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Match day thread: Swindon



  • Leaving in 6 hours from Alnwick, Northumberland.

  • Good on you Northumberland Blue. I was born in Rothbury (a long time ago) so know Alnwick well. I can't make today's match but I hope your long journey is rewarded with a great game, 3 points and no diving from either side!

  • Wow! It's a small world @ValleyWanderer. Rothbury is beautiful and it was a toss up between there and Alnwick, but having the Cheviots and being 4 miles from the coast swung it for Alnwick.
    And Northumberland is indeed a lovely part of the world. Moved here in 2000 from Bracknell - from hell to heaven. No disrespect to our manager's manor.
    I was an avid attendee in St.Martin's era, from 1989-1999 actually. Last Saturday was my first home game since 2003. Went to Carlisle on Tuesday and usually go to the likes of Hartlepool and the late Darlo..

    Going to Adams Park for the first time in such a while was a quite emotional experience for me (and my wallet).
    I bought a £40 top, joined The Trust, signed up to £240 per year for the 500 club, had two Travel Lodge bills and 750 miles in my old Micra.

    Now I am going to bloody Swindon in 4 1/2 hours - have I finally gone insane?

    The only downer is missing three of @bluntphil 's commentaries in a row, but at least I'll be free from the vagaries of iFollow's "idiosyncracies!"


    Prediction 2-1 to the mighty Blues with Beano getting his long awaited first goal.

  • A tremendous effort @NorthumberlandBlue! See you in Swindon!

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    As I'm on a spending spree @bluntphil I will aim to get at least one of a duck, scarecrow or wetsuit from the fine selection of Her Majesty's service stations on M1, M42, and M5.

  • @NorthumberlandBlue said

    Now I am going to bloody Swindon in 4 1/2 hours - have I finally gone insane?


    (Good on you though!)

  • Really looking forward to today. Hard to pick a team with so many options, and O'Nien / PCH back now.

    Sure that will be the kiss of death!

  • Full match commentary will be on BBC3CR 630/1161MW and iFollow. Today we will be joined by Tom Jarvis


  • Bare bones today. Losing Sido and Stewart is a blow.

  • The ‘resting’ Stewart worked then

  • Only 5 subs and one of those is a keeper.

  • Bare bones indeed. I’m always quite glad not to be in Swindon, I’ve just upgraded that to ‘very.’

  • The team/squad is irrelevant. The most important thing is what colour top is Brown wearing?

  • Saunders, Cowan Hall and Brown to all get injured in the first half, leaving us with 2 subs next week.

  • O'Nien, CMS and Eze on the bench is not too long as everyone in defence avoids injury.

  • It is going to be tougher - but with this group it is hard not to be optimistic!

  • Injury list of

    Arguably 4 possibly 5 starters there

  • Great save by Scottie!

  • Good strike, to be fair. 0-1, but let's get this back!

  • Total garbage so far. Far too much ball in the air into the breeze. Happy to only be 1-0 with the wind behind us second half.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub said:
    Injury list of

    Arguably 4 possibly 5 starters there

    You forgot Danny Rowe.

  • Scottie with a shot on target!

  • Danny isn’t injured.

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    Less of the old micra, please @NorthumberlandBlue!

  • Danny Rowe is covered by an NDA so can’t count

  • Easily the worst game I've seen this season. The weather made it a dire spectacle.

    Swindon dealt with the conditions fractionally better than us. Their 17 and 30 looked more of a handful than our front three, although Freeman did alright.

  • @micra said:
    Less of the old micra, please NorthumberlandBlue!

    Yes I was expecting you to spot that.
    Should have said old Nissan.

  • Jacobson shoved by their goal scorer.

  • That was horrible........4hours I'll never get back

  • Dreadful game today.

    Hopefully a one off weather affected job, where the opposition dealt with it narrowly better than us

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