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  • Thanks for sharing it.

    It's good of the club to put the news out there and keep fans in the picture, but I suppose it's bad news really. The fact that the offer is there and has not been accepted yet means that he is keeping himself open as long as possible for an offer to go somewhere else (and I've no problem with that). Thus, I guess that the only way we get to keep him is if he gets no such offer, meaning that we have a guy that no-one in the higher leagues thinks is good enough to play for them!

  • Surely this is a decent piece of news and definately shouldn't be flipantly dismissed as no news. The club and player are talking and a revised offer has been tabled.

    Sounds positive to me if only that discussions are moving forward. It doesn't mean Pierre will sign but I like that appears things are still on the table.

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    Hopefully they have put a time limit on him making a decision so that we have a chance to get an adequate replacement if necessary.

  • Don't go Aaron. We love you!

  • I agree with Righty - I'm encouraged by that

    Really hope he stays

  • Also, good to see the club being proactive (hate that word, but it applies here) and getting the improved offer in early doors. Whether it works or not, good work from GA and AH to give us hope when it seemed a forgone conclusion that he would leave.

  • would be massively surprised if he stayed, could easily get a league 1 team. if we kept him that is a huge message of our intent next season, personally still think we are short of:
    right back
    2 strikers
    2 GK

    imagine if we got Blackman - that would be a hell of a coup to get him on loan again!

  • It's either very promising, or a sign the club have stepped up excellently in the field of PR and spin.

    It gives the impression we're working furiously to tie up deals, and is a no lose with Pierre, as if he now leaves it's not through our lack of effort.
    All that's needed is to drop in a Mickey Bell scenario style comment about "the best deal we've ever offered", and it's all transferred onto the player.

    But hopefully the very promising option though....

  • This implies that we have put forward a competitive offer and there is a more than decent chance he will stay with us for at least one more season. Has to be positive news.

  • But then it it was that close, why throw this little update in? Why not just announce it when done, or carry on as you are?

    Perhaps a few people were right after all, maybe there's not the throng of interest we all presumed.

  • Atleast we are trying to do all we can to keep him just hope he doesnt end up at Luton that would be a kick in the teeth.

  • No chance, going to Luton is not progress!

  • It probably is in terms of the bank balance!

  • Gawd, is Pierre still here? Thought he left ages ago...
    'He could easily get a League 1, League 2, Championship team'
    Only he hasn't or he would not be considering another offer would he?
    I'm still hopeful he'll stay and be happy to do so.

  • I'd be delighted, above any other signing we make this summer if he stayed.

    Even if we have to deal with the drones giving it the "I told you so" about how no one was ever interested anyway

  • The way I see it is maybe Aaron has had an offer that he doesn't really want to accept maybe for lack of potential at his 'new' club maybe for just a simple geographical reason but either way his agent has returned to us and said here is what he has been offered can Wycombe match that?

    Although most of us think Pierre is worthy of playing in league 1 in the cold light of day in his three seasons with us there has been one promotion push and two mid table finishes. If you're a league 1 chairman and the manager says I want a mid table league 2 defender it might take a leap of faith to sanction a move for a player who the chairman has in all likelihood never heard of

  • @Dickie, do you really think it's a stretch for a league 1 club to go for a league 2 defender from a mid table club?! (if 1 point off the plays offs this year, play off final 3 years ago even makes us that)

  • @StrongestTeam , while Mr Pierre is well within his rights to shop around for a bit, I hope we're doing our best to look for a potential replacement while we're waiting.

    And once identified, potentially issuing Mr Pierre with a bit of a deadline.

    We don't want to be going too late in the summer in limbo

  • @Malone Yes if you look at it from a Chairmans point of view then it could be deemed 'risky' for a league 1 side to sign a league 2 defender. The Chairmans job primarily is to ensure the books balance. In offering Pierre a likely deal the Chairman will be asking first of all does the player have a re-sale value.

    . Given his age the answer to that is of course yes but given that the player has just concluded a 3 year contract at a league 2 club it might appear that no 'reasonable' bids have come in during that period and so a business savvy Chairman might well think twice before committing wages close to let's say £500,000 over a three year contract.

    Of course, like Alfie a Chairman who is prepared to gamble may hit the jackpot with a subsequent multi million pound transfer. The only league 1 Chairman who consistently takes this approach is the chap at Peterborough but there are not many who will be prepared to 'speculate to accumulate' in this fashion.

  • I think Aaron Pierre is worth investing in at the higher end of our pay scale. I also think that invest will pay off with having a great player in the short term and a sell on further down the line.
    For me all this talk of not being able to play at a really high level is nonsense. We would be fools for losing him without giving it every effort.

  • I suspect most Lg1 chairmen will firstly be asking their manager for any signing- who is this you want to sign, how much will he cost, why do you need him in the team. Not every signing is designed to be primarily about selling him on again.

    Highly likely that a well regarded young player with no transfer will get some offers from lg1 if not above. Whether the salary prospects, contract length prospects of being a starter and requirement to move house away from family and friends and possibly disrupt wife or girlfriend if you have one are worth the risk is a decision that player needs to take.

    Still seems to me more likely than not that Pierre will move on. I am sure we are seeking replacement/(s) in case. That's how the summer works.

  • I'm with Dev on this one. We did reject an offer for Aaron last summer, I recall, but it seems unlikely that others have come flooding in since then. He wasn't even necessarily the best centre-back in our middle-of-the-table league two team last season; though clearly over his cumulative four seasons with us he's shone far brighter than any other player. There is also the incident at the end of the season to take account of. Settled satisfactorily for player and club here - but would you necessarily take a risk on a player with that so recently blotting his copy book? Overall though I'm confident some club will come in with a good offer for Aaron by mid-summer - though I fear it might be one of the Lutons or Oxfords of this world rather than a Leeds or a QPR, who he's previously been linked to.

  • Pierre is great and if higher level clubs don't come in for him they're making a mistake.

  • Pierre seems to be taking some unfair flack from some. He is a fantastic player for us and certainly is a star in a team that missed the playoffs more due to a lack of goals than a porous defence.

    Is it purely the 'incident' @aloysius talks about above that is drawing this flack? Whilst he did dip a bit at times last season from imperious to pretty good I can't see why some Wycombe fans are not talking about Pierre in the highest terms.

  • Most people realise how good Pierre is, surely?

  • Based on your post, Aloysius, you are not with me at all. I disagree with most of what you say.

  • I believe that @Chris has got it spot on. I am still doubtful that he's Championship quality, but definitely L1.

  • @EwanHoosaami Help me understand what makes that so. What is lacking from Pierre's game that precludes him from the Championship but makes League One a certainty.

    For me it is more opportunity and team fit than ability that gets the jump up the levels. I've never understood how a player can be categorised so definately between two leagues. Is it a Championship Manager thing?

  • He is a great player and could certainly play ay a higher level...but I would not entirely bet on paying above the odds to take him. It may be that he wants to go after the events at the end of the season it might not just be a case of money. Margins of success and failure are quite slim in L1/L2...someone like Alfie who was class at the back AND scored some good goals was a decent risk for Barnsley.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle I think Pierre is one of the best centre halves we have since been a league club. However, what I personally believe a queue of Championship clubs coming for him is his decision making. He uses his physical attributes to get himself out of trouble a lot, and he has some great athletic abilities. But compare him to a player like Mike Williams who had less physicality but would rarely get in the wrong position and had terrific anticipation. That is the difference between division 4 and 2.

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