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Witty/Humorous Player nicknames

Greetings Argyle fan here...

(assuming we can get past the Adams animosity ( and he's running out of runway with a lot of Greens currently although personally I think he will turn it round and keep us up) I wanted to ask if you have any current or historic player nicknames...

I mean there is The Beast for Akinfenwa ( is there a more beastly beast? I somehow doubt it) and I found a reference on another site to Dave Carroll being nicknamed Jesus for his long locks but a re their any others of note.

Not looking for the mundane of plain rude and objectionable...things Like One Size Fitz Hall and Kiki Chris Musampa are more the sort of thing although I am intrigued to know if you have a Psycho, Trigger or Flying Pig or tank as so many clubs do.

best of luck climbing out o f the Basement....I just hope we don't slide back after all the greedf of getting out....and as I am Kent based I always want the South east teams to go up/come down to the decision Argyle a re in.




  • Jason Cousins was known as Psycho back in the 90s, for his `enthusiastic' approach to defending.

  • We've not always been the best at imaginative nicknames have we... Brownie, Rhino, Macca, Jocky McSporran, Bloomers... could have done a bit better in hindsight,

  • Very early on in my supporting days, but wasn't Darren Currie known as "Ruby"?

  • Tony β€˜Bodger’ Horseman was long before my time but widely regarded as one of Wycombe’s best ever players. The mascot is now named after him.

    β€˜Flymo’ Frank Talia supposedly cut off one of his toes with a lawnmower.

    Jason Cousins is our β€˜Psycho’. Here’s the most lenient yellow card of all time at 25 seconds (worth a watch)

  • I remember Currie referred to as Ruby. Ruby Murray is rhyming slang for a curry.

  • Anthony Stewart's known as Tools, but not really to the fans, only really to the other players/management.

  • Why Tools for Stewart?? Currie was a player who was liked but not loved at Argyle and then haunted us every time he came back it seemed!

    Thats a tackle worthy of the Psycho moniker....I winced and it was only a video....

  • Darren Currie was Ruby as already mentioned.

    Richard "Bomber" Harris?

  • Back the 80's Kevin Collins was known as Elvis, Graham Bressington as Rambo. Dave Burgess as Budgie. In the 70's Dylan Evans due to his uncanny ability to miss absolute sitters was often known as 'Silly Dilly'

  • Was Andy Ramell also Rambo?

  • Am I imagining Disco Danny Senda?

  • Noel Ashford was simply known as God!

  • I always thought Martin Blackler was Psycho, rather than Jason Cousins

  • Back in the 80s left back Neil Price was known as the Flying Pig, a little tubby by then.

  • The ability to walk on water and an uncanny resemblance to the depictions of a well known messiah earned Dave Carroll the nickname 'Jesus'. It's a bit before I started going regularly, but I remember that the Bucks Free Press sports section at the time said that Paul Hyde's nickname was 'Bam Bam' for his blonde hair.
    Mark Rodgers getting the nickname 'Ted' was on paper less likely to stick than 'Ginger', but clearly was done in an attempt to confuse a Canadian who'd never heard of the gameshow 3-2-1.

  • I've heard that 'Tools' came about due to Stewart fancying himself as a bit of Mr Fixit and often having some sort of multitool gadget on him. Don't know if that's true or not.

  • Once upon a time I was told Dave Carroll earned his Nickname after β€œthat” goal at Wembley, when everyone’s first reaction, after he dribbled it past most of Preston before sticking the ball in the net was β€œJesus Christ!”.

    But I could have dreamt that. Or made it up.

    He was called Jesus before then, right?

  • I heard Steve Guppy came up with Carroll’s nickname. Apparently he thought his long hair made him look like Jesus. Who knows what the real story is.

  • Dave Carroll was called Jesus long before the Preston game. Never heard the Dylan Evans nickname before. Great player - never failed to entertain. Occasionally for the right reasons. And Noel Ashford WAS God (certainly at Kidderminster)

  • John Kerr had the rather unfortunate nickname of Wayne amongst a small group of fans. Danny Senda was called 5 by a different group of fans, as in 5 Watt, not very bright after he tried to pick a scrap with 5 international level Judo players. I cannot repeat what Alan Smith was called.

  • It’s always annoyed me that Mark Rogers was known as Ted. Clearly, it should’ve been Buck.

  • The Corncircle - aka John Cornforth. So called because his immobility meant he rarely left the centre circle.

  • My wife used to fancy β€˜Daphne’ Simon Hutchinson. A mullet, a tan from 2 weeks in Benidorm and some tight shorts were quite a sight for a teenage girl.

  • I heard that Dave Carroll was nicknamed Jesus after he produced a couple of loaves and fish and fed every member of the crowd in a match against Runcorn.

  • @drcongo said:
    I heard that Dave Carroll was nicknamed Jesus after he produced a couple of loaves and fish and fed every member of the crowd in a match against Runcorn.

    That is definitely true.
    it was at Canal Street and we we're able wash it all down with a pint of local Greenalls bitter.

  • I heard he was nicknamed Jesus after healing a leper in Colchester town centre.

  • Micky Nuttell was often referred to as 'Mary', probably due to his highlighted mullet, and Scott Rendell was widely known as Ruth.

  • Didn't Ruth come back?

  • Ha ..when did Runcorn ever get 5000?? Or indeed Wycombe in those days? :)

  • LX1LX1
    edited December 2017

    FA Trophy Final, 1993. Also less than a month earlier over 6000 watched Wycombe and Runcorn contest a league match (on a Thursday indeed)

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