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Is iFollow a shambles for anyone else? I signed up so I could watch full match replays, being 8 hours behind in Las Vegas. Instead, no match replay is available, and they spoiled the score on the main page. Are we only allowed to watch the matches live? I thought the whole point was that overseas fans can't watch live because of the time differential, and that on-demand would be available.

Obviously I will take this to iFollow direct, just wondering if anyone other ex-pats had the same issue.



  • Haven't signed up yet but full match replays are advertised as being available. Let us know what the commentary situation is when you do watch...

  • @Floyd, cheers mate, I am wondering if they just ballsed up my full match replay ability, then. Still, the scoreline is still ruined by the main video on the load page:

    Gareth: Both teams cancelled each other out
    The boss says the 2-2 draw with Lincoln was a fair result after a physical battle.

    I had actually written iFollow during the summer to make sure scorelines would not be spoiled for on demand viewing, and they had assured me they would not be. Ah well.

  • I found deep in the small print that full match highlights are not available till the day after. It still does not sort out the issue of the scorelines being spoiled, but it is half the battle I suppose.

  • @floyd You can watch the match live with no commentary, or you can listen to the commentary. You can't do both at the same time, and if you try whichever option you picked first will stop when you start the second. Which is a bit shit.

    One thing that did give me hope was the fact that there was an audio selection widget on the live video with options for "Default", "Home" and "Away" - presumably at some point they're thinking of having words go with pictures.

  • No idea about this, but can add, from looking at the Lincoln Vital site, that lots of them were having big problems even accessing the game live.

  • Proper shambles. They lost everyone's passwords during the migration and couldn't let users reset their own passwords. Since then my password has stopped working twice more.

  • I suppose it should not be a shocker that the EFL have released/partnered with a poor, half baked product.

  • I have emailed IFollow 3 rimes without reply so have effectively given up on their "support" team. In the end sorted out the issues myself & managed to listen to thensure match here in Greece. Took quite a while as you don't realise you've a.problem until commentary starts and end up missing half the 1st half. As Ive already stated in the.past, why the.heck don't they sort out the issues.on test.runs pre season?

  • It looks like in the settings on the app there is an option to 'switch off' scores. I guess that means it won't show the result on the homepage, although I doubt it will remedy the result being mentioned in post match interview headlines.

  • Over in Corfu I was able to login with my account and was able to listen to the commentary first half and able to watch the second half. I only have the standard account so no idea how I was able to watch it.

  • The full match replay is still not even up here, on a Sunday, eve though it was supposed to have been posted 4 hours ago.

  • I imagine they are over run with comments/queries/complaints after yesterday and will be scrambling to get it together by Tuesday. I got an automated reply and hope it will be sorted by then.

  • Just got a personalized reply saying they are looking into it. Not ready to pull the plug yet as that is pretty good customer relations so far

  • Did anyone really think they'd put an amazing product together, for watching 72 different clubs anywhere in the world, from day 1?

    Always going to have teething issues.

    My fear would be it's a glorified version of that Slough friendly coverage. Just about better than nothing.

    Did anyone see if you could find a stream online?
    Will have a look around on Saturday!

  • Yes, high expectations would probably be naΓ―ve, but $140 out of my pocket implies they are going to enable me to watch every game without telling me the score (and I am still waiting at 8pm GMT on sunday for the full match replay!)

  • So I couldn't log in with my old password at 3pm yesterday, tried to do a password reset and didn't get an email. Assumed the account hadn't transferred so created a new one on a different email address, only to get a password reset email sometime after 5pm.

    I guess I now have 2 accounts. Hopefully they will sort this out and refund me one of the 45 quids.

  • iFollow are looking into the issue with the spoiled scorelines. Hopefully it all gets resolved soon!

  • Anyone else having problems on IFollow? Trying to watch the latest interview with Adam El-Abd and it is showing the padlock/members only sign in the bottom left corner. When I click on it from my mobile I get a message telling me to upgrade my account & from my Mac it opens up to the options to pay a subscription! All the while it tells me I am logged in, with my name in the top RH corner and I know I am a fully paid up member!!!! Bloody infuriating.

  • Absolute shambles.

    I signed up last weekend whilst in France to watch the match. It took my money, the player said inhndt bought a subscription, but I could pay again as I'd apparently already paid.

    I'll be after a full refund when I get back.

  • It's a fucking disgrace. I hope they paid the EFL a lot of money so at least WWFC got some benefit from it, even if none of the subscribers directly did.

  • My latest is that I am having to get up at 7am on Saturdays to watch the games live, as iFollow have told me directly that there is no current way of watching on demand without the score being spoiled.

    This whole thing is a shame - this is a potentially brilliant service, but they are in danger of losing most of their customers in the first year through amateur-hour execution, as people are either going to have to get up at odd times to watch the games live or watch them on demand already knowing the score, not to mention the additional problems you are all mentioning.

    I would hate this to go away next season, but they need to figure out how to provide the service we have all paid for.

  • "not to mention the problems you are all mentioning" - I think I outdid myself for redundant phrasing there.

  • I wonder how many years before they eventually show them live in the UK too.
    Most likely when the huge clubs get even greedier and demand we move to a system like Spain with individual tv rights, and they pressurise the removal of the 3pm blanket ban on live coverage

  • I had a problem first game of the season where I couldn't log in and password reset didn't work. So I assumed account was gone and created a new one. Some time after the match I got a password reset email and found I now had two accounts.

    To be fair to them I emailed, explained what had happened, got an apology and a refund of the 45 quid for the second account.

    Looks like that had some teething problems migrating accounts and couldn't cope with loads of reset requests at 3pm on the first day.

    Seems to mostly work OK now

  • Imagine living where @Shev does with Wycombe games starting at 7am on a Saturday and you could watch them live online. I'll be up at 7am in the morning getting ready for the trip to Cleethorpes but I am awake in anticipation at that hour most Saturdays anyway.

  • edited August 2017

    I have to be honest, as long as I've watched Wycombe for 30 or so games a season, anything over a couple of hours travel one way, is too much to watch this level of football.
    So the idea of being able to click a button and watch it would be marvellous. Most likely wouldn't be a good thing for crowds at our level though.

  • Question for UK users - How is the quality of the audio (apart from having me on it!) Any drop outs, time lagging etc?

  • @Onlooker - yeah, I shouldn't really complain, though I would love the on-demand to be able to watch them at 3pm my time (Las Vegas). I really feel for people (Far East, maybe?) that would have to get up at 2-3am to see them. All those Vietnamese Wycombe fans must be groggy come Saturday morning!

    @Malone - I can't help thinking that showing them live in the UK would do too much harm to the live crowds. The service is well priced, I think - I paid $140 for 46 games, which probably works out to just over two pounds a game. I can't see it worth the club's while to charge that to UK consumers, whose current option is to pay at least 10 pounds to get into Adams Park or an away game.

  • @Shev If you'd signed up over a VPN to the UK it would have cost you ~ $50

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