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Sad to see you leave....

Taking a break from binge watching killing eve.....

I was thinking what player leaving has made me the saddest and what one ive been happy to see the back off...... i was pretty sad to see Tyson go and devine, im struggling with who i was happy to see go.... possibly knight and it seems bad to say but i was happy when gk brown went in the summer



  • Sad to see go Kortney Hause. Happy to leave Jermaine Easter as he went on strike.

  • It was a dark day in the empty household when Paul Hyde was given the old heave-ho by Sm*th.

    Dave Carroll’s departure was also a choker.

  • I reckon Keith Scott is the only player who could qualify for both categories

  • Sad to see Paul Hayes go, but wasn't unhappy to see the back of the toxic Dean Morgan.

  • Stuart Lewis, dire, worst ever captain, Gaz stuck with him whilst leaving Matt Spring on the bench!

  • Jason Cousins should never ever have been released when he was. Still had much to offer and deserved better given his status as a club legend.

    In terms of who I was glad to see the back of....Steve Hayes.

  • Leon Knight had a lovely back

  • Sad face: Steve Guppy
    Not bothered face: Alan Beeton

  • Stunned when Jamie Bates retired and became a postman. Dave Carroll leaving was always going to happen one day but you never wanted it to arrive.

  • Also from me, the wholesale clearout under Tony Adams when we got relegated from League One, or whatever it was then, was an awful waste of talent.

    Particularly releasing Michael Simpson, as good a holding midfielder as I’ve seen at AP and Dannie Bulman who is still playing League football at 39 for Crawley. What a fantastic playing career he’s had. More of it should have been at Wycombe Wanderers.

  • Alan Smith

  • I remember being gutted when Dave Carroll left.

  • Terrace hero George Borg to Dartford was a very sad day.
    I'm glad when Nigel Taylor departed for the US, as Jimmy Kelman seemed besotted by him, much to the dismay of the Loakes Park faithful.

  • @ChasHarps, Nigel Taylor was the slowest Wycombe player I've ever seen although you couldn't fault his commitment. I remember him playing against us for Basingstoke in the FA Cup.

  • Killing Eve was great wasn’t it.

  • Sad: Nicky Reid
    Glad: Luke Oliver

  • Id have two categories of sad to see leaves.

    The long staying heroes and the shock sales of our best players.

    Some like scott and guppy fall into both.

    But generally some of the likes of carroll ryan and brownie you suspected were in their last season so you had a year to get used to it.
    Cousins was a bit different as he came off injured in his last game so no-one knew that was it. Such a shame. But johnson was emerging at the time.

    I think in terms of sales williamson and Tyson were huge blows.

  • Still not really recovered from Luke O'Nien leaving

    Can't really think of a player in the other category but Tony Adams going was a good day

  • @stevepeart
    I can vaguely recall Kelman responding to the criticsm of Taylor.
    By him saying if the fans came to training they would see he was one of the quickest and fittest in the squad.
    Which I remember caused some chuckles of disbelief at the time.

  • Fairly disgusted when Rammell and Devine left on loans as Sanchez fell out with everyone towards the end , gutted when Scowen went, really delighted when Waddock went on the back of a hideous game and a string of awful purchases and of course when sm*th was despatched.

  • I don't think any player departures could match those of two managers - O'Neill and Smith. St Martin's departure was always going top happen sometime but it still felt gutting when he left. Smith's sacking was a full-on hang out the bunting moment.

    For players though: Bell, McSporran, Scowen and Hyde were sad times; the loss of the odious and toxic Leon Knight and the extremely hard to like Dean Morgan went unmourned.

  • I loved Dean Morgan

  • @drcongo said:
    Killing Eve was great wasn’t it.

    So good, bodyguard is very good aswell on iPlayer. Ive been told to watch "trust" on on there so I'll report back with a verdict once ive binged on it!!

  • Sad - Sergio Torres, Aaron Pierre, Luke O'Nien.
    Not sad at all - Tommy Doherty.

  • I loved Tommy Doherty

  • Dean Morgan was Leon Knight Light. A sulky petulant twat who brought everyone around him down to his level.

    @bigred87 Trust and Bodyguard are both superb.

  • I remember being particularly gutted when Devine was bombed out under Sanchez, who couldn't seem to go more than two years with a player before falling out with them. O'Nien was pretty upsetting too. The Anthony Stweart departure was awful, but pretty much worked out for the best in the end. Could I also count Mawson leaving when his loan finished, especially when he looked set to sign for us permanently, only to turn up in Barnsley.

    I'll always prefer a crap hard-worker over a talented arsehole, so was actively delighted to see the back of Leon Knight, Dean Morgan and, if you can even remember him, Tom Williams.

    Lewwis Spence was awful and had a bad attitude.

  • Bodyguard was good but pretty much a highly polished update on Spooks.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover said:
    Bodyguard was good but pretty much a highly polished update on Spooks.

    That sounds pretty good, might give it a go

  • I was so gutted about Mawson, especially because if we’d have won at Wembley he probably would’ve stayed.

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