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Match day thread: Northampton (League Cup)



  • can we pay cash on the gate?

    edited August 2018

    @our_frank I believe so.

  • Kashket on the bench, which is encouraging.

  • No Pierre for them, a shame in one way, but good in another.

    Good to see McCarthy in, a couple of good restings, and Kashket is excellent to see back. And a full 7 subs!

  • Strong bench. Great to see Kashket back in the match day squad. (Looks like I got that wrong thankfully).

    Not a bad starting 11 either. Quite like to see the front three as I think we may need it to gel

  • Anyone know if Sido injury looked serious? I can't watch the Carabao on iFollow.

  • Pierre sitting with the Wycombe faithful in the Beechdean

  • Finally off the mark for the season!

  • Sido injury looked either concussion or illness (notice the doctor was called).

  • Exciting finish by the sound of it!

  • Kashket's penalty was disgustingly cheeky. Good to see the injuries haven't destroyed his confidence too much!

  • Good second half I thought. They seemed to get a rocket at half time and responded well. Defended ten yards higher up and pressed Northampton with more intensity.

    Really it should not have gone to pens as we were the better side after the break and should have won.

    Gape was excellent and deserved MOTM, while Harriman got down the flank well too. Both Freeman and Randell looked dangerous when we got the ball to feet.

    Still a few players don’t look match sharp to me. But good to get off the mark nonetheless.

  • Also thought their 20 up front looked handy and took a good pen after Yves’ shenanigans. How he didn’t get booked for that I don’t know.

  • Dull first half but plenty of excitement after the break.

    Thought Gape was great and Thompson was impressive too.

    We deserved to win, but I was cringing with embarrassment at Ma-Kalambay's time wasting in the shoot-out.

  • @Vital My mind went back to the Southend 'keeper at Wembley. He had all the tricks that day, while Lynchy played it straight...

  • Lots of fun tonight and the atmosphere generated by the terrace and Beechdean access only for home Fans was loud and bouncing most of the match, might it be find more often?

  • Sido walked off unaided and no limp that I could see. Let’s hope it’s something he can quickly shake off. PCH has a hamstring problem according to a lady who’d been queuing for a long time at the kiosk and evidently picking up a little light gossip. Yves’ shenanigans in making out that he had problems with his gloves (?) for each of Northampton’s first four or five penalties was/were indeed cringe making.
    I had visions of two yellow cards and Northampton shooting into an unguarded net.
    Randell Williams is a star in the making and it would be great if GA could β€œdo a Gape” in January.
    I agree that Billy Waters (No 20) was very impressive for Northampton.
    I’m delighted to have got within 3 of this evening’s gate. Not so hot on the away element though.

  • Williams and Thompson were the standouts for me, with some great work from Harriman also. We did play some nice ball-to-feet passing moves at times, which is encouraging when we don’t really have the Plan A β€œhoof to Akinfenwa” option.

    Good morale boost to get the win, and I suspect every bit of cup cash we can bank will be gratefully received.

    That’s the first time I’ve seen Ma-K play in goal - whilst he obviously did well with the first NTFC pen, he spilled the ball a few too many times to look comfortable to me...

  • It was heartwarming at the end of the match to see GA in a lingering bear-hug of an embrace with Junior Morias, no doubt offering words of encouragement to a player who left the club very suddenly and who has made excellent progress in the meantime. Yet another example of the calibre and class of our esteemed manager. We are very lucky.

  • he left the club because GA released him.

  • Thanks for the information Richie, I always wondered why he left.

  • lets not forget we beat northampton reserves on pens.

  • @mooneyman said:
    Thanks for the information Richie, I always wondered why he left.

    Conjecture surrounding the reason he left was widely discussed on social media at the time. Alleged training ground incident is about as far as can be reported.

  • @perfidious_albion it was a disciplinary incident. Wasn’t on training ground though.

  • on last nights performance not much has changed, apart from he has lost weight but still gets caught offside alot.

  • If only we had the luxury of a reserve team @rmjlondon. You are right insofar as they were missing some of their β€œbig guns” but the same could be said of Wycombe with the exclusion of, eg, Allsop, Stewart, Saunders, Tyson, Akinfenwa and PCH.

  • @micra , it was a mix of messing about with his hair band as well as taking ages to put the gloves on.
    At one stage, I'm pretty sure he took a hairband off a little girl in the crowd and then painstakingly put that on!

    I'm not sure why the ref was so weak about it. I wonder if he was scared that because it was supposedly a "hair" issue he better not clamp down in case someone misconstrued it as some sort of discrimination!
    Otherwise excepetionally bizarre, as it was well, well beyond any time wasting ever seen!

    The irony of course was that the penalties of the Northampton players waiting, were excellent. The player who missed late on wasn't subject to the time wasting.
    At one stage the Northampton keeper wandered off to get a water too, thinking he'd try and get in on it.

  • Congratulations to rmjlondon for managing to find something negative to say about a positive performance and victory achieved-as Micra has correctly pointed out-with an under strength team.

  • what did you make of the timewasting @glasshalffull ?

  • Very blatant and surprised that the referee didn’t show a yellow card but I gather that Yves claimed the hair band holding his dreadlocks together had snapped!
    I think we would have been furious if their keeper had done the same but it’s up to the ref to stop it happening.

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