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Match day thread: Mansfield


@BSE is still suffering from that cold and unavailable for selection.



  • and were wearing white this evening ! I notice brown seems to have ditched that yellow monstrosity of a goalkeeper kit in the last two games.

  • Mainly because it clashed with the opposition kit but it does seem to have coincided with a reduction in goals against.

  • that white kit is our best by miles - we should wear it every week, including home games

  • I thought an insider said categorically that we would be wearing the tomato soup kit at every away game unless there was a clash?

  • White does make sense in terms of no clash. I am happy it will get an outing as it is one I actually bought! The tomato soup kit hasn't exactly been worn very much.

  • Still looking like it will chuck it down the whole match...

  • Is Eze playing in a front three? Or is it 4-4-2?

  • Fascinating selection. Saving the skipper for Luton? 4-3-1-2? Eze as a "false 9" (whatever that means)? I hope someone there can tell us...

  • Interesting. I'm imagining a rock solid three in the middle with Eze given a free role. Please let this be because Eze is just quality in training and they realise they've got a gem.

  • Yep, that's exactly my guess and hope. Unusually bold from the boss, though.

  • Interesting line up that. I hope the beast is back soon. But I feel quietly confident....

  • Brave from GA which isn't usual.

  • Looks to me like a team set up to be solid in the middle and play on the break with some pace up top.

  • Brilliant one handed save and immediate goal-line headed clearance has just denied us. Cracking delivery from JJ as per.

  • Bean nearly scored all three in one go

  • How have we not scored?

  • Eze absolute baller at this level !!!

  • No idea how we aren't one up. Beano cracking shots off from outside the box like he's Scholsey or something.

  • "You're not fit to referee!"

    Inspired. Whoever started that needs a stand named after them.

  • Rob Lewis going off will cost us this game cos Evans will pressure the replacement.

  • As if Ainsworth and Big Bazza don't harangue the officials all game!!

  • yes but we all know what happens when the ref goes off and evans is involved.

  • Irrespective of whether we win or lose, I think this game has shown we have the potential to beat anybody. How we are not one or two up I don't know, and we had a period of immense pressure, with a much changed team.

  • Particularly pleasing that all three loanees sound as if they are playing really well.

  • Don't remember Motty talking with his mouthful.

  • I'll take the 0-0. Dire game, and a tough place to play, especially in a deluge.

  • dire game ? we had them on the rack for 35 mins in the 1st half !

  • I think we were unlucky not to come away with the win, but I'm more than happy for us to go away to places like Mansfield and leave with a 0-0.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    dire game ? we had them on the rack for 35 mins in the 1st half !

    Exactly. I blame the ref!

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