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wishful thinking perhaps

but by my rudimentary mathematics, Accrington are promoted if they beat Exeter on Saturday

Which should give them all the motivation they need to win, and then spend a week necking big macs and lager before they play us



  • Can't they win the title against us if Luton's result goes their way though?

  • Joining in with the wishful thinking: If Accrington were to lose on the coming Saturday and Tuesday and Wycombe were to win on the coming Saturday and Tuesday, a win for Wycombe over Accrington would see us go level on points with them. That would make for a good match.

    If also Luton were to lose one of their next two there could be a three-way tie at the top, albeit with Accrington having a game in hand.

  • Law of averages suggests Accrington are due a couple of losses - last one in the league was 27th of bloody January!

  • I would love it if we could push 'big club' luton down into the playoffs.

  • I know this thread is called wishful thinking but 1st or 2nd seem beyond us at this point.

  • I'm dreaming the dream @Chris

  • @Chris we're 3 points behind Luton if we win our game in hand

    you need to dream a bit bigger old son

  • I think richie's boys are under more pressure than us. If we drop from automatic it will be massively disappointing, but the play-offs is not the end for us. Be devastating for the Hatters to lose out.

  • edited April 2018

    I guess it's irrelevant, with Luton having a 3-0 half time cushion, but how the hell did Yeovil keep them out 2nd half with only 9 men??

    (Which, added to the late equaliser for them last night, means that 3 points on Sat is by no means a 'given' - not that I can imagine anyone thought it would be).

    That said, with the 3 games in a week coming up, I'd want the cushion of 77 points going into the Lincoln game (that's going to be one hell of a battle) and hope we can get Accy either still pissed up after promotion, or just as their season starts to crumble. 81 points with 2 to play would be very nice indeed, although possibly on the slightly optimistic side.

  • @eric_plant winning all of our games and Luton not winning two of theirs just seems so unlikely.

  • @Chris You really are the blackest of black clouds aren't you. In a thread called 'Wishful thinking' you are really excelling your depressing self.

    It's great to think with 5 games to go it is all in our own hands So many possibilities to get excited and nervous about. What a great season should be all about.

  • I know this is a wishful thinking thread but two questions if I may
    1) I understand desire for top three but if we assume that for a moment, does anyone care overly about finishing second rather than third? How about first rather than second or third?
    2) Based on the old martin ONeill quote, if you could guarantee winning the playoffs, would you rather go up that way or as Champions?

  • 1) finishing first would be amazing, far better than 2nd or 3rd. The difference between 2nd and 3rd makes much less difference

    2) Champions

  • @Chris said:
    eric_plant winning all of our games and Luton not winning two of theirs just seems so unlikely.

    You're such a fun bloke to have around

  • @Right_in_the_Middle I’ve been saying that I think we’ll be promoted for weeks. I just don’t think we’ll finish 2nd.

  • In fact last time we had this discussion (in Feb) you were the one who was arguing it wasn’t probable that we’d be promoted.

  • by the way, you haven't really been following Luton recently if you think it's unlikely they will fail to win at least twice between now and the end of the season

    I'd be prepared to bet they do in fact

  • They’ve won three out of their last four. I think they’ll probably get around 7-9 points from their remaining four games. And we’ll get around 9-13 from our five.

  • Luton played 6 games in March and only accumulated 6 points.

  • @Chris I still don't think it is 'probable' we will get automatic promotion. In fact I would bet money on us being in the play offs if I took all the bias out of a view.

    I was just commenting on how depressing and charmless your posts are on this thread. Your response has kind of proven that point.

  • 7-9 points?

    Bit of a weird prediction for someone who thinks there is little chance they will fail to win two of their remaining games isn't it?

    Surely you should be predicting 9-12 points

  • oh I see, you don't think we'll win all of ours

    as you were

  • @Right_in_the_Middle that isn’t what you said at all. But feel free to keep being negative and accusing me of negativity at the same time.

    @eric_plant I don’t think we’ll win all our games; and even if we do it might not be enough to make second. That makes me think that second is only a very distant possibility.

  • I think Accrington will blow it from here

  • looking at your own points spread prediction, you actually see that we have a decent chance (40%, with no weighting)

    fascinating stuff

  • Personally I think Accy and Luton are nailed on for automatic.

    While I suppose it would be nice to be champions, cant say I am overly fussed between 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

    In answer to my earlier question, I think I am with MO'N. If you could guarantee winning the playoffs, I'd take that way of promotion as the best way of all.

    Playoffs this year look very strong though, to be avoided if at all possible.

  • I don't suppose the joy of seeing the team do a lap of honour with the championship trophy really affects you

    I think most people realise that winning the league title would be truly historic, the first time we had ever done so in the club's history and the highest honour it had ever won

    To be indifferent about whether you achieve that or go up finishing 3rd is such a contrary stance that I can only conclude (yet again) that you are nothing more than a troll

  • @eric_plant I’m not sure where the 40% comes from.

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