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Modern football vernacular

I love football at all levels, but obviously nothing beats Wycombe. In the media, Premier League football seems to be at saturation point, with literally dozens of pundits and former players having opinions on everything, big and small (without even mentioning now having referees on the payroll to tell us if a decision was correct or not! Arghhh!) And they seem to have been all trained up in the same way. I’m probably just a miserable, getting old git, but the same old phrases seem to get trotted out, and annoy the hell out of me! Just a few below:

‘ the football club’ - rather than just club
‘Top, top player’
‘Game management’
‘Breaking the lines’ or ‘play between the lines’
A player now has great ‘physicality’ rather than just stamina and strength.
Players ‘cheating’ (I.e., not running back to defend)
There are so, so many more but I don’t have the energy to type them!

And that is not to even mention something that has crept into almost all sporting and political language, I think from Australia, starting answers with ‘Look’ and ‘Listen’ which is both appalling English and sounds so arrogant! Anyway, rant over!



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