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Advance notice.

No Lindy Lous' burger van tonight. Alternative arrangements will have to be made if this is the gastro venue of your choice!


  • How dare she! Her gastrovan appears to be a delight, judging by the queues on match days.

  • I can assure you it is. Without doubt the best tasting & value burgers at any van I know, be it roadside or football ground. Maybe only equalled at one in Newport, but not near the footie, its on an industrial estate and won 2nd place Nationally in a truck drivers magazine a few years ago. The only place I know where you have the option of black pudding as an add on. I'm salivating at the memory.

  • Oh stop it, Ewan. I'm trying to shed half a stone and am now tempted to have a quick fry rather than go out and cut my 7' evergreen hedge which has gone bananas this year. Needless to say, I don't like bananas.

  • Bit of a disappointment for HCblue if rumours are true, Mrs Micra.....

  • If only I'd read this earlier. Had my heart set on a half pounder with egg and cheese tonight. One of the pleasures of evening footy.

  • @DevC said:
    Bit of a disappointment for HCblue if rumours are true, Mrs Micra.....


  • Just a weak banana/knob joke given your apparent married status - best ignored to be fair.

  • To the best of my knowledge, I have never met @HCblue, let alone offered a banana.

  • But then you're nearly 80 whereas I am not and have a far more secure memory. Cheetah.

  • Too quick for me, HC.

  • I preferred the one that used to be on the left-hand side, always eat in town or at home beforehand now

  • Every match I walk past the van hoping that they'll have brought back the pork baguette - a real thing of beauty to enjoy before a match!

  • @FmG I'll ask Lindy for you & see if the pork can male a come back?

  • @EwanHoosaami That would make me so happy!

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