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Fan's council tomorrow: Top 5 Gasroom topics

What can fans living locally do to assist?
What can wandering fans do to help the effort?
What plans are in place to improve the catering at Adams Park on matchdays?
What are the priorities for the council to communicate to the club/trust this month?
Is there a volunteer pool of willing hands who can be called upon to assist on matchdays whilst still being able to watch the match?
What are your top five?

  1. How can we encourage WWFC fans to be more active in support of the club outside match days?17 votes
    1. Stream the Fans' Forum live with the ability to write questions to the panel
    2. Have a dedicated Gasroom thread answered periodically by representatives of the Fans' Council


  • What engagement! Where are the β€œwe should be told” brigade?

  • Is this deliberately categorised as non football? Makes some sense but people will miss it @NorsQuarters

    To the normal lists I'd just add updates where possible on financial reality, state of things like different ownership types / schemes , state of training ground ownership, merchandise opportunities, use of ground for other events, car boot sales, food festivals etc

  • Key topics.
    Allowing smokers to reenter the Vere on match days. Some type of pass system would work.
    Restarting the Vere membership or Β£3 on the door.

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