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Portsmouth (A) (League One) 2018 / 19 Sat 22/9 - Match 9 - v League Leaders Crowd Predictions

Here is a link to this match's spreadsheet - I will try to put them in the first post from now on so that way everyone can always find it.
It should always link to the current version - it updates automatically.

I go 18,570 including 720 from Wycombe.

Happy predicting. Portsmouth programme, if I can acquire one, for the closest prediction to the total crowd.



  • 17,777 and 784, thanks as always Steve.

  • 18,294 (862 Chairpersons)

  • 18,101 with 850 Wycombe

  • They'll be expecting an easy win...18,300 with 801 chairpersons.

  • 18,423 including 813 Wycombe

  • 18,201 with 815 Chairboys see us get beat 3-0.

  • 1899 including 795 Wycombe

  • @mooneyman - what extra little number would you like for your prediction. I guess it will slot in somewhere other than as the first.

  • Can see us taking over a 1000

  • @railwaysteve said:
    @mooneyman - what extra little number would you like for your prediction. I guess it will slot in somewhere other than as the first.

    Sorry should have been 18990. Thanks for being on the ball as always.

  • 18777 with 892 Travelling Support

  • 8 predictions so far and the spreadsheet (now updated) is always to be found in the initial post of the thread - new policy.

    We say a creditable 814 of us - just under 5% of the predicted total.

    Another hard game to predict. According to the Office we had sold 307 this morning at 10:00, when I bought mine. I guess it will sell out or nearly sell out for the bell tinklers.

  • 17053 with 685 Chairboys

  • 17111 with 912 Chairfolk

  • 18063 (734)

  • 18925 (899)

  • @Wendoverman said:
    They'll be expecting an easy win...18,300 with 801 chairpersons.

    And that was what I thought ahead of Saturday’s game. I’m going for a 2-2 draw (cf the WDH thread) but I am awaiting advice on attendance from @perfidious_albion who has agreed to act as my trusted advisor following my agreement on the Oxford thread to sponsor his socks for the season.

  • @micra I'm not saying they'll get one dear boy....just that they'll be expecting one!

  • Did I say anything to suggest that I thought you were saying they’d get one, my dear old thing?

    Had just battled my way through the crowds leaving Adams Park, driven home and collapsed in my recliner, exhausted by the excitement of it all, only to discover that my words earlier today had been misrepresented.

    Seriously though, I was expecting a comfortable win against Oxford. Pompey fans’ expectations can be similarly thwarted. We have a half decent record at Fratton Park and normally put on a good performance.

  • 18181 with 654 of us suffering a 4-0 thrashing (it's being so cheerful...)

  • 17,900 with 743 Wanderers.


  • edited September 2018

    14 Predictions so far - our predicted support is still hovering around the 800 mark - currently 796.

    Spreadsheet has been updated, but is still shown in order of size of the Wycombe contingent.
    The link to the spreadsheet will now always be found in the first post of the thread.

    Their forum says that they are already selling tickets in part of the Milton End, which suggests that it will be a large crowd from them. We have an initial allocation of 980.

  • 18630 with 810 Chairfolk 2-0

  • Crowd 18,600 including 800 from WW
    Result 3 - 1 to Portsmouth.

  • 18,250 including 800 Chairpeeps. 2-2.

  • Sorry, make that 799, but don’t want a bidding war with @Thicketblue !

  • 1005 and a hammering unfortunately of 4-0

  • No way!
    And I take it that’s your estimate of the Wycombe contingent? Overall gate?

  • @bigred87 We may lose, but I think we'll give them a better fight than they (and you) expect.

  • Hear hear and raise a cheer for Mr Wendoverman.

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