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Match day thread: Crawley



  • Just a reminder that issue 109 of The Wanderer will be on sale today. Swing by the WWISC stand on the approach to the ground, or park up and then walk back down, as we are very close to the AP gates.

    Bodger the search and rescue dog will also be there, in case our defence go missing again this afternoon, so do come over to meet him and chat to his handler.

  • Forgot to say, this issue has an interview with Henning Wehn, which frankly is worth the £1.50 alone.

  • I wonder if we might see Sido & LO9 back in the starting line up today

    Wycombe Wanderers v Crawley Town will be live on BBC3CR 630/1161MW & on iFollow.


  • COYB! I moved to Wycombe in 1993 from Crawley, although I'd never supported Crawley but almost immediately began supporting Wycombe as it was the beginning of their Football League journey and I was swept up in the local enthusiasm. Never looked back.

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    I wonder if we might see Sido & LO9 back in the starting line up today

    Sido more likely than Luke perhaps. Can’t see the Bean, Saunders, Eze midfield being disturbed; Luke might replace Sam I suppose but I’d be surprised. May well come on fot 20-30 minutes though. Pretty sure Adam El-Abd will start.

    But what would I know? I was one of those who felt sure Billericay would win on Thursday. Glad they didn’t. Very impressed with Leatherhead and their likeably modest 30 year-old player/manager. They played good football too so really looking forward to their visit on 3 December.

  • Stinker of a half. Crawley a bit like us two years ago. Fouling, time wasting and carping at the ref. Who is awful.

  • An England flag with Fuck Off ISIS was hung from the terrace for a bit but it seems it was later removed.

    Rather sad to see people trying to start some sort of EDL culture. It's not that I don't agree with the sentiment that ISIS are bad, it's just not really got anything to do with a family football club.

  • Eze! 1-0, look forward to seeing that goal later.

  • CMS! 2-0!

  • Sounds like another quality goal.

  • CMS again! What a beauty!

  • 3-0. Even finer strike.

  • Make that 4. M/Smith treble!!!

  • Wonderful stuff!

  • Clean sheet with the yellow shirt!

  • Was brown booked for timewasting? If so that's made my day.

  • Great result and CMS fully deserved his magnificent hat-trick. Eze our class.

  • Make no mistake Crawley are rubbish, but we bossed that game from start to finish and 4-0 was a fair score. Great to see CMS bang in some fine strikes - Bayo and him are a formidable threat in a front three alongside a pacy third forward like Tyson or PCH

  • Apparently ugly scenes between Kewell and the away fans after the final whistle culminating in police interveining?

  • @Callmepauly said:
    Was brown booked for timewasting? If so that's made my day.

    Yes, and who can blame him this time? He wanted that clean sheet so badly!

  • @OxfordBlue There was something going on in the corner of the away end nearest the tunnel. My mate said Kewell was involved but I couldn't tell from the terrace.

    Heard some Crawley fans at the station talking about someone having to be held back by stewards and calling him 'unprofessional' so probably him.

  • Yeah, on iFollow they zoomed in on the handbags. Not sure what started it.

  • Superb second half. Completely bossed it. At 1-0 with the ball not quite falling for us in the box I was a little worried but some good finishes and build up saw us through in the end.

    Particularly delighted with the clean sheet though, which is very welcome.

  • Yeah it was threatening to be one of those games where the opposition do bugger all for the whole match then get a 96th minute equaliser, so it was good to see us make our dominance pay and really put them to the sword. More of this and less of the sitting back and inviting the opposition on please.

  • Great result and second half. I could understand the second disallowed goal for us but haven't a clue what happened for the first and the card for CMS. Any ideas?

  • CMS was in danger of becoming a favourite non scoring striker. Today showed that then give a sniff of a chance he will score and score with aplomb.
    Crawley were a shambles. A couple of able players and they had an effective tactic for Bayo in the first half. When they lost Bayo they lost the game. It’s hard for any team as if they double team Bayo they give space for Eze etc if they give space to Bayo he will hurt you.
    Happy days

  • Four super goals today - each a real treat. But Eze's was another level: a thing of tremendous skill and beauty.

  • Rubbish first half, superb second half.

    CMS with some sensational goals! So much so, it's easy to forget Bayo's exceptional assists, and Eze's excellent winner.

    What a luxury to be able to bring Saunders on and rest Bayo and Paris for the last 10!

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