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Match day thread: Swindon (EFL Trophy)

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  • Apologies in advance for repeating myself once again about this “cup”, as I write it ever time we have a match in this competition. I'd like to once again encourage people not to attend tonight’s game or any future games related to this competition in its current format. As I do worry about it being used as a backdoor to sneak B teams into the football pyramid. Against league3 seem to be the most predominant campaign in this area, you can find them on twitter at or the website they have at #Bteamboycott

  • Totally agree, we should put out the weakest team we can, didn't help our league season last year with the loss of form

  • What game? No intention of attending any EFL game whilst U21 sides are in. I know we are short of players but even if the ask me to play I will find an excuse.

  • I wonder what the fine is for pulling out of this competition. Surely some free thinking Wycombe fans could club together and pay it...

  • Have people forgotten that we earned £250k from the cup run last year?....

  • @BSE @Keith_Allens_Wig @Fit2drop @floyd - given the money we earned from the competition last season almost certainly allowed us to sign Sam Saunders or Craig Mackail-Smith (or both), would you preferred we had never entered it in the first place, even if it meant we were not able to afford one of League Two's best players?

  • I guess we have to live with it and leave it to individuals whether they want to go financially i couldn’t attend the Checkatrade and do the league games i want so it’s easy for me

  • @aloysius I can’t deny that in the short term it has been greatly beneficial to the club & won’t pretend otherwise, but I am worried about the long term impactions on the lower divisions. I do see it as premier league teams trying to soften up lower tier clubs/bribe B sides in the bottom tiers by throwing their money around. For arguments sake hopefully some of the FA cup money went someway to signing one of Saunders or CMS not solely the EFL Trophy money. Honestly though for (in my opinion) the long term good of the club & lower league English football I would sadly sacrifice Sam & CMS. However I do greatly enjoy watching them play so thankfully this is a hypothetical situation!

    P.S i hope that answered you question, i do worry I've just repeated myself in a different manner. So apologies if that is the case!

  • The only viable argument given by those defending this competition is the money it generates if you win. As someone who watches the game as a sport I find that pretty saddening. Money has turned top level football in to a circus and I view this cup in the same light. From a sporting point of view it's now about risking the fitness of vital players for a few thousand pounds. The differing types of teams don't even have to play by the same rules.

  • According to sky Gaz will be on the bench

  • @Bledlow_Blue said:
    Have people forgotten that we earned £250k from the cup run last year?....

    It was £150k i believe.

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    Evening all. For those not attending this evening, there is a full match commentary on BBC3CR 630/1161 MW 104.5FM and iFollow.

    If you want to watch the Bake Off final instead, I will understand

  • Probably give it a miss cheers Phil

  • I'll just ask Pru Leith who won at Swindon........;-)

  • I would say don't spoil it for us @ValleyWanderer but of course the Football League already have.

  • @aloysius I'll see the money won in last years competition, and raise you the money we lost by not making the play-offs, a situation a least in part created by the ridiculous run of games we had to play.

  • El-Abd off with a knock: yet another defender out?

  • El-Abd has picked up a knock according to Twitter. Perfect.

  • "Guess the attendance" for the final game against West Ham U23s will be fun...

  • Ainsworth post match comments are pretty revealing...

  • And the award for "most helpful post" goes to...

  • To be fair, I was being lazy and was waiting for floyd to explain further. But in the end I looked at Twitter to see for myself. But I didn't see anything that wasn't already obvious. 1) This is the least important Competition. 2) We are struggling with injuries at the back (compounded by AEA's knock), so hoping DS and AS are back for Sun. 3) GA seems to love the FA Cup as much as LX1. Think that's about as revealing as it got.

  • Right. Refreshing not to hear him say ‘every game matters, prize money, Wembley.’

  • El Abd reckons it was nothing, but he is often in de nile

  • I sphinx we've done this one before

  • Much as I'd like to luxoriate in a spell of bad punning, @eric_plant is right.

  • Pharaoh nuff if El-Abd says it's nothing.

  • Well (Port) Said

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