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Taking a second penalty in a match..good or bad?

Following @glasshalfempty 's suggestion that it was a bad idea for the same player to take a second penalty in a match, I've looked at 5 of the game's great players, and how they fared..

            x2    S/S   S/M  M/S  Career %   2nd pen %                

Shearer 4 3 0 1 91% 100%
Messi 9 6 1 2 77% 89%
Hylton 1 0 1 0 75% 0%
Ronaldo 12 8 1 3 83% 92%
Totti 5 4 1 0 83% 80%

(x2 = no. of occassions with 2nd pen, S/S=scored both, S/M = scored then missed, M/S = missed then scored)

Overall penalty success rate = 83% (353/425)
Second penalty success rate = 87% (27/31)

Clearly too small a sample size to prove anything but would suggest, if anything, a player taking a second penalty will score more often.

(btw..I've been desperately trying to find out which game Hylton missed his one second penalty in, and any reaction in the press box at the time. Any help appreciated)



  • there's a lot of confirmation bias at play isn't there? As someone has said, you change the penalty taker and he misses and people say "why change the taker when someone's already scored?" (maybe even the same people who are now saying we should have changed)

    If JJ had scored the 2nd penalty on Saturday I'm not sure anyone would have gone on to mention on here that they thought it should have been a different taker.

    All that said, his 2nd penalty was terrible

  • @LX1 so if your penalty taker is Shearer or Messi you let him do what he thinks is best, if not who knows.

  • anyone know what is rough conversion rate overall for penalties and what is JJ record.

  • LX1LX1
    edited September 2018

    eric knows. Where do you get that 73.58% from? I had it a lot higher?

  • I'll answer my own question then!

    According to, JJ record excluding shootouts is 10 from 14 - 71%.

    A little below average if LX figures are correct but broadly average. Perhaps a little better than I would have remembered.

  • Think you missed confederations cup data mate

    easy mistake to make

  • 71.2% of statistics are made up

  • I think the referee faffing about did the job that the opposition players now try to do to distract penalty takers. Why he could not have waited until after the spot kick I will never know. Having said that....JJ picked the same corner and it looked a lack-lustre delivery to me. I daresay next time we get two penalties he will score both. 98% of what I post I just make up.

  • I've been comparing throw-in stats from some of the world's best. Here's my list:

    Aron Gunnarsson
    Ryan Shotton
    Marcus Bean
    Christian Fuchs
    Rory Delap

  • Rory Delap is the odd one out as his name isn't related to shooting

  • Bit risquΓ© LX1.

  • @DevC conversion rate is 78% for 'regular play.'

    In shootouts it's 72.5% (going up to 74% for top level)

  • A bit of history here,Back in the early 70s when Wycombe and Enfield were the Rangers and Celtic of the Isthmian League ie no one else got a look in , We took on the mighty Es in their own back yard for a perverbial six pointer . Our captain and centre half ,the legendary John Delaney took 3 spot kicks , converting 2 and slotting in the third after a save from the keeper . Delaney shared penalty duties with the other legend Tony Bodger Horseman . Horseman scored from open play that day in a surprise 4-0 win for the Chairboys .Delaneys technique was to blast the spot kick ,Bodgers was to place . No moral in this tale particularly but thought might find the tale of a centre back getting a hat trick interesting .

  • Winning 4-0 away at perennial title rivals? What a great day that must’ve been!

  • Unusual stat @Mr67, in fact it was Searle who got the other goal, but who's quibbling about the ultimate dream team of strikers. Match report (11/09/1971):

    The reporter, Stuart Earp, was technically wrong to state "John Delaney...scored three, yes three, penalties to send Wycombe to the top of the Isthmian league." It was two but I forgive the incomparable Mr Earp.

  • That match was in a very productive 14 days, Delaney getting six, including 3 pens:
    Sep 4 Dulwich Hamlet (A) won 4-0
    Sep 7 Clapton (H) won 8-0
    Sep 11 Enfield (A) won 4-0
    Sep 14 Hitchin Town (H) won 4-0

  • Enfields keeper Andy Wiiliams was brother of Wycombes Rob. I believe Andy was briefly Wycombe manager in the late 70s

  • @Mr67 I remember the Enfield match. It made for a very great day out. It wasn't often Andy Williams, who was the England Amateur International keeper at the time conceded 4 goals in a match.

    Whenever Wycombe played Enfield, Rob always tried to score against his brother. I remember in one match, them going in for a 50/50 ball, both getting injured and sitting laughing at each other while getting treatment.

  • He seemed a nice bloke Andy,with a name like that he was subject to good natured mickey taking as it was the same as a popular entertainer of the time ,We would sing "Moon River " etc from behind the goal which bring a smile to his face even though he must have got,that everywhere.. Good keeper ,his brother Rob was a no nonsense midfield player who could also do a shift at right back if needed

  • I remember Rob, a schoolteacher, making his debut in an away game which I did not attend (he played right back, and I thought that was where he played most of the time) and the BFP report mentioned, rather worryingly, that he was given a torrid time.

  • You could be right it was a long time ago and the old memory is not what it was .For me the early 70s were a great time to follow the Blues . We won the league 4 times in 5 years and had some great runs in both the FA and Amateur Cups as well as playing attractive attacking football .As a teenager it was a exciting time and as most of the away games were within 40/50 miles you could get to all of the games easily . Mind you we would have never dreamed about we have achieved since 93 What a great club with a rich and varied history .

  • Another memory of Rob was an occasion when mrs micra and I were walking past Loakes Park one evening whilst a training session was in progress. We walked through the open main gates to watch for a while. Almost immediately, the β€˜f’ word could be clearly heard, followed by an admonition (to George Borg, who else!) as there was a lady present. Tempted to say β€œthat was no lady.......”.
    And at this point I have to confess that my earlier reference to Rob Williams was the product of an addled brain. The only excuse is the Welsh surname and roughly the same era. It was Bob Davies I was thinking of and if you google β€œBob Davies Wycombe Wanderers” you will see that he has had a very successful career in education. Rob Williams, for some reason, I don’t recall.

  • Apologies for all this waffle on a totally unrelated thread!

  • back On topic - sort of. Just out of interest... Blackpool guy took 2 pens today. Scored 1st, missed 2nd (but scored the rebound).

  • Exeter player - scored first - missed second v Notts County today

  • How are County doing now BTW?

  • @micra said:
    How are County doing now BTW?

    Kewell really does have the makings of another Nolan. Already banging on about future jobs, sent off yesterday, talking a load of rubbish, could be sacked by Christmas if they don't sort it out.

  • Harry Kewell should always have a question mark after it whenever a new appointment is announced. As in 'Harry KEWELL????'

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