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Farewell Brownie

Scotty released and I'm sure we all wish him happy travels and a new club soon.

WDH and Muller also released, Sido offered a new contract while talks in progress with Bean and Saunders.



  • Best of luck at Cheltenham.

  • Did well for us and a good guy, but the right decision.
    A homecoming to Cheltenham would be a good move for him on all levels.

  • Apparently we did draft a new contract for him but someone left it on the edge of the 6 yard box

  • Just a massive omission about JJ in the opening post. Glad to read that he's in talks as well on one of the other threads...

  • Made some terrific stops for us and played his part in the promotion.

  • Cant blame brownie for wanting to play for a club that suits his family more. Good luck to him.

    Slight concern that JJ is only "still talking".

    Farewell to the Phantom GK, who I thin was only officially confirmed as on the books on the day he leaves. oddest ever player situation?

  • Liking your post @eric_plant . A decent keeper who made some valuable contributions this season. Frustrated the hell out of me though

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    I'd be surprised if it's not us making the decision in fairness. As opposed to him telling us he's off.

    It will (presumably) be good that he can get such a good move back to his home though.

  • I’ll take a wild guess about JJ that he wants a longer contract than being offered. He’s at an age where he needs 2 years to get him through to where he is training to be.

  • Saunders has a new contract doesn't he? Or did i dream that?

    JJ must either want more money or a longer contract, neither of which we can hold against him. I'd guess Bean's decision is whether he wants to play one more year, and Yves maybe about how to balance his outside interests?

  • Delighted we have off loaded as we have and would be great if JJ, Beano and Big Yves resigned. Yes ffloyd Sam S has resigned.

  • It would be great if you could use a hyphen. I'm worried about the strain on @micra's heart, reading about Sam Saunders' resignation!

  • Poor Henry Newcombe didn't even get a shirt with his name on the back before he left. Bizarre signing but I guess he was cheap. Going from three keepers to potentially none is brave, hopefully Gareth has already identified who he wants in as number one and is talking to the parent club (assuming it's a Premiership starlet).

    Still think it's a shame about Max Muller but if he was struggling to get into Morecambe's team even I will accept he's probably not an essential member of a League One squad.

    Great to hear Jombati will be with us next season (probably) and I'm sure JJ will sign on as well, I can't see him getting a better offer than ours now we've been promoted.

  • more likely perhaps to be a Championship starlet.

    Still not completely impossible it might be GA making the decision to loan him out!!

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    Someone hit the nail on the head when they said do we ever need a "permanent" keeper? There's so many teams in the Prem and championship with quality keepers coming out of their ears, and only so many teams to give them action.

    I still wonder whether Brown was ever meant to be 1st choice this season and the first choice loanee fell through. Never know I suppose!

    You never know, maybe Ingram has already been agreed upon for a year's loan. League 1 is still a level he doesn't have much experience at, so he could do worse!

    I'd have thought a 2 year deal for JJ would have been a fair offer, as he's played such a key role for 4 years. Maybe he wants longer, or maybe it is more money.

    Anyone know how much more study he needs to do? As otherwise, there's not much odds between 32 and 35 for starting is there?

  • Correct decision, Brownie made some great saves, but I was never really confident with him in goal, had a couple of very poor games. Appreciate the fact that he was a League 2 player on League 2 wages, but we can do better I feel.

    Good luck to all those who leave and thanks for their efforts, good decisions all round I think

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    Keeper of a promotion winning team playing behind an ever changing back line. Goodbye and Good luck to Brownie and Cheltenham.

  • @DevC said:
    Cant blame brownie for wanting to play for a club that suits his family more. Good luck to him.

    Slight concern that JJ is only "still talking".

    Farewell to the Phantom GK, who I thin was only officially confirmed as on the books on the day he leaves. oddest ever player situation?

    JJ has tweeted the departing players saying "You'll be missed around the place", to which a few have replied saying "Good luck in League One".
    I'd say it's a pretty safe assumption that JJ will be signing a new contract.

  • Brownie will always hold a place in WWFC history having played every game in a promotion winning season, but I think it's a positive move showing intent by Ainsworth not to renew a player who was run of the mill in League 2.

    Hopefully we can get another Blackman type loan signing in who comes out for crosses and better organises an (hopefully improved) defence.

  • I reckon it's a fair bet that WDH will end up at Aldershot as he was very popular there. Two years experience at that level and I think he could turn out to be a good second division defender

  • Is richie stocktaking? On holiday? I cannot take any of this seriously until it has been confirmed by an insider from the club.

  • Brownie did well for us, but probably the right move for all and good on him for putting his family first.

    JJ the one we're sweating on, but hopefully Sido's all but sorted now.

    I'd like to see YMK stay, but no dramas if he doesn't.

    Excited to see who we bring in to be our new number one. Also looking forward to bringing in at least one quality CB.

  • Still celebrating Luton's promotion.

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    Agree @Jonny_King. I'd go further and suggest it's a case of

    JJ a key signing
    Sido - one we'd prefer stays on
    Bean, comfy either way, although it seemed to be the case that he had to be talked into not retiring last season to go into business - but then talk of how he almost joined Barnet came up?! So who actually knows.
    Keeper - yeah why not if he doubles as some sort of Baz/fitness coach behind the scenes

    No idea what to expect new signings wise, not many would the smart money. If we could come close to the influential level of signings of 4 years ago that'd be epic! Set the tone from the word go!

  • Definitely @Malone!

    Re: Bean, I asked him at the 500 Club dinner and he confirmed he had been in talks with Barnet, but he said it would have taken a really good offer for him to leave WW. Apparently (and I didn't get this from Bean) Barnet's chairman pulled the plug as he felt Beanie was too old - Something tells me Beanie would have walked into Barnet's starting eleven this season!

    Happy if Bean stays, but no disaster if he moves on.

    Agree it'll probably be a case of 3-6 quality signings rather than a whole raft of new joiners, then hopefully a bit of Gaz-magic when the loan window pops open.

  • Agree with all of the above with regard to JJ, Sido, Beano and Monsieur Yves. This is the bit I find quite exciting...not just the new signings....but the people frothing at the mouth about the ones Gareth misses because he doesn't know what he's doing...etc etc.

  • All the best to Brownie. That night at Luton was one of the all-time great performances from a Wycombe keeper (and there’s plenty of competition!).

  • I wonder if it's going to be harder to bring in a young starlet keeper on loan now that we don't have a goalkeeping coach.

  • Prmotion for YMK maybe?

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