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Chesterfield tickets - why so few?

Mansfield sold their entire allocation of tickets for their trip to Chesterfield on Saturday which, according to their website, was 2,740.
That's a lot more than the 1,880 that we've been given.
For the record, this is from - "Away supporters are normally housed in the Rubicon Print Stand at the north end of the stadium, where up to 2,112 supporters can be seated. If demand requires it then additional seating can also be made available in the Spencers Solicitors Community Stand".



  • Could be a very important game for both sides , one of them or none. At this stage makes sense not to commit potential overflow space to one team or the other.

    If chesterfield can sell the space to their fans, fair enough that they should.

    If they can't and in the perhaps unlikely event that we will need more than 1900, I am sure they will do what they can to accommodate that demand.

  • If chesterfield are relegated by the time we play them, I suspect we’ll be offered as many additional tickets as we want.

  • We won't take anywhere near 1880 to Chesterfield

    Why is this even a thread?

  • The club obviously think we will due to the restrictions in place on tickets

  • It's weird

    That first phase of sales ends before next Saturday's game

    Which is before we know whether or not we can secure promotion at Chesterfield

    I'd be surprised if we sold as many as 500 before kick off next Saturday

  • Some people will go regardless its not all about glory hunting !!!

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Some people will go regardless its not all about glory hunting !!!

    And so speaks Luton's top supporter.

  • I agree Richie

    Not 1880 though

  • 1880 seems more than reasonable. What's the most we've taken to an away game in recent years? Even Bury or Torquay didn't come close.

  • A while back we had a game away at Port Vale at the exact same stage of the season and could have been promoted

    We took 932

  • also quite poor that no consideration has been given to people who attend away games aswell as season ticket holders but supply should outwhey demand

  • How many did we take to Oxford in peak mode? 2,000? Ever more than that?

    1,880 for a trip 120-140ish miles away would be one hell of a turn when we've seen some attendances in the 3,000s this season.
    possible promotion or not.

  • Thank god we can’t get Exeter in the play-offs. Can you imagine that thread

  • Maybe I am getting over excited in my old age, but I do think we will sell out this allocation. Am I alone in thinking that our away following is increasing alot, over 1100 to Notts, not a dissimilar distance to chesterfield.
    If we can secure promotion at chesterfield I'll stick my neck out and say 2500

  • We will see...I think that realistic

  • well it wont be 2500 as we only have 1880 tickets

  • We did take almost 2500 to Lincoln in 1999. I doubt that we will manage that on a mid week evening match!

  • I think we took more than that. Helped by the free coaches

    What a day that was

  • I really cannot understand why the club have gone for priority sale for this one. We simply won't take anywhere near the number of tickets given. The Port Vale example explains why quite clearly (similar game, similar distance). I am absolutely baffled by this one. Unfortunately with tickets presumably sold in one area of the section first it could create a bit of a them and us, STH/non-STH section with non-STH being unable to sit with STH friends.

  • PS: Yes Lincoln was one of those fantastic days. I can still feel that anguish 10 minutes from the end.

  • I’m sceptical that we’d take 1800+ to CFC also, but a lot will depend on how likely we are looking to potentially clinch promotion on the day.

    If by then it’s 100% in our hands and we only have to win to go up (incredibly unlikely but maybe possible if the chasing pack lose their next 2 and we win ours?) then that will boost the numbers.

    If I recall correctly the Port Vale game was one where mathematically we could have gone up but we had to win and other teams had to do us a favour.

    I suspect the Chesterfield game will be a crucial brown-trousery clash but our fate will go to the wire. They may well be down by then, but that doesn’t make them any less of a banana-skin.

  • This is a truly pointless thread. Bury, Port Vale, Play off semi's at Plymouth, Stockport. Big games. Only the Stockport game we just about got over the 1,000 mark.

  • edited April 2018

    We sold out the away end at Northampton in the playoffs season, although that was nearer and with a capacity of less than 1880. There were Wycombe fans in the home sections too.

  • 916 away fans that day according to NTFC.

  • Who can forget those fans on the hill outside too!

    A strange situation, with a massive unbuilt stand empty too.

  • 918 at least as I was with a mate in the home section.

  • edited April 2018

    It's unlikely (though not impossible) that Chesterfield will already be down when we play them.

    Including that game, they will still have 9 points to play for. And they have 2 more games to play before that. There are also a number of teams who still need points to get above the 'mathematical impossibility' line. I'm thinking they will still have something to fight for on the 28th, unless pretty much all relevant results between now and then go against them.

  • We really want Chesterfield to be alive and kicking following a magnificent away win at Exeter on Tuesday.

    It is possible I suppose that a WWFC win at Chesterfield may promote us and relegate them on the same day. That may be a bit awkward.

    Interesting to note that the bottom four play each other on the final day of the season.

  • @DevC at one stage I thought the final day might serve up a 'winner takes all' title decider too. Then County imploded...

    I thought about the 'promotion/relegation on the same day' scenario. A few things would need to come together for that to happen, but not beyond the realms. And not the best way to do it. I wouldn't particularly choose a scenario where I am celebrating while the other team mourns, especially as I have no particular beef with the Spireites.

    What IS a strong possibility, is that it could be Chesterfield's final home game as a League side... Emotional scenes.

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