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The Opposition View - Chesterfield



  • 0-0 would have been about right? I must have been watching a different game. The one I saw, Wycombe had 13 shots with 6 on target, a penalty not given, and a free kick smacking the woodwork, while Chesterfield had 4 shots and none on target. I am not saying Chesterfield did it defend well and make it a game, but he has some serious rose tint on his goggles...

  • Mis-hit from O'Nien?? Come on... Luckily for them Saunders mis-hit the free kick & CMS mis-hit the point blank range effort. Fortunately PCH was offside before the penalty. Otherwise it would have been 4-0. Fine margins indeed. Oh, but hang on, IF they'd put in some decent crosses and IF they'd had anyone to get on the end, they MIGHT have got something. But if they'd had no shots on target in the whole game they'd have ended up with 0 on the scoresheet. Oh, hang on... Ifs & ands, pots & pans. 1-0. Fair and square. Thank you and goodnight.

  • I think the lesson here is that sour grapes make whine...

  • Very much sour grapes from their manager and fans. Looked a fine shot from o'nein with his weaker foot.Thought they defended well but didn't deserve anything from the match with no efforts on goal.

  • POTD @LeedsBlue. BTW are you Andrew in disguise?

  • i was right behind that shot from LON. Definitely no "fluke from Luke". As soon as it left his boot I knew it was going in. Sometimes you have to applaud the opposition when they have great moments, Spireites clearly don't!

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    Notably one-eyed comments from the manager this week. On the whole, managers tend to be pretty generous in their comments about opposition, don't they. I always think the ability to be gracious in such circumstances is a good test of character. Ho hum.

    Heard the interview with the Stevenage manager on 3CR last week and thought them pretty mean-spirited. Then I heard him yesterday after they lost at Exeter. Wow! He threw pretty much his whole team under the bus at considerable length. Good luck cajoling a performance out of your boys next week, mate.

  • You may be right across the board, @HCblue but my feeling is that a lot of managers will still choose to make excuses for why they haven't got the result, rather than applauding the team that beat them.

    Jones and Adams (albeit the latter thankfully for now out of our faces, at least for the time being) have never ever given us any credit - in fact they have almost always looked for ways to attack the team, the playing style, etc in their comments.

    Gareth, however, because he is a class act, has (to my knowledge) never 'dissed' an oppo manager in a most-match interview, and has always given credit where credit's due.

  • @LeedsBlue , agree with that. Gaz is a really classy guy in interviews. Even when Stevenage on their worst behaviour played here one time, he left it at a "you know what you're getting" type comment, whereas others may have gone to town on them.

    Only that ghastly Plymouth guy Adams has really made him lose it.

  • Almost comically bitter from Lester there. Can't even admit we scored a good goal - Not sure you could mis-hit a shot with that much power from that distance and still get it on target. I don't know what his deal is, but it's hard to respect him or have much sympathy for his situation when he's coming out with such thinly veiled spiteful comments. That said, I admire the optimism of a man who thinks they could have won a game in which they failed to register a single shot on target.

  • Come on now @Jonny_King , like he said, they got down the sides, and if they'd picked the right man out, and if he'd made the right contact and beaten the keeper, they'd have scored.
    If O Nien hadn't accidentally scored, and ignoring us hitting the bar, and the other chances, it's reasonable to suggest they should have won 1-0

  • Sorry @Malone. Had a couple of drinks last night.

  • Mention of the PCH penalty incident there from @LeedsBlue. At the time I thought this was bizarre as felt he couldn't have been offside & the linesman didn't flag for an offisde until the penalty was given. And having just watched the extended highlights on ifollow it's probably the weirdest decision I've ever seen.
    Stewart played a long ball, Paris was in his own half. Bayo missed the long ball, Paris was 5 yards behind him. The defender sliced the ball, Paris was 5 yards behind him. Paris then runs through with no flag raised, gets taken out and the ref blows. Linesman then puts up flag, 10 yards further forward to where Paris received the ball. Incredible decision, amazed further how the ref, and even worse our players didn't question it further.

  • Exactly my perception of events, @clifty04. Totally unable to see where the flag came from. I'd add, however, that it was the most obvious dive ever by Paris and he/we didn't deserve the penalty!

