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Plymouth match - iFollow

I may have imagined this, but I thought I heard a while back that all midweek EFL games this season were available pay-per-view on iFollow. Am I correct? And if so, does anyone know if this be available for the Plymouth game tomorrow?



  • My understanding is yes £10.00

  • I'm sure i read that the only time you can't watch a game on IFollow is if it's live on Sky.

  • Or if it is a 3 o'clock.

  • EFL Clubs will be able to live-stream in the UK and Ireland any league match via their respective iFollow (or equivalent) service that takes place outside the blocked hours of 14.45-17.15 on Saturday afternoons and that is not broadcast live on Sky Sports. Fixtures taking place on Bank Holidays or Easter will be unavailable for streaming

  • That’s good to hear. It’s bad enough that it has the potential to significantly reduce the away support for evening matches.

  • I dare say anyone mad enough to contemplate a midweek 400mile round trip will go anyway.

  • Bloody I follow keeps dropping out on me. Anyone else?

  • Watching on my ancient PC. Excellent picture and Phil Catchpole commentary as good as ever despite him needing binoculars from, ridiculously, a position behind the goal.

  • @EwanHoosaami said:
    Bloody I follow keeps dropping out on me. Anyone else?

    Same. Resorted to my phone.

  • Very good picture and sound, no buffering or dropping out. Impressed so far.

  • @BlueBoy said:

    @EwanHoosaami said:
    Bloody I follow keeps dropping out on me. Anyone else?

    Same. Resorted to my phone.

    I rebooted & been working fine since. Will be interested to see how those that paid £10 and watched it as well, got on?

  • It dropped out once for me but i quickly got it back.

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    I'm sure my pc isn't cutting edge these days, so might be an issue my end, but the picture was fairly blurry the whole time, it just stopped a few times, fairly regularly the screen just went black, and once it even suggested I was watching in 2 sessions at the same time!

    Bizarrely my laptop turned off on 3 separate occasions, meaning manic rebooting and cursing the slowness of the process. I tried to get in on my phone but after 2-3 mins of failing to find the link, I then suspected it'd reckon i'd be in 2 sessions, so binned that off.

    Still appreciate the novelty value of a Wycombe away game live like this though, but won't be too sad it won't be needed for a while again!

  • The app on my iPad crashed and would not reload. Has to uninstall and install again. Worked fine there after.

    I think it was worth the tenner. Not sure I’d have said that if like last season it had no commentary. I only miss 2 or 3 games a season so it’s a decent option for me when needed.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to clarifying for one or two who were there any queries about what was occurring at the far end of the pitch!

  • No problems at all. Definitely worth the money just to watch the second half. Matty scoring made my day, shoved the comments of some of the Facebook bunch back down their throats.

  • Hear absolutely hear @NewburyWanderer.

  • Fleetwood and Accrington aways are midweekers too. Probably worth a look for a tenner for those too.
    I was pleasantly surprised that the commentary seamlessly matched the footage, which for some reason I wasn't expecting

  • Worked perfectly on my ipad and the picture was equally good watching it on TV via Apple TV

  • I watched on an iPad too, was very good.

  • @Malone Is it because you’ve previously tried to listen to TMS whilst watching the cricket on Sky?

  • @LeedsBlue: I’ve sometimes been listening to TMS in the kitchen and left it on after moving to the lounge to watch on Sky. Mistake. You then know before the bowler has released the ballt whether or not it will take a wicket.

  • @LeedsBlue , i have no idea what TMS is, and wouldn't dream of watching a sport as dreary as cricket.
    I think I was expecting some sort of effort akin to those friendlies pre-season, which really were an awkward watch too.

  • Dreary @Malone ? Have you no soul?!

  • There was I, thinking that @LeedsBlue knew about your love of the game and being delighted that we shared at least one other interest and now you’ve shot it down in flames.

  • Watching a bunch of chaps standing around in a field for 7-8 hours wearing ludicrous white uniforms, with about 20seconds of action every 4-5mins could never do it for me.

    Any sport people sit in the crowd reading newspapers as the "action" is so dull sums it up for me.

  • edited August 2018

    It's all the pressure swings, tactical conundrums and chess-like thinking that are going on in between balls that makes it so compelling. Except, of course, for those reading their newspapers. And those doing the conga. And those dressed up as Sylvester, chasing Tweety Pie up and down the steps. And those building beer glass towers. And those holding cards upside down claiming a '9' has been scored. And those in MCC ties and 'Boycott' hats, nodding off in the afternoon sun.

    But for the rest of us...

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    I view cricket a little along the lines of rugby, in that the more "reduced" the version, the more i can deal with it.

    ie rugby 7s, vaguely entertaining, as it's all super athletic pacy players running it with loads of space. Rather than massive oafs spending a lot of time wrestling, and purposely smashing the ball off the pitch.

    Cricket - limited overs/one dayers whathave we, much more entertaining than the prospect of 5 days and still no result.

    Sports that are affected by rain always seem a leetle on the pansy side though.

  • Born a few miles from Trent Bridge, I cannot stand cricket. That's why I can never return...

  • @Malone Oh dear...

    Test match cricket is, and shall remain for all time, the supreme achievement of Homo Sapiens.

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