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Match day thread: Portsmouth



  • Anyone looking for a ticket for today’s game?

  • M3 at Twyford is a disaster at the moment best avoid .

  • A front 3 of Onyedinma,Kashket and The Beast doesn't look too shabby!

  • Fred instead of Williams is a big call. I hope he repays the faith.

  • 2 starts in a row for Kashket. Hope this is really the start of becoming a mainstay again.

    While the Beast must be in there so we at least try and keep some ball in a tough away, am surprised that he played so long in midweek while CMS was rested?

  • Get in! Morris!

  • What's going on with all these bookings?

  • @HCblue said:
    What's going on with all these bookings?

    Big crowd, weak ref?

  • Strong Wycombe! Great goal, solid, high line defending and a great half from the boys!

  • Just hope the yellows don’t lead to a sending off in second half.

  • Four players on a yellow, including two of the back four - going to make for a tense second half. Great play so far.

  • Astonishing scenes as the stewards confiscate the drum midway though the second half, only to return it on the condition it isn’t drummed on during the half time break.

  • What is it with Portsmouth and their drum obsession?
    Only 1 allowed, has to be registered before hand.

    No drumming at half time.
    Such small time nonsense.

    Great performance by the sound of it from our boys though! Come on!

  • They’ve now confiscated his sticks.

  • Bizzare, justice for the bongo's

  • Nice shout out to @micra by @bluntphil on iFollow. "Legend of the gasroom" indeed!

  • JJ! JJ! JJ! 2-2!

  • Good point!

  • Great point!!!

  • Let's just spare a thought for poor old Oxford and Plymouth.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • And the Franchise.

  • Kind old Mr Kassam has whacked up the PNL's rent to a million a year. The perils of not owning your own stadium, and count our lucky stars that Sharky Hayes cunning plan failed.

  • Lovely scenes

    Fred was magnificent, I thought

  • A million a year? Is that in any way sustainable?!

    Great result for us.
    Desperately need to win the next league game though.

  • The Headington name changers have been a strangely run club under a series of different owners for a number of years now. losing ownership of one's ground is a pretty good recipe for a future financial disaster.

  • Yep. There are still people who swear blind that the Booker move was a great opportunity wasted.
    Despite never really getting any answers about how you can exist paying rent to play at your own ground, and not getting any benefits from whatever they were going to stick near it.

  • Agreed Mr Malone, unfortunately some of Sharky's biggest cheerleaders are still prominent at Adams Park.

  • Very good point. I thought we set up well with Kashkett and Fred doing very good work to support the midfield and prevent us being overrun. For the most part Pompey struggled to break us down, with their number five carrying the ball out of defence looking the most dangerous outlet.

    Slightly irritating that we didn't do more to stop the goalkeepers fast kicks, which at times left us exposed. Quite a few times we won free kicks to take the pressure off, sent everyone forward and then ended up on the back foot when the keeper was able to release the ball fast. That's how the equaliser we about.

    Midfield three had their best game in some time I felt and Pompey had to go to the wings to get round us. Excellent goal from Morris.

    Charles looked good on his debut as well.

    Could really do with Bayo getting among the goals again. Played well todsy but it just won't go in for him when he does get chances.

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