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  • After conceding so many goals so far this season GA has clearly got to look at the personnel he has at the moment. WDH and Muller he can't fancy. Sido is not the answer in the centre full time. Leaving Stewart and the inconsistent Egyptian.

  • Must be freeing up some wage space. must be

  • The problem with Muller is his total lack of any pace so I can't see how he could partner an equally pedestrian El-Abd. Perhaps he is going to use the wage saving to get a keeper in. Alternatively he might be recalling WDH.

    When Richie has had a moment to discuss with Gareth perhaps he can let us all know!

  • My initial reaction to this was disappointment, as I really want to MΓΌller get a chance in our first team, but on reflection a spell at a fellow L2 side, hopefully playing week in week out will give him the chance to prove himself at this level and will perhaps be the catalyst for him forcing his way into our starting XI.

  • If Stewart is fit and WDH is returning from a successful loan it probably is as simple as Muller being 4-5 choice and therefore better off going on loan.

    If he goes away and get 10 or 15 starts in Lg2 he could come back a much improved player for the experience.

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    @Glenactico said:
    If Stewart is fit and WDH is returning from a successful loan it probably is as simple as Muller being 4-5 choice and therefore better off going on loan.

    If he goes away and get 10 or 15 starts in Lg2 he could come back a much improved player for the experience.

    Wouldn't argue with that @Glenactico

  • The Stewart/El-Abd partnership has to be given a chance. I'd like to think that Sido will return to right back and Harriman play on the right of our injury-afflicted midfield.

  • Good luck to him...

  • That's a turn-up for the books isn't it given the weekend's defensive performance. Sounds like Thommo's had a word in Jim Bentley's ear and he's not far enough up Gareth's pecking order to say no.

    Surprising though given the weekend's issues with crosses seeing as he's the biggest of our available centre-halves given WDH is out on loan. Any repeat in the next couple of weeks and you'd have thought that places would be up for grabs.

    Like one or two others that have posted recently I'd also be interested in seeing Max play as a holding midfielder. He's comfortable on the ball and has an eye for a pass. Add that to the genuine physical presence he'd bring to that area of the pitch and he could have huge potential.

  • Hear hear @Wendoverman.
    A decent run of games with Morecambe could transform Max. And I'm not sure that @mooneyman is right in saying that he has "a total lack of any pace ".

  • @micra I think he has potential as a CB...and El-Abd has not been any better than MM was in the games I've seen Max play. No doubt once he's gone for some Gasroomers he'll become the excellent missing link GA let slip through his fingers, thus proving his poor management!!

  • Personally, I think this is insane. We let eight goals in the first three matches and Gareth Ainsworth's solution is to ship out a defender who hasn't yet featured but, by all accounts, was very impressive in pre-season.

    If we continue to leak goals in the next few matches I really will grow somewhat concerned about our manager's problem-solving abilities. As it stands we only have two centre backs in the squad, one right back who has been converted into a makeshift centre back and one defensive midfielder who used to be a defender but who can't get onto the bench. Not ideal.

  • Paul Hayes named as CB at Grimsby

  • Nice irony that it was Paul Hayes who first waxed lyrical about how lucky we had been to acquire his (Max's!) services. When I first flicked over to this thread, I was still trying to work out what I was going to do with PH and thought you were referring to him when you said you thought he had potential as a CB. Did make me chuckle. I suppose the misunderstanding was encouraged by the fact that it should be superfluous to suggest that MM has CB potential. Only one person, to my knowledge, has ever suggested any other position for him - defensive midfield I think it was.

  • Ha ha! I took far too long on that post. And you pipped me.

  • From Morecambe official site - After signing for Morecambe this morning, Muller said; β€œI’m happy to get a new opportunity and hope to get some game time.
    β€œIt’s very nice to be here and also to be back with Thommo because we’ve been close since I arrived in England.”

    Are these the words of someone who does not see his future at WWFC ?

  • What is GA doing!!!!!! Our defence is already weak beyond belief, judging by how our summer has gone so far I guess he is freeing up wages for another attacking player who is over 30

  • Certainly a surprise. Has to make you wonder whether there's a signing on the way.

    Failing that its Gareth absolutely nailing his colours firmly to the mast as far as Adam El-Abd is concerned - alongside making him captain.

    Of course he may well be proved to be right, and he clearly needs longer to settle in and find his best form. I'll always remember how poor Steve Brown was to begin with before going on to earn legendary status at Adams Park.

    If it doesn't work out though Gareth hasn't left himself much up his sleeve and at the minute that's a worry.

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    They are the words @JohnyAllAlone of someone who will spend the rest of this year elsewhere. Under standard EFL loan rules, he cannot return until January; WDH, on the other hand, returns next week but, of course, may have his loan to Aldershot extended.

  • WDH I would expect will be extended with a 24 hour recall allowed after the first 28 days have passed.

  • Has Gary Waddock told you this?

  • I am pretty sure the 24 hour recall applies throughout the month's loan.

  • A standard EFL loan (until 2 January) has no recall option.

  • This seems an excellent bit of business for the club and for MM.

    We get someone else to pay his wages while he is fourth or fifth choice CB here. He, presumably, gets the playing time he badly needs in order to improve. We get back either a better player, possibly ready to come in and play, or a player we know may not make the grade and who we can move on or let go. I hope for the former and believe it a possibility - I enjoy watching him play. But either way, it makes excellent sense.

  • there is not recall within the first 28 days of a standard loan unless the player is a goalkeeper @micra

  • Does seem strange timing, when we've conceded probably the most we have ever done in the first 4 games of a season.

    What's less surprising, is that a few people have already started the overrating of Muller. There's a FB thread about how he's our "best" defender - which is incredible for a guy who has less good games in a row than Sido alone managed in the last month of last season! Let alone Stewart, who many (wrongly in my opinion) rated above Pierre!

    I'd imagine in a month's time, he'll have been elevated to almost Brown like excellence, seen last season.

  • I can't remember many players I "hoped" would emerge as a quality player for us more than Muller. Seems a likeable guy, exotic nationality and background, the mysterious "he must be good" demeanour, that we were prepared to rehab him for 6months, coupled with the now infamous Hayes comment.

    However, i'd say on actual performances, while he's clearly better than WDH, he's got absolutely everything to prove. Just being a bit unusual in being a smoother passer than most in league 2 isn't nearly enough.

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    Hope this means we will be signing a new defender my god we need it.

  • Can you see us replacing either full back, Stewart or EL Abd? Honestly?

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