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edited June 1 in Football

Who do you want to host the 2026 World Cup?

A. Morocco

B. Canada, USA and Mexico

  1. Who do you want to host the 2026 World Cup?28 votes
    1. A. Morocco
    2. B. Canada, USA and Mexico


  • Morocco. A great country that loves it's football. Good time zone for those watching on TV in the UK too.

  • I had hoped the whole idea of joint bids was in the past. No thought for the fans.

  • I'm with RitM on this one.

  • Definitely Morrocco.

    I don’t really agree with the philosophy of taking football to every corner of the world in an effort to enfranchise new countries that previously didn’t care for the game much. I also don’t see why Mexico or the US should get it again having had it so recently.

  • Despite the time difference, I would love to see one in Australia/New Zealand eventually. Not the question, I know.

  • Decision made for US bid.

    probably the pragmatic if not the romantic outcome.

  • M3GM3G
    edited June 13

    Every World cup should be in Mexico. Loved 70 and 86. No sharing of countries though.

  • The two Mexican world cups were great, but Mexico has changed dramatically in the last 20 years into a dangerous country fuelled by drug wars, in the list of worst murder rates worldwide, five of the worst eight cities in the world are in Mexico, nice food though...

  • Don't know what you two old codgers are worrying about, you will have been drinking your even warmer beer down in Satan's cave a long time before the 2026 arrives in Mexico !!

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