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Match day thread: Coventry




    Coventry City v Wycombe Wanderers will be live on BBC3CR on all frequencies from 19:40

    Joining us on commentary this evening will be Nick Tunney


  • cant make tonight unfortunately... with so few many games on i was hoping that i might be able to stream it online... wishful thinking !! ... its obviously not on anywhere !

  • Eze ‘dropped’ in favour of Bloomfield. I’m a massive fan of Eze but the past couple of weeks he has shown why he is a work in progress and not the finished article. I hope QPR also see this and agree it’s better for him to grow with us than anywhere else for the remainder of the season.

  • Or it could be that Eze has "eased off" because he knows he is going back home!

  • I’m guessing his apparent reluctance to go strongly into challenges on Saturday and tonight’s “rest” are an indication that QPR want him to return in good shape in the New Year.

  • Still no sign of Scott Kashket......(have I spelt his surname correctly?)

  • Have just seen the lineup with Eze on the bench. I’d assumed that he’d been excluded altogether. That puts a slightly different complexion on it.

  • Twitter describes Coventry’s goal as ‘speculative.’ Does that mean Scott Brown should have done better?

  • @ValleyWanderer said:
    Still no sign of Scott Kashket......(have I spelt his surname correctly?)

    Almost like he’s coming back from a complicated long term injury.

  • Player commentary suggested it was a mis-hit cross

  • Its a phrase i thought we'd never hear, "Brown caught off his line" !!

  • 2-0 Coventry now.

  • Could be worse. Our best defender could have gone off injured . Oh, hang on...

  • Tiny Dan Scarr pulls one back at the end of the first half.

  • 2-2! JJ from the spot.

  • 3-2 from the spot again!

  • Coventry score a 3rd

  • @floyd said:
    Tiny Dan Scarr pulls one back at the end of the first half.


  • @floyd said:
    Twitter describes Coventry’s goal as ‘speculative.’ Does that mean Scott Brown should have done better?

    I wondered about that, given that, according to the commentary, it was a cross by Michael Doyle from just inside his own half. Brown caught off his line? Surely not.

  • @micra said:

    Hold me close now tiny Dan Scarr.

  • I felt things seemed to go against Wycombe a bit tonight.
    First goal a fluke: their player just lumped it forward quickly to get rid before he was closed down and it dropped in, although Brown could have stopped it if he had reacted more quickly.
    Second goal, Stewart was already injured and that clearly affected his ability to tackle or block McNulty's shot.
    I'll reserve full judgement until I've seen video, but their penalty looked soft from our stand at the opposite end of the pitch. Even then we had chances at the end to rescue a point.

    Never mind, on to the second half of the season.

  • Not a good first half at all. We struggled to deal with a scruffy pitch and rarely got the ball under any sort of meaningful possession. Not firm enough in the tackle either and Coventry deserved to be a couple of goals ahead.

    Definite mis-cross for the first goal though. It looked like an awful error by Brown. Although the elevated angle of the stand made it hard to tell for certain, he seemed to get back on his line but make a mess of pushing the ball over.

    Great strike by Scarr to give us a lifeline we hardly deserved.

    Much improved second half but still far from our best. CMS and Tyson didn't really get in the game enough and although we did better with the ball up to Bayo it was still a bit one dimensional. Credit to the opposition though, as I thought Coventry looked pretty well organised defensively and dealt with most things fairly well. It wasn't until Scarr went up top next to Bayo in the last 5-10 mins that we really caused some problems with balls into the box. And despite having lots of corners, most were cleared fairly comfortably (although that was in part down to JJ putting in some uncharacteristically poor balls).

    The result might have been different were it not for the penalty conceded to allow Coventry to go back in front. Although a bit fortunate to be level, we did have the momentum with us at that point and looked like we might go on to win it. We were a long way from the penalty decision, but it did look harsh from what I could see.

    Overall, although we made it exciting by getting back in the game we didn't deserve a point and it is becoming a troubling habit that we lose against the sides around us in the league.

    Scarr in my view isn't up to the required standard at present. Brilliant goal tonight but gets caught under the ball, dragged into challenges he can't win and is too easily turned. El Abd and Stewart are undoubtedly the best pairing and I sincerely hope they aren't both out over the Christmas and New Year period.

