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Updated 'Wycombe Strong' Anthem

Yes, it's the annoying bloke with the song again.

I'm sure some of you remember the anthem I wrote a year ago. I ran it by the club, but they found it a little folksy, which was fair enough. I know that thanks to the gracious media guys, it did get played at AP at least once nonetheless.

Well, I decided to get in the studio and do an updated version, hopefully more jaunty and anthem-like. So, I added drums and some orchestral sounds, changed a lyric that a lot of people had an issue with ("one united family" is now "one true Chilterns family") and generally got the sound brighter (hopefully), with more of a build up and crescendo.

I would love some feedback, if anyone gets a chance. It is on youtube now at:

and also Soundcloud, where it can be listened to at:

If anyone wants to compare it to the old version, it is on youtube at:

..and Soundcloud at:




  • Great stuff Shev. I always liked it.

  • No offence, shev, not for me. it would be a dull world if we all liked the same things.

    While on the subject of music, If I may shamelessly hijack your thread, Saturday week at Yeovil presents a rare opportunity for cultural enhancement - not a sentence much used historically. 20 mins or so down the road that evening, two of my favourite bands happen to be playing in bridport. Ferocious Dog, recognised now as one of the top festival bands, will be headlining supported by Blackwater County - who if anything I think might have potential to be better still. Check them out on youtube. Bridport is everything Yeovil is not, a characterful little market town, full of alternative locally owned shops bars and cafes with a fantastic restored historic music venue. Highly recommended. The Broadchurch coastline down the road makes a great option for those wanting to make a weekend of it.

    I am totally aware that in reality the vast majority will instead choose to sip ale in the characterless yeovil branch of the corporate world owned by a vociferous advocate of low tax, low public services, low workers protection and a right wing, nationalistic flagwaver at that. Shame really, but if Weatherspoons is the epitome of your dreams , hope you have a good day out too.

  • I’ll shamelessly highjack it back. Well done @Shev I hear a bit of Donovan in your voice remember to send the new version to the club and ask what game they are going to play it at. I’m at every home game stupidly early so I’ll keep an ear out.

  • wow - if I was creating an old gasroom-style 'Dev C autoresponder' that's more or less word for word what I'd have gone for. Bit of everything in there

    I might have added a bit about fans expectations vs the low budget of a fan-owned club, but that's nit-picking

  • @MBS - Thanks mate!

    @DevC - I remember you did not like it last time, and I did not expect a little orchestra to change your mind! I appreciate your honesty, and music is pretty subjective indeed.

    @Morris_Ital - Cheers mate! We are actually coming over for the Stevenage game, so that's the target game. I am going to ask the media guys very nicely and see what happens! Nice compliment about Donovan too - I do like to think I sing a mean 'Catch The Wind'...

    @eric_plant - Ha ha, yes, something like "We're in third, but what a letdown, every player is useless".

  • edited April 2018

    Sadly Shev, (and this may sound like heresay to you) you'll need to speed up, shout the lyrics throw in a couple of overdriven guitars banging out power chords, pounding drums and a throbbing bassline to get that on Mad Dog's pre-match playlist. (Having said that I reckon if you did you'd be a shoe-in to get it played...and I am also there stupidly turn the amps up to eleven and I look forward to hearing it!)

  • I'd like to hear a thrash metal cover of this.

  • I can see the chorus catching on with the terrace. It would need the track played loudly over the tannoy system and a Karaoke style big screen with the words on, drummer boy doing his bit & it has possibilities.

  • @Wendoverman & @drcongo - I have written a faster version. I am not sure if I will ever get around to recording it, but you never know. Perhaps I will be back on here next year with yet another offering, like a bad smell that does not go away...

    @EwanHoosaami - I like to think you are right, especially in a world where 'Blue Is The Colour' and 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' are established club songs...

  • Someone on here last year (I forget who) suggested it would be better as a post match song, and that has stuck in my head. Given the chance, I would choose that - it could be argued that it could come across as jolly or bittersweet depending on whether Wycombe have just won or lost.

  • I’d like to see all music styles playing at Adams Park apart from emo hip hop which of course is total garbage. Presently I’m entertaining the house constantly singing the Man of constant sorrow by the soggy bottom boys

  • I sincerely hope that squeaky bums don’t metamorphose into soggy bottoms over the next five matches.

  • Hopefully we can fight a rear guard action to stave off any dewy cheeks.

  • You'd have to go some to prise rock in all over the world out of the PA man's hands at the end of
    a game I reckon

  • There’s the other song he plays when things don’t quite go to plan that could be up for a change. I don’t know it’s name though.

  • edited April 2018

    @Morris_Ital I think the song you're referring to is the one played when we draw, Frank Turner's 'I Still Believe'. I suspect that the team's never-say-die attitude is in part down to the fact that they don't want to hear it either!

  • If we all invaded the PA room en mass as soon as the final whistle goes we could probably prise Rockin' all Over the World out of his hands.

    And smash it into a thousand pieces. And set it on fire. Then pour sewage on it and set it on fire again.

  • But that would spoil the Status Quo...

  • Thanks @Ned_Ludd
    @drcongo I like what you’re proposing

  • Calm down, @drcongo - you're not in the army now...

  • This thread seems to have gone down the dustpipe.

  • Indeed @Uncle_T. Down, down, deeper and down...

  • Francis Rossi would be wiping away a tear if he could see this

  • @Uncle_T said:
    This thread seems to have gone down the dustpipe.

    I ain’t complaining.

  • Again and again these threads degenerate

  • @Onlooker said:
    Again and again these threads degenerate

    Don’t recall the Quo singing anything along those lines.

  • At any rate, it sounds as though trying to dislodge Status Quo in favor of playing a song about Wycombe Wanderers at a Wycombe Wanderers game may be a controversy I do not want a part of.

    Plan B: Lock myself in to the Colchester United media booth and play it in a loop at their place, before the police break down the door.

  • Nice, can you livestream that por favor

  • Not sure it would be that controversial. No-one likes Status Quo. I'd rather we played the Mr Blobby Song after games than RAOTW.

    I'd like to see a home win followed by Baggy Trousers or One Step Beyond - that would be fun.

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