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Alex Samuel Joins....

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Well, he doesn't look prolific for a forward (2 goals in 73 apps according to Wiki)

edit - it could actually be as many as 11 goals in 88 apps



  • I like to have a punt type player sometimes. Lets face it no one was fist pumping when Scott Kashket signed.

  • He was Newport's player of the year in 16/17 despite only joining them on loan in January 2017. Must have some potential to develop.

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    @TheAndyGrahamFanClub exactly! I certainly remember some absolute drones writing him off early doors.

    There's a lot of competition for the forward places though. I wonder if we'll at some stage need to send someone out on loan? Especially if Samuel does well enough to stay?

    Bayo, Tyson, Paris, Freeman, CMS, Kashket, Samuel

    Having said that, it didn't seem to be a problem last year. Freeman being fairly patient and one for the future, Bayo the one definite, and the rest rotating depending on who was fit!

  • Williams?

  • I'm sure Gaz has his reason, but I'm at a loss to unearth it? Can we afford another "one for the future"? I know nothing about the lad, so not going to condemn him to the scrapheap of football, but given the forwards we have already, his stats would suggest he is going to struggle to get in the side. Unless of course Gaz sees him as a convert to midfield type as he is a "tough tackler" and maybe he could create. In Gaz I trust and I will have to wait and see. Given the length of contact, the lad hasn't got too long to stake his claim.

  • @DJWYC14 , disgraceful of me missing the standout attacker so far! But yes, we're fairly stacked now. If you include Harriman for his so far one off stint wide right, even more so.

  • I suspect he is effectively on trial to see if he has the ability to replace Williams when he goes back to Watford in January.

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    @EwanHoosaami, i checked on the length of the deal, expecting it to be less than it is. Until January is a decent time to stake his claim.

    The article sounds like what you suggest though, maybe he'll play a bit further back, so isn't competing with the gamut of options listed above.

    You get the feeling that by the end of the season we'll have a fair number of players to say goodbye to, but that's how football should work.

  • Pretty sure (from looking it up) that he's the blond lad that played wide right for Stevenage at their place last season in the very, very cold 0-0 we had there. I remember he had a very good hour or so, giving JJ and El Abd all the trouble they could handle, plus a bit. When he was subbed off, we were a lot more comfortable at the back.

    That said, four league goals in 73 games isn't a strong resume...

  • It's times like this you realise how many hours Gaz n team must put into scouting and keeping a dossier on players.

  • Could be a shrewd move. Maybe there is a box to box in there with a creative streak......

    We are the footballing equivalent of waterboy

  • I do like a creative 2nd striker

    Here's hoping he's a lower league Beardsley in the Steve Thompson/Steve McGavin mould

    (no pressure)

  • You saw the crescent, we saw the whole of the moon.

  • Can you still sponsor players socks? Need to get behind this lad

  • Perhaps given the confidence of a certain Mr Ainsworth he will find his level with us and have his best ever season??

  • Has there been any sign of movement on richie's Liverpool starlet?

  • One or two loan signings next week perhaps.

  • @Wendoverman looks like Origi is going off to Dortmand now. Their manager is keen reader of the gasroom and picked up on the whisper. Shame really.

  • If we can build on and better the Plymouth result I think we can survive.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    If we can build on and better the Plymouth result I think we can survive.

    TBF if we can keep the level of performance from the 2nd half I'm sure we can at least finish mid table. Easier said than done though.

  • Bettering the Plymouth result has to be a constant aspiration.

  • It's going to be a roller coaster ride to be sure. @trevor 's blood pressure is going to be up and down like a yo-yo.

  • We certainly hope we can "better" a draw, bearing in mind there are 42 league games left!!

  • Not one for the irony then, Malone?

  • I would take 36 draws, as long as the other 6 were wins!

  • Reckon that’d do it!

  • I'm underwhelmed,i thought we were supposed to be looking at Premier League players to bring in on loan, i don't expect top players but was looking forward to signing youngsters who can improve the team but this is a joke with his goalscoring record considering we've scored 2 goals in 4 games.

  • Remember we've still got the tip top striker from Liverpool promised by Richie to come in!

  • We've been crying out for some creativity from midfield for a while, maybe Samuel has the potential to supply that.

    Hopefully, he will come good, Ainsworth doesn't get many wrong.

  • Was used more of a winger so I’m sure he is here to assist with a bit more creation in midfield. Look how many gems Gaz and dobo have found not writing the lad off due to a lack of goals.

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