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The Opposition View - Yeovil Town



  • An opposing manager with some dignity in defeat? I have now seen it all.

  • Fair-minded all round. They certainly merited at least a point on the respective performances.

  • Must be pretty galling to create the better chances, hit the woodwork twice and have a goal disallowed, only for the below par visitors to score with their only shot on target. Still, good sign to play badly and win etc. and Exeter dropping points gives us breathing space if we can get a result at Lincoln. Just hope we have two fit CB's for that game, although the thought of WDH potentially going up against Rhead is not a particularly comforting one.

  • Tbf heading is probably towards the top of WDH'S skill list.

  • I'd actually prefer WDH up against Rhead than McGinley. WDH can win headers which is what we need against Lincoln, McGinley has shown he's weak and lightweight in the air.

  • Interesting to see what formation and personnel GA uses tomorrow. Its easy to focus on the lump Rhead but with our wealth of attacking players Lincoln know they need to stop us too. The anchor midfield role that Bean plays so well should help the central defenders against the immobile Rhead as he can play in front of him and spoil the balls that way.
    Either way its going to be a tense one

  • I think that in these situations, GA still tends to revert to a) experience, and b) safety. He will rightly say he is looking to win the game, but I believe he will be happy first and foremost not to lose. So expect a return for Blooms, and if he sets us up as per Notts County, our gung-ho attacking prowess will be secondary to winning niggly free kicks, breaking up play, and over-reliance on 'Plan A'.

  • What about Ollie Palmer, Adam? He’s even taller than Rhead, though I appreciate he’s not such a large unit.

    I wonder if bringing in a 6’6” goalkeeper for this game might be at the back of GA’ s mind?

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    Adam El-Abd has more than capably dealt with some aerial threats this season, especially in recent weeks.
    He could bring one in @micra, but a keeper who's kept 4 clean sheets in his last 6 games at the business end of the season will do for me....

  • @micra Palmer generally starts on the bench - but he is one of those irritating 'Barry Corr' types who does always tend to score against us...

    Bringing in Yves would be the shock selection of the year!

  • From the chat above I can only assume Lincoln are storming this league with their unstoppable man mountain of a striker. Maybe we should just let them have the game now and rest up for Accrington.

    Or maybe just see if our amazing away record can continue against yet another long ball League Two side.

  • It would be unprecedented and, although @clifty04 is wrong to say β€œif only we could”, I agree with him that 4 recent clean sheets probably guarantee that little Scott Brown, great stopper that he is, will keep his place.

  • If Ma Kalambay starts I will purchase a hat and then eat it.

  • Unless Brown is injured.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle: love the subtle sarcasm and you’re on top form on a couple of threads this morning but, to be fair to those of us whose neuroses are starting to manifest themselves, we do have a mini crisis in defence with all but one very able central defender either injured or not held in the highest regard. We are concerned that defeat tomorrow will put us under so much pressure that the lottery of the playoffs may start to beckon.
    Well that’s how I feel, anyway, and I envy you your sangfroid.

  • What is your head size, @Chris ?

  • You’re right to point out the importance of tomorrow’s game but let’s not forget that we have 3 games to play after that. If my maths are correct (admittedly a big if), 2 wins from 4 would mean that Exeter are the only team who could finish above us and 3 wins from 4 would see us promoted (2 wins & 2 draws would probably do it thanks to GD).
    So, a draw at Lincoln would be a great result but even a defeat wouldn’t be a catastrophe.

  • @micra We've had a defensive injury crisis for ages now and done ok. I still have my brain set up for the playoffs so maybe I'm not so concerned by losing a game. I obviously hope we win tomorrow night but losing at Lincoln will not derail our promotion push and a point will prove amazingly valuable.

    Two wins and we are up for me.

  • Losing to Lincoln wouldn't be a disaster in itself, but I think on balance Accrington have got to be favourites for the following game. To lose both, or even pick up just one point from them, would make things very hairy going into the final straits.

  • I’m hoping that Accrington will have been promoted by Saturday and spend the rest of the week celebrating!

  • @Right_in_the_Middle : this is the first time there has been the possibility of Bean or, one incredible suggestion of Harriman, playing as a centre back.

    I envy you your calm, philosophical approach. Rudyard comes to mind (and that’s not easy).

  • If we work on the basis that Exeter win 4/4, as @glasshalffull said 3 wins & 1 loss will see us up, or 2 wins & 2 draws probably would on GD.
    Although their fixtures look preferable, I'd be very surprised if Exeter did win all 4 at this time of the season, meaning 2 wins & 2 losses would work for us (GD if Exeter W3 D1 or points if Exeter W3 L1).

  • Also, in the back of my mind for about half the season has been the fact that Exeter are overperforming in relation to their goal difference. I continue to hope that they will revert to the mean before they have have a 6-0 win to remedy the anomaly.

  • Failing to win at Lincoln would be an absolute disaster and severely damaging to our title hopes.

  • I presume you’re being tongue in cheek by referring to our title hopes?

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    As we have no idea who will be fit in defence...three at the back with a smiling PCH as one of the wing-backs? We need to just score more goals than them...a lot more probably.

  • @micra did you mean that RITM can be rudyard work sometimes...?

    Or just that he bakes exceedingly good cakes?

  • With all this tension in the air, I almost want to go to the Exeter boards to see them freaking out over Chesterfield...

  • @shev I looked at one Exeter forum yesterday and the posters seemed confident of winning their remaining matches.

  • @Uncle_T - well that showed me! Hopefully their overconfidence is exposed as hubris...

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