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Luton Town (h) (League One) 2018 / 19 - Match 6 - Sat 01/09/2018 - Attendance Predictions

I'll set this off with 5901, with 1604 from Luton.

Which is a few more than the equivalent fixture last year.



  • 5764, with 1543 from Luton.

  • 5843 with 1800 from Luton

  • 5721 with 1754 howling apes from South Bedfordshire

  • 6300 with 1700 from Luton

  • 6010 with 1485 knuckle daggers that can't pronounce the letter T in Luton.

  • 6009 including 1734 dogs let out of the kennels.

  • 5,973 including 1,690 visitors

  • 6000 with 1500 from Lu'on

  • 6102 with 1,583 Luton see us win 2-1.

  • 6469 (1772 away)

  • 6205 with 1791 human beings who bizarrely choose to live in Luton.

  • 6,989 with 1,599 from Luton

  • 6131 (1682 Luton)

  • If any of the misguided souls read this thread it should up the atmosphere a notch or two. A quick glance at their forum would indicate that they are looking forward to the game in their own special way.

    Holiday season has finished - we have played exciting football for the last two way games, and in those two games quadrupled our points score from the first three games.

    Also Lu'on are currently freescoring, but they would not possibly underestimate us. Does this sound familiar. Also they are a very big club who often find themselves misplaced in the pyramid and in the league table. And their manager will only win a certain sort of competition.

    Could be a good game. I am looking forward.

    Size of the Blue Army - currently we say between 3967 and 5390. We think that just over a quarter of the crowd will be theirs. 14 predictions already.

    The spreadsheet is below:

    Spreadsheet feedback not unwelcome - this does assume that a) the links work and b) people use them. It is perhaps thinking about Luton which should teach one not to make assumptions.

  • 5874 of which 1112 will have made the short journey from that delightful little town in Bedfordshire to watch their poor little team lose 2-1 after a blatant 93rd minute shove by Bayo goes unpunished

  • I’ve been way too high with my predictions so far, so I’m going to say 5716 with 1612 supporting Premier League Luton.

  • 5700 with 1289 batteries to see a 2-1 home win. Consolation goal for Danny hylton after a shot from Lee rebounds from the post hits him full in the face breaking his nose and the spurt of blood wrongfoots rocky.

  • That should be hatters not batteries. I got my batteries yesterday.

  • 5824, 1653 away

  • 6250, including 1725 of Father Nathan’s flock. 2-2.

  • 5678 with 1567 away

  • 6066 1777 Hatters 1-1

  • edited August 2018

    21 predictions so far saying a total crowd of 6025, with 1617 refugees from higher up the leagues.

    As always it will be a treat to have such a big club with at least one big idea patronise us for a visit.
    It hardly seems possible but we will overleap them in the table if we win.
    My prediction for the @DevC thread will be Wycombe 2 Luton 1.

    Oh - and a token prize of a lapel badge to the closest to the actual total attendance.

  • 5564 with 1800 from Luton.

    3-1 win.

  • 6123 with 1812

  • 6331 with 1820 from near Watford.

  • 4250 from the picturesque Chiltern hills 1832 from a sh*t hole in Bedfordshire FACT. 6082 total. 2-1 blues

  • 6092 with 1752 oddballs from Beds

  • 6543 inc 1800 mad as hatters

  • 6300 including 1750 from Luton.

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