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Short university health-related survey

I am involved in a short survey asking about health and health apps and I hope you can spare a few minutes to contribute towards the research:

Thanks in advance.


  • Completed. Only takes 5-10 minutes (and I'm not quick).

  • What's with the sudden stack of spam threads on here?

  • No idea, but this one isn't like the others.

  • the rap stuff and the carpet cleaning service in Nashville were initially amusing but now it's just annoying they obviously have found a way to register automatically incidentally I've started receiving calls with local numbers only to get put through to an offshore sales centre

  • @Morris_Ital I've been having them calls.for.a good year or so now. So many that my "auto reject box" is full and I can't block them any longer! If I could.reach down the phone and rip their throats out I would!!!!

  • Blow a whistle down the ;phone as loud as possible.

  • Get a video phone and answer just wearing your WWFC scarf and a winning smile as I do round the house (hat too in winter of course I'm not weird) and they soon stop calling

  • @EwanHoosaami I feel your pain there's something particularly dishonest about faking a local number I'm thinking is it the school or hospital

  • @Morris_Ital Quite, I feel I have to answer the bloody thing, just in case. 99 times out of a hundred though, it's one of them call centres in India telling me their name is Phil or Grant, (my ar@e!), & they aren't selling me anything, just wanted me to take part in a short survey. I have also found that saying "I don't take part in surveys", has no effect whatsoever. I find "eff off then" and closing down the line the only method. Sadly, I can no longer block them as I mentioned earlier, my "auto reject box" is full.
    Anyone got any ideas to help?

  • @EwanHoosaami You can get your number put onto a do-not-call list, it's then illegal for anyone to phone you up for marketing, and if they do, you can pass their number on to the ICO.

    The insurance company Aviva once sold my contact details illegally after a neighbour drunkenly crashed into my empty parked car, which meant I got 5 or 6 scammers per day calling me about injuries I may have received. The TPS service cut this right down to about 1 per day at first, and now they've finally slowed to one a month.

  • Cheers @drcongo I'll try that when I get a few minutes.

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