the orange apes but it was still hilarious. Robinson must be on his way soon.

  • Any idea why Gillingham didn't play tonight?

  • A certain commentator tonight referred to the "three-sided megadrome"!

  • @MindlessDrugHoover said:
    Any idea why Gillingham didn't play tonight?

    They play at home to Blackpool on Tuesday 6th November.
    The fixture has been moved due to the work that is being carried out on the pitch at Priestfield, which will take between two and three weeks to complete.

  • Was poor first half, just seemed to kick it long at every opportunity.

    2nd half we were better, cracking finish by bayo. Couple of long range efforts but in truth we didn't deserve more than a point.

    No one really stood for us but I was disappointed with Williams, I was really impressed with him at Doncaster but the last 2 times I seem him at Bradford and tonight he's been poor.

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    I thought Williams was good tonight. CMS was fantastic, running all night and winning things he had no right to. Not sure why the foul wasn’t a sending off. Good value for a 1-1, I think we shaded it in the end which was surprising given where we were at half time. Missed JJ’s set pieces. Bayo was at his best as a focal point in the second half. I couldn’t put my finger on what the difference was between the two halves. Maybe just as simple as the wind?

  • I thought the wind played a large part in tonight’s game. Draw a fair result.

  • We played to make life difficult for Fleetwood. Much better cover from the wingers and although Harriman didn't look totally comfortable on the left side I expect he will stay there (although as Sido got a fifth booking it may have to be another reshuffle Sat).

    Despite an improved display we still concede clear chances in every game. Need to try and really stay on it defensively for 90 mins and start finding some clean sheets.

    Bayo excellent. I though he was one of the few to come out of Saturday with some credit and looked very good tonight.

    A bit wasteful in advanced positions too. Heavy touches and a couple of mediocre crosses from decent positions. Snatched at one or two efforts from ththe edge of the box when the long throws were working. How on earth did Fleetwood keep leaving Morris unmarked from those long throws when 9/10 it was going to drop there?

  • Excellent commentary tonight Phil, especially the “close but no cigar” gag at the end.

  • Just home after a long journey, worth it for a much improved second half.

    First 45 was constant hoofing to Bayo with no joy at all, no one was close enough or making onward runs to pick up second balls and create a chance. That said the Fleetwood goal came from nowhere.

    Second half a different story, CMS playing narrower, and Blooms/Morris closer to Bayo and able to pick up some lay offs and flicks. Great hit from Bayo for the goal. Gape so unlucky. Was a great hit and even better save. Along with Allsop v Oxford the joint best I have seen this season managing to tip what was a great hit onto the bar.

    Overall Fleetwood have some good players and this is a decent point - providing we can sort out the dire home form

  • What we need is to go into every game as if it was half time! Yes, the team talks seem to rally the troops but so often too little too late. We need to start on the front foot at get two to win right now, at least! Anyway, solid point for a team who look like they’re still cutting their teeth at a higher level

  • Shame on the people who watched on the internet

  • Did @bigred87 leave at half time again?

  • @LX1 said:
    Shame on the people who watched on the internet

    Maybe for those with young children and who have to be up early this morning, paying £10 to watch the game is a significant upgrade to just following it on Twitter?

  • Regrettably this isn’t a valid excuse.

  • I feel no shame for watching online. I would like to have gone, I haven't been to that ground, but work commitments prevented me from going.

  • I watched it as a bit of a novelty, as I was never going to go and wanted to see the game, bit hypocritical maybe as I think it could kill live audiences and I think a tenner for a league 1 game on top of the audio subscription is a bit much, fair play to those that made the trip and made plenty of noise. Separately on speccing up the trip to Sunderland unfortunately the stream forwarded to a TV makes so much sense with the game maybe being rescheduled and not everything being refundable. No doubt the coaches do a grand job but aren't much use for people not in Wycombe, Train fair nearing £140, flights similar at decent times, add in hotel etc, clubs regularly charging £25 etc
    Often thought we could do with an away travel ambassador who can help out, put people in touch, put together group deals etc but maybe not enough people who would go who don't just use the coaches.
    It seems to be the Spanish league commentators pushing for an end to the 3pm ban btw but it's going in that direction, those at the top always want more cash.

  • Who gets the income from IFollow - would Fleetwood have received the income from those who paid a tenner, or would it have gone into an EFL pot?

  • A good point. This season is going to be a bit ebb and flow I think. Perhaps we don t have the personnel, perhaps Gaz is tactically naive but it could be we are still getting to grips with a new league. It's a pity we don't start the way we end a lot of games and it would be nice to have to defend a three goal lead rather than chase one but we're still in it people.

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