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The Opposition View

What the Grecians thought of last night's thriller.



  • All in all, they took it quite well then.

  • Sour grapes anyone !! That's the worst remarks I have seen all season .

  • Bitter, much. Shame, since Wycombe fans, and Ainsworth, have been very generous in their praise for Exeter's style of play.

  • It's not a nice way to lose a game but what a way to win haha

  • Considering their attitude and abuse of our injured players it's hard to feel sorry for them.

    Even when getting helped off the pitch Holloway, Mawson and Yennaris in particular were getting a lot of stick from their fans. The referee added the time on correctly and we won the game with the last kick! Haha!

    That said we were lucky to get away with the penalty claim against Pierre early in the game. The one against Ingram wasn't but Pierre's foul definitely was!

  • I generally feel a bit for the opposing supporters as it was not long ago we were getting stuffed at the wrong end of the table but in this teams case I'll make an exception....what a bunch of whinging, whinning sore losers. We might not be the best or prettiest footballing team but by goodness we can teach a lot of teams about working hard together for the whole game and never ever giving up.

    Today I'm extra proud to be a supporter. Come on we CAN do it....!!!!!!

  • To be fair, they are right - but, there are many ways to win a football match, and win it we did.

  • Why would we be time wasting with the score 1-1 and needing to get 3 point. The extended injury time was available to them as well not just us. We took advantage of it they didn't.

  • What a set of thick twats, we needed a win more than them, they are dreaming of playoffs, we are autos. Why would we fake injuries to end with 10. Ignorant pigs

  • Usual rose tinted we do no wrong and everyone else does football goggles stuff. So in that vein they seem to think nothing of their well organised fouling at the back taking it in turns to clatter our forwards especially Fred until finally carded then someone else takes over the role hence their bookings from a card shy ref, and how their 14 stayed on the pitch only the wurzels know!

  • Yep, the Exeter fans have gone right down in my estimation. I couldn't believe the abuse they were giving our players. Do they really think we'd sub 2 of our players in the first half hour just to waste time? Mawson & Yennaris were clearly struggling with their injuries, yet were getting dogs abuse from them. Would have been nice to have a bit more credit from what was a wonderful evenings football, between 2 very committed sides. Speaking of which, if we'd really wanted to waste time, don't they think that anyone of our players who were absolutely clattered by their defenders late on in the game could have justifiably stayed down for treatment? But no, they got straight back up and played on, looking for the winner.

  • They don't seem very nice people do they?

    If our timewasting was two injuries resulting in substitutions and two others which should have done had we had adequate replacements, then yes I hold my hands up.

    A shame, because I'd always thought of Exeter as one of the nicer clubs in the lower divisions.

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    If we'd conceeded a 102nd minute penalty in such a vital game I suspect there would be some equally bitter/brutal/derogatory comments said by our fans.

    I think Exeter's fans are probably as decent as any other set in this league, and that they are just very disappointed by the result, and some of their gripes certainly have more than a grain of truth in them.

  • 28 mins in we had scored a goal and had to make two substitutions...and they had a definate penalty shout! I think it was lucky to be down the home end rather than in front of their fans!!

  • "Wycombe are seriously a disgrace to professional football" "time waste constantly, cheat and dive" "if they get promoted it will be a travesty, they should be forcibly disbanded, they're an insult to football"

    Just 3 comments from their "fans". I've notice similar oppo comments this season. Just why are we reviled so much in this league? What have we do to cause so much hate towards us?

  • As I recall...the year we went up with PTaylor comments were similar. At the end of the day everyone in this League thinks the other team are time-wasting, diving, cheating aresholes with terrible managers favoured by inadequate referees and blind linos. That's the fun, isn't it?

  • What a bitter lot maybe they were sulking because they had obviously just learnt to count and we didn't acknowledge their efforts during the match to prove it shame they let themselves down by only spelling out CITY guess Exeter is to difficult.

    On the match I say we deserved to win for the shear will power and effort when we were obviously struggling with injuries you gotta be in it to win it and we were still in it on the 102nd minute when we got the penalty.

    Could be a struggle against AFC sat though some tired legs out there last night doubt
    we will have full subs bench.

  • The Grecians Match forum has hit page 25 Lol. They are the very bad losers. Did we whinge and cry about the absolutely disgraceful decisions that went against us these past few games. No a few huffs posts and onto next game. Exeter you had your time to shine earlier in the season, but ofc couldn't beat "NON LEAGUE" Warrington Town" in the Cup. Lol so just be happy you ain't in a relegation dog fight.

  • who cares what some carrot crunchers say we support wwfc not exeter.they cheat timewaste and foul all teams do. we won they lost they are bitter we are happy .on to wimbledon .patch up the warriors and lets compete and bring home 3 more points.personaly i do not give a monkeys what a few fans think. i go home and away and most people i speak to are gracious the bitter ones can jog on .COYBS.

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    For goodness sake, what is wrong with them. Any time wasting that we may have done was cancelled out by the number of times that we gave them the ball (59%-41% possession in their favour I believe) so that they could have the opportunity to create their own chances. They blew it and they moan, well there's gratitude for you.

  • Some of those comments are truly cringeworthy. Talking about the counting when Ingram had the ball: "The ref did nothing, even though the numbers we were getting to were unbelievable." embarrassing

    Also, I wonder how many of them felt foolish having slow handclapped and booed Holloway whilst he was receiving treatment when he then had to be substituted?

    It was very satisfying indeed to join in with three sides of the ground all singing "we are going up" at them in response to their earlier "you're not going up"

    All in all, one of the great nights to be a Wycombe fan

  • the posts on their forum aren't much different! They seem to think smashing the toilets in the away end was funny....

  • I bet the Grecians tears taste salty. Cry us river to Dons match. Lol.

  • Crikey!

    "This report will no doubt be construed as displaying an air of β€œsour grapes”, your reporter makes no apologies for this – it is, after all, a β€œfan’s eye view” of proceedings."

  • Odd isn't it. Quote from the report: "From the free kick, City half cleared, but as Pierre and Nichols raced for the ball Pierre went flying, doing his best Dying Swan act under minimal contact.".
    Watch the replay of the incident, not one Exeter defender argued the decision, every one of them clasped their hands to their heads. Why, because they knew he had shoved Pierre clean in the back. God alone knows why though?

  • Best night of football at Adams Park in years. Who cares what a bunch of twisted sour cretins think. Their whole attitude stank throughout.

  • They also had 12 minutes of added time to get a winner but thankfully Ingram pulled off a wonder save in the 95th minute, had that gione in we'd have lost but that's football.

  • While we are on about it their goal; came from a free kick that should have been given to us. They kicked us off the pitch and then there fans start crying because we beat them. lol

  • Despite all the nasty comments from Exeter I hope they immediately return to winning ways and I wish them every success in their game against Southend on Saturday

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