    I hope everyone complaining at Gaz for not bringing on Eze is satisfied with their contribution to the evening. The guy is a great talent but he was totally anonymous again having been downright poor on Saturday. He seems to have gone from sublime to more or less useless in the space of a few weeks. No idea whether it is a poor attitude, a loss of interest if he's been told he's returning or perhaps just the natural ebb and flow of form in an inexperienced player but at the moment he doesn't justify a position in the 11. I'd rather see Freeman get a chance from the bench on Boxig Day.

  • Thanks @Glenactico. Certainly very concerning about Eze, one hopes the guys from QPR at AP a few weeks ago didn’t tell him he was going back in January and he’s been cruising since then.

  • Agree with much of the above although I actually thought Dan Scarr had a pretty good game. The best I’ve seen of him. Thought he stepped up to the plate well when Stewart went off and was pretty dominant in the air.

    Thought Sido played well too.

    Bayo did what Bayo does but agree with above about CMS and Tyson. I’d like to see Freeman get the nod for the Newport match.

  • very disappointed tonight, thought we deserved nothing from the game. Brown's mistake for the first goal didnt help but they looked like scoring and had chances to score beforehand. A well takin goal for the 2nd and i agree with a comment earlier Stewart look crippled as he hobbled across to try and stop the goalscorer. Missed our goal but 2-1 ht was a bonus as we we're shite.

    2nd half was a bit better but i suppose it couldn't be any worse, bayo booked for diving, but not long after we were givin a softish pen in my eyes, Joe slotted and i fancied us to go on and win now, the first chance the ref had to even it up he give them a penalty. After that we huffed and puffed without any creativity just hoof the ball and hope we win the 2nd 3rd or 4th ball. Painfull to watch but we had a couple of chances and missed a glorious chance last minute.

    Now to the ref.... he was crap after the 2 pens and booking bayo for diving he should of sent the young coventry midfielder Bayliss off, already on a yellow he done a blatent dive the ref blew and didnt do anything it was as if he realised he was already on a booking and didnt want to send him off, so he took the easy option and after a good few seconds he signalled for a foul for them, joke.

  • Totally putrid first forty minutes. As bad as one could hope to see by us. A, perhaps understandable, gameplan of being direct was executed extremely inaccurately and disjointedly. I hope they got a proper bollocking at half time. @Glenactico put it exactly correctly: we deserved to be two down, at least at half time but their first was a total fluke and the second down to Stewart getting injured at precisely the wrong moment. That we could, perhaps should, have won the game says something about the even state of the league this year. That we lost by giving away a soft penalty (for which the ref was well-positioned) while in a position of having all the momentum says something about how we are playing at the moment. As at Stevenage, we exerted considerable pressure for the last half hour but really only through route one. Have we lost that lovely zeitgeist of earlier in the season?

    As a footnote, Bayo was booked for being a callow diver. His was a stone cold penalty as much as the ones that were given. Tyson showed how it is done by going down spontaneously under a foul challenge rather than giving it the thought Bayo did before doing so. Really as clear an illustration as could be of the disadvantage Bayo talked of in recent interviews of being as strong as he is. Players get away with fouling him where they do not others. Most unfair and an interesting paradox.

  • With regard to eze I think people are being very harsh he came on with 15 mins left and the ball was lumped over his head so what could he really do, he should have been on at ht for Bloomfield who offered nothing. First half we were dreadful a lot better in the 2nd half. JJ had a shocker both with his delivery and a bit dodge defensively. Saunders should have taken over all set pieces. Also thought freeman should have come on as normally has an impact Stewart’s injury probably stopped that but would of preferred him over Paris. There first goal brown completely misjudged think he thought it was going over as didn’t really go for it. As everyone has said ref was aweful I’d be intrigued to see there dive as my initial thought was that there was contact like there was with bayo both the ones given were soft. So many petty free kicks given to them for nothing as well which was frustrating. What really annoyed me though was the Coventry fan with the laser pen that was constantly being pointed at the Wycombe fans and they stewards did absolutely nothing about it despite it being constantly pointed out to the stewards. Seems petty but when it catches u in the eye it’s not a pleasant experience and it certainly aggravated a lot of people near me who had probably been drinking most of the afternoon so hopefully nothing escalated there

  • Poor first half, in common with several recent away games. And a noticeably different approach vs at home where we have been playing out from the back more - think it happened once all game last night. Maybe the two are linked.

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