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  • Bad week for injuries but if there is a silver cloud arguably with Jombati an able deputy for Harriman and Bayo, CMS, PCH, and Umerah plus Southwell and Freeman available upfront, probably the two worst injuries have fallen where cover is strongest.

    Does make the squad a bit light now. I wonder if GA has already been on the phone trying to extend our loan players.

  • Doesn't sound good. Even if you take that as a minimum of 2months that's a fair chunk.
    Speedy recovery and hopefully he's back with a fresh impetus when we need it mid season

  • I can see us getting Umerah extended for the season but we may have to just make the most of Eze until January, if he continues in this form. Quite a few QPR fans seem to think he's already ready for the Championship and I can see them giving him a few substitute appearances early Jan to test him out - then loaning him to a League One side for the remainder of the campaign if he's not deemed quite up to scratch yet. Would love to be proved wrong though - and I must say I thought Blackman would be hauled back to Chelsea last January and was delighted to be wrong about that.

    Seconds before Nathan went down at the weekend he lost the ball to a Cambridge midfielder then went on a brilliant sprint back and perfectly-timed, fully-extended lunging tackle from behind to win it back. I wonder if that had anything to do with stretching those ligaments to snapping point. A real shame for him but will be fantastic to get him back in the second half of the season for added bite - that's traditionally the period we start losing steam but if Tyson and Kashket come back with the enthusiasm of new players in Jan/Feb that should give the squad a massive boost.

  • Has anyone gone back from a loan when they've been doing well for us since Gareth took over?

  • I think we've got enough competition for places (for the first time for a long time) to tide us over a few injuries at least.

  • Interesting question, Wendoverman.

    Right at the start of last season we had a keeper in for a game who we couldn't then extend. That lead to blackman coming in though, so ended well. Other than that cant think of one.

  • Dev: I'm saying nothing about read, red, lead or led. You are certainly not alone on that one.

  • Was it Ainsworth or Waddock who brought in Hayes for the first time when he was recalled?

  • Just offering this as a way to boost our chances of extending loans, making them permanent, or bringing in further players in the January transfer window

  • @Chris said:
    Was it Ainsworth or Waddock who brought in Hayes for the first time when he was recalled?


  • @AlanCecil said:
    Just offering this as a way to boost our chances of extending loans, making them permanent, or bringing in further players in the January transfer window

    Very timely, Alan.

  • Waddock - it was the league 1 relegation season.

    I think our ability to keep Eze will be as much about how we are doing as anything - I can see QPR being keen that he gets the experience of being an important member of a promotion-contending squad, which he might not get in league 1.

    I have to say I haven't seen a loan player stand out as much as Eze does, for any club, since Defoe went on that incredible run of 10 goals in 10 games (including against us) for Bournemouth when he was a teenager.

  • @Wig_and_Pen it's a while since we've had one that scores goals like that to be sure. Let's hope he gets two a game from now on!

  • Eze has said he is happy. He is close to home. He is young. He is playing well. I think QPR would be pragmatic and realise he is being well looked after and developing nicely. It would be premature to think he could end his loan with us and jump straight into a struggling Championship side and it would be a negative move to bring him back and ship him ooop North where he may struggle personally. Wycombe is a safe home for him and I hope all parties see that.

    As for the Tyson news I'm gutted for him. He had a shitty season last year and was really starting to play well for us with a smile on his face too. Hope he comes back sooner rather than later and continues where he left off.

  • Mawson, Mr Wig and pen?

  • edited October 2017

    Indeed I seem to recall there were worries that both Alfie and McCarthy would go back early @DevC but they did not. I agree @TheAndyGrahamFanClub I'm sure most teams unless they are in dire straits are happy for their young loan players to get a successful competitive season under their belts.

  • Promotion push essential.

  • Must go. Dog crossing legs.

  • You misunderstand, Wendover. I referred to mr Wig and Pen's comment "I have to say I haven't seen a loan player stand out as much as Eze does" and questioned whether Mawson might be a candidate for that acolade,

    apart from the GK last season, I cant think of an example to the question you posed re early recalls.

  • @DevC - I think of loan players for us, I'd agree Alfie was up there, I know others say the same of Williamson; but Defoe at 19 was, a bit like Eze, in a totally different class. I don't want to be seen as knocking Alfie, who started well and got better, and maybe was more advanced for his age as an all-round player, but I hold to my original statement, Eze (albeit on a limited showing to date) stands out from the rest of a strong team, in a way that Alfie didn't stand out from the rest of a team that probably wasn't quite as strong.

  • @Wig_and_Pen as long as he scores more than two goals this season!

  • edited October 2017

    @Wig_and_Pen .
    Wow, that's one hell of a statement for a guy who has only played a tiny handful of games for us. I'd almost suggest you've been carried away by the hype a bit! If you were saying it about Steven Taylor I think we'd all agree, but maybe not quite on Eze this early.

    Mawson stood out in arguably our best team in 20 years, from the off, that rare treat of a guy combining the physical characteristics, with ball playing skills. He got 4 or 5 player of the season awards, and was in the top couple in the whole league player vote!

    I'm not sure Eze is standing out to the extent you're suggest so far and i'd definitely say it's a real debate if this team is stronger than the play off season one.

    However if Eze does half as well as Mawson did over a real stretch of months we'll all be delighted!

  • It's easier to stand out as a ball-playing attacker with a penchant for scoring goal-of-the-season contenders than it is as a ball-playing defender with the quiet confidence to control a match from day one. Both exceptional talents, of course, but I'd agree with @Malone that Eze will only be at the top of the list of loanees if he puts in a Cambridge-esque performance on a regular basis over the next few months.

    The loanee I'd compare Eze to from our recent history is Marcello Trotta. Another precocious talent who made an immediate impact and kept scoring goals throughout his too-short period with us (who can forget his Boxing Day(?) hat-trick in front of his parents), going on to play in Serie A and for Italy U21s. If Eze can give us consistently brilliant performances like Trotta did we'll be very lucky to have him indeed.

  • Fred's first dozen games for us were probably up there among the best.

  • How much has been made so far @AlanCecil apologies if I've missed an update.

    Real shame about Tyson. I wasn't a huge fan of resigning him but certainly proved me wrong.

  • The current official 500 club-18 total stands at ยฃ10,000.

  • Full information is on the Fans' FB page and the official club website.

  • Angelo Balanta, he was exceptional in his short spell with us. Recalled early I believe.

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