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Match day thread: Coventry



  • Wander on sale between roughly 5:30 - 7, although they may not stick around if the weather is too bad.

    £1.50 for a nice, 60-page thick edition that can also double as a snow shovel or a sledge.

  • Coyb lets get Adams park rocking

  • Full commentary of Wycombe Wanderers v Coventry City will be on BBC3CR all frequencies with myself and Geoff Doyle.

  • But you can only listen if you are a season ticket holder who cannot go out in the cold but will be counted as attending.

  • I have to watch these midweek games a day later owing to them falling in my work hours. You would think the club would cater to fans in America by kindly moving kickoff to 2am...

  • You would, wouldn’t you.

  • Of course - why wouldn't everything the club does revolve around a single isolated fan thousands of miles away?

  • I spent three weeks in the US earlier this year for work, and my colleagues watched in extreme bemusement as I took belated, slightly extended lunch hours every Tuesday to watch the famous Wycombe Wanderers in the corner of the office.

  • Is the commentary on DAB?

  • I fear a hiding tonight........

  • @OxfordBlue - very nice. I am expecting the constitution to be amended any time to protect viewing rights of Chairboy fans.

  • I'm here. Where is everyone?

  • Only 6 on the bench but no McGinley was he injured on Saturday?

  • The lady on SSN summarising the game was less than complementary there.... 'its awful..... neither of these sides deserve to go up based on this'

  • Yes if that was the first time she has watched us thought it was a bit out of order to be honest. I’m sure the -5 temperature isn’t helping.

  • Coventry lead, penalty following an El-Abd foul.

  • el abd is a liability

  • edited February 2018

    Fair call by the ref?

  • I can't wait until Stewart is fit again.

  • bye bye auto promotion

  • 2 games on the bounce where the opposition have done the double over us.

  • @Wwfc2015_ said:
    bye bye auto promotion

    Where were you on our winning run?
    2 loses and you come crawling out of woodwork

  • @robin said:
    I can't wait until Stewart is fit again.

    I can't wait for ainsworth to have a hair cut, it must be in his eyes that can be only reason that sulking cunt pch stayed on the pitch that long!

  • A very frustrating game to attend pch’s work rate had dropped and I agree he should have been taken off much earlier it appeared to me that we were settling for a draw early on although the goal came from an error we were sitting back and asking for trouble. Think a change of formation was needed as Tyson and freeman were basically playing as wing backs with Luke and gape the highest up the pitch pressing I think this was a classic example of where we needed a plan b ie take bayo off and bring on someone with more mobility so that we could press them more effectively and higher up the pitch

  • Rubbish game. Won by a rubbish mistake leading to a rubbish foul.

    Was hoping for a reaction to Saturday, didn’t get it. PCH sulked for the entire time he was on the pitch and does not deserve a start on Saturday- Freeman should get that place.

    No positives for me from today. In fact I felt more positive after Saturday.

  • No surprises to see @bigred87 and @Wwfc2015_ embarrassing themselves tonight.

    Loads of football left.

  • Hardly embarrassing myself pch was pathetic and why ainsworth left him so long only he will no!!!

  • That error from JJ was awful leading to the pen.

    Love him as a player for us but if I made that mistake on a Sunday morning I'm disappointed. Just got in a total muddle. Compounded by the fact a pacy player got onto it, El Abd couldn't keep up and panicked himself into a foul.

  • Coldest game ever, really rubbish game that should have been 0-0, and then JJ and El-Abd combine for that nonsense.

    Just to make the night even worse we have to read the uber cretinous comments from bigred.

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