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25 years ago today

Still can't believe he only got a yellow for this - albeit a second one.



  • One of my first ever games, I feel privileged to have witnessed that live!

    Second yellow card. Scotty arguing it.
    Their player getting straight up, albeit half checking that he still had both legs attached.

    Refreshing not to see half a team all sprint in to remonstrate with the player.

    What I don't remember, is whether this was his first or second sending off, the other being a super harsh decision for him basically handling just inside his own half. Bonkers for that to be a red, yet a 2 footed sprinting long jump just a yellow.

  • it was his second

    the handball one was against Col U of all teams. A horrible afternoon that ending in a 5-2 defeat with Roy McDonough scoring and celebrating in front of the Valley Terrace

    horrific scenes

  • I remember seeing that tackle live ... I remember it made me wince, and say " hell" out loud.

  • I was there too. Played many a Sunday league match against some horrific teams, including Britwell, Monks Risborough, Belmont & some others that I can't, atm remember the names off. Half of which were booted out of the leagues such was their record for violence. In all them games, I never witnessed a tackle of that brutality & with such ferocity! Too very lucky that the Donny player wasn't injured so badly that his career didn't end there, also as has already been mentioned, these days it would have led to most of the players ending up in a maul but credit to them and the player for keeping a relative collective cool head(s).

  • The best thing will always be scottie trying to reason with the ref. What can he possibly be saying?

  • "It looked worse than it was, as their player got straight up - so can't be as crippled as a proper sprinting 2 foot annihilation would ensure"

  • Steve Thompson was pretty funny on co-commentary as well

    "both players went too high"

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    It was luckily a very strange angle both players came into the challenge.

    If it'd been straight on, the Doncaster player would probably be feeling it now!

    For another random memory, I'm sure Jase played in an exhibition 5 a side game at my old school, but was in goal as punishment for the 2 reds!

  • Does anyone have a decent photo of Cousins dragging Michael Owen up and educating him after diving in the semi final?

  • An unforgettable moment in our recent history. Couzo is a great guy but one you wouldn’t want to meet in a tackle!

  • That FA Cup run itself was an incredible ride, to say the least.

    The fact that we had so many all time favourites in the team just made it so much better.

    Cousins, Ryan, Brown, Carroll probably in the all time most cherished players.

    I'm still a little gutted that in the last minute or so, Carroll's genius quick thought to go the long way round Babbel , who was wasting time in the corner, and pinch the ball was brought back as a foul.

  • And we should have had a penalty when Brownie was pushed in the back by the aforementioned Babbel.

  • @Malone, from that run I'll add Taylor, McCarthy, Bates and Rammell to the list.

  • It just worked didn't it.
    A shame that we didn't push on and have a proper go at promotion the next season, with the new direction of Currie and Roberts, but the memories of that are a life time.

  • On a side note, nice to see the players all wearing sensible-coloured boots in that photo.

  • On the subject of Cousins - I talked to him once and he was as different to his on-field persona as you could imagine: very quiet and considered (my wife just sat in awed silence at his presence; I think she was more than a bit in love). His mum, on the other hand, was a proper nutter and incredibly vociferous both in her support and her haranguing during games. None more so than if Jason was on the floor for any reason, however injured. I think `tough love' was her order of the day. She loved Davey Carroll though.

  • @Jonny_King gasroomers of a certain vintage may well remember Alan Hinton (Derby County), back in the late 60s/early 70s, who stood out like a beacon in his white boots.

  • And don’t forget the great Alan Ball.

  • It seems describing "that tackle" as the worst in the history of the EFL, as the Club did, may be an understatement. The Guardian today refers to it as "arguably" the worst of all time ( )

  • In the days before instant replays or highlights I don't think I saw it again until the end of season highlights video (what a treat they were back in the day). I remember at the time thinking 'did that really happen like I think it did' and shaking my head in disbelief, but getting the same astonished reaction from everyone around me. I think I actually laughed when he only got a yellow

  • The photo that shows how both players actually twisted so they impacted at a side on angle takes away any claim for "worst ever" by a long way for me. It actually does look a hell of a lot worse than it ended up being thankfully.

    The real worst ever ones are the ones where it's a proper two feet together impact upon standing legs and the carnage that causes.

  • What's that old one (maybe 70s?) from an international game where the keeper completely KO's an onrushing attacker? I want to say the keeper's name was Schumaccer or something like that?

  • 1982 World Cup semi final

    Harald (Toni) Schumacher almost killed Battiston

  • First Division I suppose, but the classic Vinnie Jones jumping on the leg of a prone Gary Stevens who had already been felled by John Fashanu in front of a lino thus ending Stevens career has to be up there as one of the worst!

  • Ben Thatcher on Pedro Mendes was a bad one
    all of Kevin Muscat's

  • @eric_plant That's the one, thanks Eric. Remember the Thatcher very clearly - horrible. Certainly couldn't even class that as a tackle.

  • LX1LX1
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    That was the 1982 World Cup semi final in Spain between Germany and France. He didn't even get booked for it. BFK

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