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Is anyone going in the Northampton end?

I sadly don't have a season ticket, due to living in exile elsewhere in the UK. Despite going to many away games I never bought them through the club either so that wouldn't help me.
As a result I'll be watching the final game from the Northampton end, and wanted to know if anyone else is doing the same. If so, which stand are people going in?


  • As per previous thread West Stand Lower seems to the most popular choice.

  • I'm sure that you'll get ejected as soon as they realised who you support (and rightly so). I don't agree Chairboys should do this as we certainly wouldn't like it if away fans get in our stands at AP. Plus it will probably be a Northhampton sell out anyway.

  • Cheers SurreyWanderer, I hadn't seen the previous thread but thanks for the advice. FrijidPink, I see your point, but I don't think it's the presence of away fans in the home end more the way they behave. Seeing as I want to be there to see the football, and not to hit anyone, I can't see there being an issue.

  • Absolutely right! The assumption that supporters of one club will pile into their rivals at any opportunity puts football in a very bad light and this, whether you like it or not, puts many people off of going to it!

  • And a Northampton sell out...?! Now that is funny...

  • That's great but frequent pleas for more support indicates that it isn't always so.

  • Lol @FrijidPink we will outnumber them in the west stand lower anyway

  • If northampton can't accommodate us well be in the home end I just hope nobody ruins it for me

  • And we all go eild

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