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WHC Score prediction, Score Prediction, Prize Update, PLH and Brad

edited August 2018 in Football

Oh dear, that's a disappointing saturday, poor result, dreadful home supporter crowd, supporters online at least already turning on their players and manager, it feels like a long hard winter ahead. I fear I too must kick the club when its down (see below).

Nobody foresaw a defeat to our chums down the road. At least the horses in the adjoining fields could breathe a sigh of relief. So little change in the table. So far our predicting has been pretty poor. Only 2 correct score predictions in three matches.


Pos Team Season Week
1 Booker Tease 9 -3
2 DevC 7 -2
3 Forever blue 6 -2
4 Uncle T 3 -2
5 Twizz 1 -2
6 Micra 1 -2
7 Oxford Blue 1 -2
8 Shev 1 -2
9 Mooneyman 1 -1
10 Wig and Pen 0 -2
11 HolmerBlue 0 -2
12 Thicket blue 0 -2
13 York exile 0 -1
14 Onlooker -1 -2
15 Chris -1 -2
16 NorsQuarters -1 -2
17 Wendoverman -5 -1
18 ned Ludd -6 -2
19 Johnny King -6 -2
20 LX -6 -1
21 Manboobs -7 -2
22 Railway Steve -7 -2
23 Dr Congo -8 -2

Prize news

So I always thought it was 50-50 at best whether the club would cough up a prize. But.....

I have contacted the club three times by mail and not once had the basic courtesy of a reply. It would take 30 seconds or so to knock up a quick "thanks for your email. Good cause. We get loads of requests, cant meet them all, sorry unable to help" response. Disappointing but adequate. To not bother to reply at all is simply shockingly piss poor customer service. I would have expected much better.

so feck them. I am afraid there will be no prize beyond a certain smugness for the winner and a distinctly bad taste in the mouth left for this organiser. Sorry about that.

At least with Doc C and Chris help, I have got the table looking better.


Predictions for Plymouth required from please

Wig and pen

Predictions taken for this game either in this thread or the Wk3 one.

Predictions for Bradford (a) here please.



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