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  • Thanks Vital.

    Shocking goal scoring record for Town there, 5 Wycombe players on more goals than their top scorer, who's got the same number of goals as our left back.

    Eight red cards too, wow. Could add to that tally with a ref who's dished out
    5 red and 122 yellow in just 38 games, ironic when we he could well have (but didn't) send off a player for each side against Mansfield. Seem to remember he wasn't the best in that game.

    God knows what side we're going to put out, especially in defence. If McGinley isn't fit, we may have to play Bean as a makeshift CB, or will we see three at the back?


  • He definitely wasn't the best in that game. He missed that stonewall handball (by Angol?) in the last minute as well...

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    One of the saves of the season by Angol that was. Peter Schmeichel would have been impressed with how he spread himself.

  • I guess Monday will be a good opportunity to go for all out attack. If ever there was a match to play three at the back it's this, given Grimsby's poor away record and terrible goalscoring form. Given the three at the back will have to be Jacobson, el Abd and Harriman at least it will be experienced, if not particularly mobile.

    I assumed our forward rotation would see Freeman and PCH start in place of CMS and Tyson on Monday. But I think we'll probably need to have the two forwards most capable of tracking back on - Freeman and Tyson.

    So maybe we'll see

    Jacobson el Abd Harriman
    Tyson O'Nien Bean Bloomfield Freeman
    Akinfenwa Kashket

    With a very bare bench.

    I can see a lot of goals tomorrow, potentially at both ends. Should be a great match.

  • I think Williams will start tomorrow. Can't see them risking Kashket at the start, as he won't last anywhere near 90 minutes.

  • McGinley is just "Ill" isn't he? If so, there's every chance he might be back.

    Failing that, I could see something slightly different, like Freeman slotting in at left back, with JJ moving over one. And hoping they aren't aerial beasts.

    Paris to come in.

    Then have a glorious almost 2 week spell getting everyone back.

  • Crazy how many injuries we still have. Eight players out tomorrow and still a powerful squad.

  • To have five central defenders either injured or unavailable (MΓΌller and WDH) must surely be unprecedented. I might even have missed one.

  • Who are the eight players out? And is that definite or probably. I’m assuming Sido won’t be fit but not seen or heard anything for example

  • Brown ,
    Harriman , Sido , el Abd, JJ
    O’Nein, Beano, Blooms, Freeman
    CMS, Bayo
    Tys, Paris, Scotty K to come on at 0-0 70 mins.
    Wycombe win 3-0

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    "...if we can keep clean sheets and start scoring freely again then nobody can stop us."

    Thanks for sharing the article, @NorsQuarters. The above must be a contender for least contentious statement of all time. Might have been a sound strategy through the whole season, I'd venture.

  • Hard to contest that it’s a contender for least contentious statement of all time.

  • @bookertease said:
    Who are the eight players out? And is that definite or probably. I’m assuming Sido won’t be fit but not seen or heard anything for example

    The eight injured or unavailable (plus Sido who seems pretty unlikely to be risked tomorrow) are: Jombati, Gape, Stewart, Saunders, McGinley, Moore, WDH, MΓΌller and Scarr.
    No fewer than five central defenders. Of those who are injured, four or five could be in contention for Yeovil on 14 April.

  • @micra I’m really not sure how players not at the club count as β€œunavailable.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Jombati and McGinley plays tomorrow.

  • I'd have a harder time categorising them as "available".

  • Could we have called WDH back to play if needed?
    Though I'd prefer to have a midfielder out of position to be honest.

    I'd be surprised not to see one of McGinley or Jombati start tomorrow. As long as one of those is playing, we've got a strong team.

    Then the prospect of Saunders and Stewart being back in the squad for the next game.

  • Thanks @micra. I must admit I don’t count WDH and Muller, but forgot about Scarr!

  • They are and still could be our players. I’m pretty sure WDH cannot be recalled now that he is on loan until the end of the season; he could when he was on monthly loans at Aldershot. Very doubtful whether Max M will return in the summer.

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    Are they all definitely out? Seeing as he rarely gives injury info out I wouldn't be surprised to see one rise from their sick beds, it is Easter after all.

    I didn’t say they were. I was just referring to their status based on comments during the match commentary on Friday and in interviews, As Sido was limping more or less throughout the match and only recently returned from a long spell out, I doubt very much that he’ll be risked.

  • WDH is able to be recalled but has not been.

  • which would suggest we have McGinley or Sido or both available.

  • Or that he has that little faith in WDH. I think I'd rather have Tyson at left back and JJ in the middle.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    WDH is able to be recalled but has not been.

    I’m fairly sure you’re wrong.

  • Im not, he is on loan to Maidstone and they are in the National League and loans are done with recall clauses.

  • Hand up, I apologise rmj.
    Who knows, we may even see him tomorrow. After all, he got at least one Man of the Match award at Aldershot and, in effect, he’d be playing against a National League side.

  • Lets not count our chickens eh

  • If Sido is injured we should recall WDH, unfortunate as it would be for him and Maidstone if he comes back and sits on the bench for the remainder of the season.

  • Saunders warmed up with the rest of the team before the County game so could well be in contention today.

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