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Match day thread: Southend



  • Not sure if this means the ticket office kiosks or F and B...

  • Yves on a bike, Sido's boots. Simple pleasures.

  • This is embarrassing.

  • It’s about as organised as our defenders today. I asked about what has gone on and the new catering contractor basically couldn’t arrange enough staff to cover the kiosks.

  • We will go down if Maka isn’t given the keeper’s jersey!
    Even a blind person can see this... Shocking management!

  • @Peter said:
    We will go down if Maka isn’t given the keeper’s jersey!
    Even a blind person can see this... Shocking management!

    Now now Peter we need him on his bike powering the floodlights.

  • Nice comeback, but a frustrating game we did not really deserve anything from.

    I know it is easy to pine for whoever is not playing when things are going badly, and I usually don't like to whinge, but I genuinely felt we established during the Plymouth game that CMS in the middle with Williams, Harriman etc. on the pitch was our best option, and here we are, back to hoofing balls up to an overmatched Bayo - who I believe has still played well this season, but has excelled much more as a late battering ram. Gone are the neat little interchanges that gave fits to Plymouth, Bradford and Charlton (for a while).

    I was whining about this to my wife all game, on come CMS and Williams, and we are back to 2-3 by the end.

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    Turner just won everything for them aerially until the last 10 minutes. A stunner from CMS gave us hope and rocked them but we got tactically outdone in a comprehensive fashion until the late response which at least salvaged some pride.

  • We look like relegation fodder again.

  • Both teams were awful defensively. Right from the start we were sloppy. 2 goals at the end masked a very poor display. Southend were very average, evidenced by the fact they nearly threw a 3-0 lead.

  • I'm normally as positive as they come but for 80 minutes that was abysmal. Either bad GA tactics or bad execution but we didn't use any of the fast skilful players to run at their defence in the way they caused us problems.

    Defending a joke for first two goals. Third looked way offside, if it wasn't then also really poor.

    Was never going to be easy but this just feels so self-inflicted.

  • I agree @Shev .. I wonder if CMS is wondering what he has done to be relegated to the Bench, as in my opinion he shouldn't have been, also, just my opinion again, but I'd have Harriman playing as well... who'd be a manger eh ?!?!

  • It doesn't take a genius to see that 433, bypassing the midfield and lumping it up to Bayo Is. Not. Working. For. Us. It hasn't all season. Gaz has many strong attributes as manager but his stubboness in sticking to tactics, formations and personnel that are not delivering results is, in my opinion, a major weakness. We've played plenty of teams who were our equals in League Two not long ago but have adapted to life in the division above and look so much more likely than us to stay up. And yes I'd include Plymouth in this, along with Southend, Blackpool, Bristol Rovers, Luton and Oxford. We haven't beaten any of them. The club are telling us we have to adapt off the pitch or face some terrible consequences. As far as I can see it's a lesson we need to learn on the pitch as well.

  • Our survival will depend on how quickly El-Abd returns. The defence was a shambles with no one with the ability to organise it.

    Williams should have been brought on much earlier.

  • That 2nd half today was very worrying. 1st half was a decent game, very open, good chances for both sides, Southend probably just about edging it. We looked good going forwards, but poor defensively. 2nd half was just dreadful in every department, until that stunning CMS goal suddenly gave us some belated fight.

    Just listening to GA's interview, he did at least seem very aware of how poor that 2nd half was, admitting that the late goals were just papering over cracks.

  • That late rally was more to do with Southend’s subs than ours. 80 minutes of shit long ball, I saw nothing to be positive about.

  • This is how Trevor must feel all the time.

  • I actually thought we started with three at the back again. If we didn’t I’m not sure what McCarthy was doing first half. Mind you he didn’t seem to be sure either.

    The end was far better than the game (we) deserved, but almost worth it seeing Sido finish as centre forward

  • Difficult to believe this was the same starting X1 that performed so well only 7 days ago at Fratton Park. What a difference a week makes.

  • Magnificent late attempt to salvage the impossible, but a dreadful game before then.

    We have a cracking set of forwards, but it's almost a lotto at the moment working out which ones are the best fit for which game.

    Gaz was rightfully disappointed on the radio after, but said Bayo won every header. Also saying we'll certainly look at the defensive side of things.

    I get the slight feeling that people have got a little carried away with the improved displays of late, without realising that we've barely put any points on the board.

    Today showed it's getting fairly important now, as we just about stayed out of the bottom 4 due to those late goals.

  • Not pretty today. Extremely flat both on and off the pitch for 75 minutes.

    It’s a tough job for GA but if he is sticking with 433 then I can’t see it working with Fred and Kashket as they don’t offer the same defensive cover CMS and Williams give.

    Defensively we struggled today, I saw Stewart before the game in a warm up kit so fingers crossed he’s not far off being fit. For me Harriman should be starting every game so push Macca into the middle with Sido.

    Onwards and upwards Tuesday night.

  • GRRRRRRREEEEEEE Why is CMS on the bench so angry

  • @drcongo said:
    That late rally was more to do with Southend’s subs than ours. 80 minutes of shit long ball, I saw nothing to be positive about.

    If anyone was at the Norwich game and only took one thing from it that would have been that a bit of fist pumping when you've already let in 3 soft goals counts for sod all.

  • @fromtheside , after today, I think Sido might be the one who is taken out for the McCarthy move.
    Harriman is definitely unlucky to be out of things at the moment.

    Williams was ill this last week apparently, so that clears up that he wasn't prevented from playing cup games that someone suggested (I can't even remember if he was around/played in the earlier games to be fair)

    Williams - 2 from Bayo/CMS/Paris seems a good bet to me.
    Haven't seen anything from Fred yet, but those at Portsmouth probably did.

  • If we had scored a third, I would have very much enjoyed singing Southend’s one song back at them.

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    It would have been one of the all time great comebacks.
    In fact have we come back from 3-0 down outside of that epic Macclesfield 4-5 game?

  • Oh yeah - that third goal today - had to be offside didn't it?!

  • Pretty disgraceful performance, the scoreline flattered us. As with all the home games so far, golden opportunities that we should be aiming for 3 points from, against similar opposition.

    Was going to Fleetwood, not now, would have cost me nearly £100 with fuel, hotel, ticket etc and I don't earn enough to squander that amount on a team that only started playing about 10 minutes from time.

  • Williams Bayo CMS @Malone would be my starting 3 with Paris and Kashket to come off the bench.

    Fred is obviously decent and very quick but I haven’t seen much from his so far but then I didn’t go to Pompey.

    Starting to think it would be better just to go to away games these days.

  • 9 goals in 3 games with the current centre back pairing. All this while our best centre back plays right back and our best right back warms the bench. We got ripped apart time after time today.
    I only wish someone had given me a pound every time a Wycombe player hooked the ball back over their heads to no one.
    Never understood why people desert this team before the end. I just wonder f we should go three goals down sooner so we get more time to come back.

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