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Very good away support at Solihull

Very impressive turnout by Wycombe fans at Solihull today and well done to the home club for all their efforts and match organisation.

It's a pity for a large conurbation that only 1,544 fans turned up - with over 50% of the crowd from Wycombe. It reminded me of when we took 2,000 to Bath City for an FA Trophy match on a Sunday many moons ago.

I somehow doubt whether we'd have taken over 800 has the game been played yesterday. So many people who went today seemed to be making a special day out of it. There were also lots of faces there I didn't recognise. It makes me wonder if the odd Sunday game (next round maybe?) would be beneficial?

Wycombe v Slough Town for me please in the 2nd Round draw! We'll probably get Carlisle away....


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