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Match day thread: Cheltenham



  • Wycombe v Cheltenham will be live on BBC3CR 630/1161 MW & iFollow.

    Can the #Chairboys get back to winning ways?

  • The injury list keeps growing, Scarr is the latest. Still looks like a decent team, but the lack of a specialist right back is a problem.

  • Bare bones again today. Obvious why WDH had to come back. 5 subs and not a defender among them.

  • Now that De Havilland and Mackail-Smith are in the same team, what will happen with their songs?

  • Dropping like flies at the moment. They must also be thinking about recalling Muller if possible.

    Gape did ok last week but id prefer to see Bean there and Dom in the middle.

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    Interesting to see if Muller starts for Morecambe at Forest Green today after being dropped for the last game.

  • he's in the team Chris. I dont believe (although open to correction) that we are allowed to recall Muller even if we wished too. I suspect he is gone for good.

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    I don't think we can either, although of course he might be back in January. I suspect not though too.

  • We have allowed Danny Rowe to leave the club, when he would have been a perfectly good replacement in the team as right back , until Sido and Harriman recover from their injuries. According to York press release Danny Rowe has been training with them for the last 2 weeks. Apart from obviously being homesick the club should have made a greater effort to keep him, and we would not have to be playing Gape out of position, and he could revert to his normal midfield role.

  • We should still have more than enough in attack for these smaller teams, though clean sheets are going to be even harder now. I am definitely not taking anyone for granted with this threadbare squad, though!

  • Usual poor standard of refereeing.

    You'd think some of this huge money being pumped into the Prem can be diverted to trickle down to League Two for full time referees...

  • We dont know the circumstances of Danny Rowe's departure, your lordship. I am sure if it was in te club and the man's interests to stay, he would have done. We are one of the "smaller teams" Shev

  • Yellow Submarine strikes again. Okay, now the obligatory goal is out the way, let's go and won this!

  • Terrible defending for the goal, we really look makeshift at the back.

  • Fair point @DevC - I should have said 'struggling' - it's still morning here in America!

  • This has been so frustrating for so many different reasons.

  • Wembley dream?

  • Eze scores! 1-1.

  • Get in! Eze!

  • And Bayo makes it 2-1.

  • Bayo! Come on now!

  • Bayo again!

  • 3-1, Bayo again. Much better when the ball is on the floor.

  • Let's not sit back now - we dont have a defense to sit back with!

  • Aaaaaand we sat back.

  • Cheltenham score. 3-2.

  • Christ how we let that slip 3-3

  • How the FUCK can the lino miss that? Absolutely pathetic.

  • This officiating team is awful.

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