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Gareth and QPR

I was with a client in London mid week who happens to be a massive QPR Supporter. We got the "work" stuff out of the way and got down to the more important discussions around our respective football clubs. He was very clued in as to how we are doing this season and made the point that this is mainly due to the Eze loan deal !! -basically the QPR fans want him back asap so I doubt he will be with us in the New Year. More worryingly was the comment my client made with regards to Gareth and that a lot of noises are being made from a number of QPR supporters with regards to Gareth taking over from Holloway as early as the January if the current QPR results do not improve. As much as I would be absolutely gutted to lose Gareth as our Manager - I personally think this would be a good step up for him, but hopefully Holloway can turn things around at QPR - and good luck to them against Brentford on Monday, a match that I will be attending with the aforementioned client !!



  • Client hey. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  • Well it seems that the chairman and board want Holloway long term as they say themselves the turnover in managers has been to much. Holloway will be praised if he is match ready when he goes back. So no so sure it's anymore than a rumour really. After all Ainsworth has not acheived a thing yet.

  • I think Eze is wonderful, one of the most gifted players we have had for years, but to think he is ready for The Championship is fanciful. Today he took on and made mugs of some very naive defenders, something he would not experience v players who are internationals etc. His time with us will allow him to learn when to swivel, step over and lollipop and when to pass it back 5 yards. I think it would be a mistake to take him back to QPR in January as he can learn so much more in our very safe hands.

  • Love that Mr Blue !! apologies it came across as a bit of a "Trevor" moment - just passing on a discussion that I thought others may be interested in.
    M3G - yes, and the fact that Holloway gets their backing means Holloway doesn't have long - is that not how football management works these days? .
    My "nudge nudge" "wink wink"client would actually prefer Neil Warnock back so hopefully he will get what he wishes for.

  • Best place for Eze at the moment is wwfc.Not ready for championship but makes you wonder if QPR do have plans in bringing him.back as they have not permitted Eze to play in fa cup.

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  • QPR would be crazy to let him stay with us, in my opinion. He's proven time and time again he's too good for League Two. Given QPR's precarious position it would be a dereliction of duty not to haul him back and try him out in the team, at least as a super sub. Cameras in the press box today suggest they're showing a rather keener interest in him then we would perhaps like in an ideal world.

  • Well, no-one can accuse us of not cherishing every game we have him for! He had been a joy to watch.

  • Why use cameras when they could have come and watched him? They didn’t have a game yesterday.

  • so they can watch is back with the boy and explain things.

  • @Shev said:
    Well, no-one can accuse us of not cherishing every game we have him for! He had been a joy to watch.

    Hope that was a typo in your last sentence, @Shev !

  • Ah, well spotted @micra - thankfully he is still with us, bless his living soul!

  • He will play v West Ham

  • Eze Cup tied was agreed as part of deal when he first arrived not just before Moors game so not a factor re January, although I guess his performances & Tangers own would merit a recall by the parent club.

  • My guess is that Eberechi’s loan will be extended until the end of the season. Provided he avoids injury, he is virtually guaranteed a starting place, he is clearly very happy at AP, and his development as a player is plain to see. Against that (and contrary to the views of one or two on here) I think he is good enough to go straight in to the QPR side.

    The 500-18 Club (contributions exclusively for player funding) seems to be moving more slowly than last year towards the £75,000 target and, disappointingly, fewer than 150 people have chipped in so far. If the fund gets a substantial boost over the next month or so, I have this crazy dream in which QPR accept our (clearly generous) bid for Eberechi !!

  • I'll have some of what your on @micra!

  • I would imagine...although I am not a 20 something footballer...than unless the boss guaranteed you game would rather stay at a club where you are first on the teamsheet and playing well against slower poorer quality defenders.

  • Whereas I can imagine a player hungry to make it as high as possible might wish to be with the higher league club if I thought it likely I would get game time. I guess a good case scenario for him and us might involve the assurance of regular playing time here with us signing him permanently in January followed in a year or two but us selling him to a Premier League club for a hefty fee!

  • Hope I'm proved wrong, but I think any talk of us signing Eze on a permanent is crazy. Why would he join us? He could walk into any league 1 side and double his wages chinos to us, even if he can't force his way into the qpr side (which I think he could).

    It's not that easy to work up from league 2 even if you're a good player. If you get a bad injury at a league two club, thats this season and next you have to be here as you'll need to re-prove yourself when you get back. If that happens at a championship club you'll still be there.

  • I tend to agree, @username. I was just dreaming.

  • Anyone who thinks we have a snowball's chance in hell of signing Eze must be on some of the finest drugs known to man. QPR are well aware of what a special talent he is and almost certainly would have recalled him already if we hadn't insisted on having a 'no recall' clause inserted into the loan agreement.
    Any thoughts of QPR letting him go for a pittance are fanciful in the extreme.

  • Though I agree his signing is unlikely, I would like to think @micra is right and Gaz will get him for the rest of the season.

  • It would be a brilliant piece of business for WWFC if we were able to extend the loan to the rest of the season. From QPR's perspective, I can't see why they wouldn't want to blood him in their first team at the earliest available opportunity.

  • Eze is here until 2nd Jan. There is no league game between then and the 3rd rd of the fa cup. Unless they are drawn against a top premier league team, could it be possible he returns to them, plays the cup game and then returns here for the rest of the season if they lose (or poss at end of Jan after the fourth round).

  • @EwanHoosaami said:
    I'll have some of what your on micra!

    I did say it was a crazy dream. Even I (supreme optimist that I am) do not seriously think we have a cat’s hair ball’s chance in Hades of signing the lad. I saw the chance to put in a plug for the 500 Club. That’s all.

  • Best case scenario is very obviously extending the loan.
    Gaz has pulled some great deals out before, and that would match them if he could do it.

  • Extending loan would be yet another great result for Gaz. I daresay we'll find out from richie when the negotiations are complete.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Richie already knows but is playing his cards astutely as usual.

  • Best moments are always when he declares that something is our "Last" signing.
    Always means there's another one to come.

  • Eze has the potential to go to the highest level and I would be both amazed and ecstatic if QPR don’t exercise their right to recall him in January. The biggest mystery for me is why Millwall let him go, surely you only have to see him play once to see what talent he has?

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