  • How the hell didn't the ref and linesman see that Akinfenwa had his shirt blatently pulled before CMS's shot on goal? Ainsworth is right we need professional refs in Leagues 1 & 2 or relegations and promotions could be decided by a shit performance from a ref that thinks he's more important than players on the pitch.

  • Having seen the referee's card count in advance, I expected him to be more whistle happy than transpired. In the event, I thought he was far from the worst we have had but, the 2 decisions regarding the blatant penalties were unbelievable. How offside was determined at the end is utterly baffling!

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    Personally, I thought that the ref was dire on a lot of decisions & was getting thoroughly peed off with his "centre stage" performance. As for the linesman, (sorry, referees assistant), on the Beechdean stand line, he just about got every decision utterly wrong & couldn't make a decision on when to go to the toilet. I fully excepted him to defecate his shorts by the end of the game! As @HCblue mentioned, we didn't deserve the penalty, but how on earth he arrived at an "offside" decision is way beyond my comprehension of that rule. PCH was so clearly onside when that ball was put through, I was level with the last defender, I can only presume that the lino couldn't believe how quick PCH was on to it and just guessed? Having just looked at the extended highlights properly I can confirm that the linesman is clearly a drunken idiot that they found in the Vere suite before the game, as the one that was meant to be there must have been taken ill at the last minute? At no stage did Bayo make any contact with the last defender nor even attempt to challenge for the ball. The defender swung at the ball and sliced it into the path of PCh who had made the run from deep. So, can someone with a greater knowledge than me, explain how that concludes as an offside decision please.

  • Is it still the rule that you can't be offside in your own half? The offside rule's been monkeyed around with so much I'm not sure I actually know what it is anymore.

  • I, and those around me on the terrace, felt we had very much the better of the ref's decisions as a whole.

  • I think the ref and both linesmen made up their own rules at times. Not sure if the ref was allowed to book their striker for moving near Brown and how O'Nein was made to leave the field when no Wycombe medical person came on was incredible.

    Bayo is always refereed differently to any other player but the shirt tug was so blatant is was criminal for the officials to miss it. His early booking was made to be odd compared to other tackles that went after.

    Every ref I've seen this season has been rubbish but then again every team I've seen have been cynical, cheating and time wasting. I guess that makes it quite tough.

  • Well you are watching Wycombe!

  • RIM Rule is you are allowed to stand in front of the keeper but not block his attempt to kick, the lad did it twice, so got booked, as far as I know its the rules. The shirt pull on Bayo was pretty blatant.

  • Referee was awful but the Lino’s were more incompetent in my opinion.

    First half definate penalty for Bayo. Same half CMS judged offside, again onside as he ran from deep. The Lino put is flag up reactively just because he was through on goal.

    Paris was also stone walk pen. Then right in front of the Lino, JJ was elbowed in the face. Lino didn’t even flag.

    Same every week, standards are awful.

  • Also awful, as almost every week, was the level of gamesmanship and time wasting by us so, as @jonny_king implies, let's not get TOO snotty about the officials.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle what did you make of the ref we had for the Luton match? Utterly superb I thought he was. Got every call spot on and handled what wasn't an easy match to referee excellently

  • Gamesmanship happens at ALL levels. It's not something only ever witnessed at Adams Park. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying it's not just Wycombe.

    If you compare Sido's shirt pull v Leatherhead and the shirt pull on Bayo yesterday, then they are either both pens or neither. So as we got the wrong end of both, it seems reasonable to be a bit "snotty" at the apparent inconsistency.

  • Not at all just us, I agree. But we're also not fringe members!

    The Leatherhead penalty was a real outlier, wasn't it? Not many of those given. Had we had the penalty for Paris later on (and I'd love to hear from the lino on what that flag was for) we'd have been more than fairly compensated.

  • @LeedsBlue said:
    micra Who's Andrew?

    Andrew Howard, manufacturer of fine dairy ice cream, Sporting Director at Wycombe Wanderers and supporter of Leeds United.
    I was jesting, I think.

  • @micra and expert in French geography?

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