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with Luton playing at 5.15 and Notts County playing sunday

If we can manage to beathe crawley and port vale we will be in a strong position at 5pm Saturday, 6 points ahead of county


  • Yes if.......believe

  • If we win the next 9 we'll go up.

    There, I've said it.

  • I like the return of 'Believe'!

  • Porky jinx

  • @Malone said:
    If we win the next 9 we'll go up.

    There, I've said it.

    If we win the next 8 we will definitely go up

  • If we win the next 7 we will definitely go up

  • If we win 6 of the next 7 we will probably go up.

  • If we win 5 we might not but possibly could.

  • Taking it a game at a time - if we win one, we will be above luton when the game finishes.

    Possible song for Saturday = "Are you watching? Are you watching? Are you watching, luton town."

  • Imagine if Luton didn't win v Barnet!
    They're already on a run of something like one win in 7or 8. Not beating the crappest team in the division at home would really be a statement.

  • If they lose I assume 3CR will give the whole of their evening schedule over to Nathan Jones post match interview...

  • I'm taking great pleasure in witnessing the annual wobble of the Hatters. Would be great if Barnet did the business tomorrow.

  • Probably no better time (from our perspective) with Martin Allen coming in to give them a lift. I get the feeling that he, unlikely Westley, could actually inspire them to get a result.

  • For certain.
    They may still lose, but you get the feeling they could have been in for a battering with the mood Westley was giving off.

    Having now watched 3 Westley teams against us in the last few years, I do wonder if that Stevenage team was an outlier, or whether he simply didn't have the time/resource to get Newport and Barnet as hateful.

    I remember leaving games against Stevenage absolutely spitting mad, but not in the slightest against his other teams.

    Celebrating the winner against them 3 years ago, the 3-1 game with that incredible Hayes goal was one of my all time most vociferous celebrations, up there with the late equaliser v Northampton at home (Holloway header, super tetchy game), and the really big cup goals like Essandoh.

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