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Match day thread: Bristol Rovers



  • It's hard to be a clean-playing team when your badge involves someone shielding a football with a lethal weapon.

  • Perhaps it should be known as the "No Quarters" derby.

  • If anyone still hasn't got their copy of the latest edition of 'The Wanderer', they will be on sale from the WWISC stand on the left hand side of Hillbottom Road as you approach the Adams Park gates. Free to WWISC members and Β£1.50 to everyone else.

    In the event of lightning storms, the selling will be postponed to a suitable date in the future.

  • I most likely would never sing a song like this:

    "They're a flash in the pan,
    A flash in the pan,
    They're Bristol Rovers
    A flash down the pan"

    • I must be quite looking forward to today to post such a piece of poetry.
  • Didn't Bristol Rovers get relegated out of the football league recently? πŸ˜‚

  • Allsop
    El And

    Good bench as well. Points and goals please

  • Strongest 1-18 we’ve had for a long time.

  • I like the team, should be dangerous going forward. I think that the players chosen should suit the system well, except perhaps CMS out wide. Thompson and Gape should hopefully protect the defence. It is good to go with the formation we know, even I do doubt it sometimes. A shame for Stewart to miss out.

  • Any ideas as to who the guy warming up with the team today is? - blond hair, assuming he’s a forward as he was taking part in the shooting practice.

  • Hair was more CMS after he’s grown it out a few weeks...

  • Is it the Liverpool striker!!!

  • Any chance of a biblical thunderstorm over South Bucks this afternoon?

  • We need more than 1 on this showing

  • Two nil down from corners is disappointing of course however I do see promise in our attacks. We are sustaining pressure in the attacking half and with a better flick or the right bounce we look like we could be back in it at any time. BR look dangerous going forward too but if we can mix up the long aerial passes with some more midfield link up play we have every chance of a comeback. COYB!!!!

  • I hope BR are heading for the top 6 and this isn't what we have to play every week. They're a long way ahead of us.

  • Thanks @NorsQuarters. I couldn’t make it down today and looking at the stats need some positivity!

  • Somebody set off the fire alarm

  • Not competing in midfield, need at least 1 more in there.

  • Williams looking a lot more effective than CMS so far. The most promising stuff has come down the left.

    Get Freeman or Kashket on

  • This is tough to watch and a fewchiucd words being exchanged between JJ & Bayo doesn’t fill me with confidence


  • I still feel optimistic. First goal, and there are signs we could find our feet. I would love to see both Freeman and Kashket start at some point, but there are positives to be taken.

  • We just needed another fifteen minutes and we could have nicked something. Bayo has got to get his mojo back or we need to have him as an impact sub imo. Great goal by Kashket and he has put his case forward to be a starter. Thought we did our confidence no harm with a decent performance.

    BR were well organized and saw through our formation enabling them to get between the pass and intercept so many passes. They were first to so many loose balls but we defended well all told. When we did get the ball down we went forward with promise I thought.

    That said, their goals came from corners scored by full backs and ours came from a flick on and a strikers' finish. We need to be more sharkish in the box and let loose at goal instead of trying to feed a marked man on the six yard line.

    It's a long season and I am positive about our chances of getting the points based on the performance today.

  • My word but that was really hard to watch. Second best all over the park at times. I hope that GA is, as he's says, "learning" otherwise we are going to be make barely a whimper never mind a noise as we go back down come next May.
    The only positive, for me, was Kashket scoring.

  • Unable to attend today’s game.
    Plucking up courage to have a look at Fans’ FB page.

  • @micra Can't be any worse than the absolute bilge being spouted on Twitter. We seem to have some fans who actively delight in us losing. Tellingly, most of them seem to support 'Wycombe and...'.

  • Not good at all. We look way, way short of the required level of fitness, speed, strength and agility. Williams, El Abd, Gape, McCarthy did alright but the rest of the outfield players that started were at best average.

    How on earth Thompson won MOTM I do not know. I thought he was very poor. Having said that, the central midfield as a whole looks all wrong. We are desperately missing O’Nien and now look devoid of energy in the middle. Completely overrun and second to every ball. Gape is having to do the work of 2 men.

    Body language & attitude also bad, which is probably the most worrying thing.

  • @Twizz - Are you Trevor in disguise!

  • Most disappointing for me was the busy language and outright arguing between some of our players that I haven’t seen for a few seasons. I may have missed it and it does happen in most clubs at times of frustration but the positive and tight knit culture of GA had been our rock

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