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Yeovil (A) away attendance?

I'm going with 967 chairboys! 5 cup finals!



  • we have sold 250 so far, so they will need to get selling.

  • Slightly ambitious sounding, @rmjlondon, I'll grant you. But a couple of points to bear in mind. Firstly, there's 9 days to go yet, Even at 50 tickets a day that gets us up to 700. Secondly, for Notts, we got not far off 50% of the pre-sale numbers on the day. So even another, say, 250, and @IanBeale would be very close.

    Would be great to push the four-figures again.

  • I reckon depending on results on sat even though were not playing people will decide afterwards.

  • 767 away

  • I am seriously contemplating going to Yeovil. That would be my first away game for several years and I think there is a growing feeling that this is a now or never situation as far as promotion is concerned.
    Yeovil have long been a bogey side to us and their six goals at Coventry set a few alarm bells ringing but I don’t think many sides in League 2 this season could have defended as badly as Coventry did on Saturday.
    I’m going for 950 Wycombe fans and a 2-2 draw but I haven’t a clue what the gate will be. Do I have to come up with something @railwaysteve ?

  • OK. Total gate 3250.

  • 3485 with 862 Chairboys see us win 2-1.

  • 3388 with 655 chairpersons.

  • For completeness I predict 3289, including 767 away - 3-3 draw

  • With so much time to make up my mind, I'll wait until the fat lady sings... ;-)

  • Whatever happened to the fat bald man?

  • @micra said:
    Whatever happened to the fat bald man?

    Had a hair transplant and went on a crash diet.

  • Is this going to be the official @railwaysteve thread? I don't get the attendance for any old thread, you know!

  • *guess the attendance

  • @micra once they've left their pie and left the Vere suite, fat bald men are not allowed back in. Two people from the queue go in instead.

  • a nice round 500 fans.

  • Just as long as we take more than 440, otherwise Yeovil might decide to squash us all in the seats and keep the terrace shut, like they did a few years back. I know it’s uncovered but their terrace is one of the better away ends.

  • @Malone said:
    a nice round 500 fans.

    We've already sold 400 with 5 days to go, and availability on the day. We'll get far more than 500

  • It looks like the weather will be ok in the afternoon, so I go:

    831 of the Brave Blue Army, just a little bit more than one of us for every three Glovers, in a total crowd of 3255
    Nil - Two to us and we can have a restful last 30 seconds. Kashket and Bean.

    Here is a spreadsheet. I hope you don't mind @IanBeale

  • 3319 with 749 Chairboys

  • On average we are predicting 780 of us in a total crowd of 3331 - 23.4%..

    Up the Blues

  • I went for 2-2 @railwaysteve in post of 5 April. I really hope my caution proves unfounded. It’s based on the Yeovil bogey factor plus their remarkable 6 goals at the Ricoh Arena and the resilience shown by their 9 men against Luton.

  • 2666 with 777 blues, 1-2 and on our way!

  • 3476 with 812 light dark blue

  • 3402 with 860 for me, and a nice 2-0 for the Blues.

  • All up to date on the spreadsheet up to this point - unless I have missed anyone.
    Your score is now on there @micra. Please accept my apologies for missing you on the last spreadsheet.
    There is probably a technical term for when your heart and your logical head have different views. Their failure to concede against Luton in the 2nd half last week may have as much to do with Luton as Yeovil. It is the sort of thing we might have done (earlier in the season).

  • 3558 696 chairpersons....2 1 home win....we never do well at Yeovil.

  • 3335 including 856 Wycombe. Score 1-1

  • 700 and 800s? Away to Yeovil?

    We must be in and around promotion!

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