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Charity Score Prediction Contest??

I am considering running a charity score prediction contest over the season

What Would it Cost?

I would suggest an entry fee donation of £10 to be paid directly to Wycombe Homeless Connection
This is the charity that Michael Harriman supports and exists to help out those currently going through a difficult period of their lives and lacking a roof over their heads.
Payment of the entry fee would be on trust (surely no one is so low as to effectively steal from a charity by reneging).

How Many would you need to run the competition?

Competition will only run if 10 or more people sign up.

Is there a prize for winning?

If more than 15 people sign up, I'll contact the club and see if we can fix something up. no guarantees though. The main prize will be the kudos of winning and the joy of knowing you have contributed towards a really good cause.

How will it work?

Simply predict the score for each of the 46 league games. I'll put up a thread a week or so before each game. I'll do the work of scoring and post an update after each match. Winner is one with most points after 46 games

How will it be scored?

Correctly predict a home win (for WWFC or opposition) - 4pts
Correctly predict an away win - 5pts
Correctly predict a draw - 6pts
Get the score exactly right (eg predict correctly a 1-1 draw) - bonus 2pts
For each goal margin you are incorrect - -1 pt

i.e. you predict a 2-0 home win, actual result is

3-0 - 4pts for the home win, -1 pt for the margin - total 3pts
2-0 - 4pts for the home win + 2pts bonus for correct score - total 6pts
3-1 - 4 pts for home win - 0 pts for margin - total 4pts
1-1 - 0 pts for result, -2 pts for margin - total -2 pts
0-2 - 0 pts for result, -4 pts for margin - total -4pts

if you miss a week you score -2pts.

what do I do now?

If interested, post your prediction for blackpool in this thread. if more than 10 people sign up, we'll go live and I'll ask you to send your donations to WHC. If not we forget the whole thing!



  • Entry no 1 - me.

    Wyc 1 Blackpool 1

  • Thanks, sounds good, and in a good cause. I'm in. And for consistency with the other prediction thread, I'm also going for a 1-1 draw.

  • In.

    2-2 for the Blackpool game.

  • Wycombe 0 Blackpool 1

  • I'll join in:

    Wycombe 0 - Blackpool 0

  • I'll give it a go. 1-1.

  • WWFC 0 POOL 2

  • I’m in. For the same reason as @Wig_and_Pen’s I’ll go for 1-1.
    WHC are based at Oakley Hall, 8 Castle Street. Tel no 01494 447699.

  • Up for it as well. And yet another 1-1 prediction

  • Just paid fee online.

    Wycombe 1 Blackpool 0

  • Good idea
    Wycombe 1-1 Blackpool

  • Good News, folks. We are over the 10 person minimum threshold, so this competition will run. Could I please ask those who have entered to make their donations please. If you are a taxpayer, don't forget to click the Giftaid box which increases the value of your donation by another £2.50.

    Many thanks for your support. Homelessness is a national scandal which, with a combination of a couple of bits of bad luck, can affect anyone. A little helping hand might just give that fellow human being a chance of a fresh start.

    all further entries of course welcome.

    I am told I must make clear in order not to jeopardise eligibility for gift aid that you are not absolutely required to make a donation to enter this competition (but you would have to be a heartless bastard not to unless you are struggling financially). Any prize I wangle out of the club is not conditional on a donation having been made. And so ends the legalese bit.

  • Have you cleared this with @railwaysteve ?

  • TBH, Dr C, no. I did think about it but I see no reason why both can not run in parallel and frankly I am sure Steve would agree that the £110+ that we have raised to help homeless people in the town is more important than online prediction competitions.

    Of course if you prefer not to join, that is entirely your prerogative.

  • I said nothing of the sort. I just thought it would have been polite to discuss it with @railwaysteve first and somehow avoid two score prediction threads every single game.

  • Imagine if someone stole your thunder and started doing their own "Fan ownership doesn't work and we need a benevolent benefactor" post in every thread.

  • I am not really interested in an argument, Dr Congo.

    If you don't want to play don't play. it appears others are happy to.

    RailwaySteve, if I have upset you in any way, I apologise.

  • For fuck's sake @DevC, for the second time I haven't said I don't want to play, keep your toys in the pram.

  • Err Ok, Dr......

    Meanwhile if anyone wants to join what was intended as a noncontroversial and perhaps marginally enjoyable way of raising perhaps £200 for a very good cause, they would be very welcome.

    Anyone who doesn't is of course under no obligation.

  • I think if we’d have done this last year i’d have ended up about -160. Really didn’t see last year’s goal glut coming and kept expecting it to hit the buffers

  • I’m in. Homelessness is an issue close to my heart (I gave a presentation to the UNCESCR in Geneva on homelessness inOslo). Great initiative @DevC 1-2

  • Thank you Nors. I was beginning to wonder........

    any more entries gratefully received.

  • Count me in, with 2-2 for the score, thanks @DevC! Great cause too.

  • I see no conflict between a score prediction thread and an attendance prediction thread, so count me in too.


  • Go on then I'm in.

    Wycombe 2 Blackpool 1

  • Wycombe 1 Blackpool 0 for me please.

  • I’m sure someone said they’d paid the £10 already on line. I tried to pay via text using the number and message format advised on the WHC website. I got a reply saying my message had failed. Having earlier posted the address and ‘phone number on this thread, thinking it might be helpful, I have been temporarily hoist on my own petard.

    At the 500-18 Club supper, I had the privilege of sitting on the same table as Michael Harriman and his charming wife; sadly, my impaired hearing and distance from them prevented me from engaging fully (hardly at all, in fact!) in conversation with them. @Slaphead and son (@BlueBoy) - combined ages about 15 years greater than mine - were in between and were chatting merrily away. It was against this background that it occurred to me that a very nice, and very appropriate, prize would be a meal (for 4?) with the Harrimans, always assuming of course that Michael hadn’t been sold for millions in the meantime.

  • @ micra- I paid via Very simple process.

  • I am pleased to partake @DevC, and am happy to have made the donation. No offence taken for prediction thread proliferation, and thanks for your concern @drcongo. I can believe that there will be sufficient differences in style, content and results for them all to be interesting.

    It may be a bit living in the past but I predict Wycombe 3 - Blackpool 2 - goals not heatstroke victims.

  • Thanks Steve. I quite genuinely wasnt trying to queer your pitch, just raise some money for a cause I feel strongly about. Your understanding is much appreciated.

    Micra and anyone else who hasnt donated yet, I cant say I have tried the pay by text option and to be honest am suspicious of it anyway. I would recommend the virginmoney giving link just above the pay by text section on I paid that way (and earlier in the summer settling a bet with eric plant. It takes you through a step by step process very logically in my view.

    If you are still having problems, post again and I'll try and find away to talk you through.

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