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Ainsworth to QPR in the summer?

Not claiming any insider knowledge here.

But assuming we go up (1/8 on now!!) and QPR go down (1/8 on also), QPR will be looking for a new manager, GA may justifiably feel he has taken WWFC as far as he can, timing just feels right. Assuming they do not jump on the must have overseas coach bandwagon, feels like a real possibility to me. Lets hope not.



  • No chance

  • Nonsense. Its Brentford!

  • QPR may have problems if they go down due to breaching FFP regulations when they went up. Transfer embargo and hugevfine. However I suspect that the League will bottle out of enforcing the regulations. I think Gazza is more likely to go to a team like Reading or Brentford.

  • Since when did Gareth become Gazza? I have seen him refered to in that way a fair bit lately. There is only one Gazza and Gareth isnt he.

  • When a team is doing well the manager is referred to affectionately by a nickname (if he hasn't got one than think one up). If the team is doing badly then it's just his surname. That goes for players too. Yet they are the same person. Why the change?

  • Mark Warburton to QPR next season I reckon. Either way, I just have an inkling that Gareth feels he has a real project here. He seems to get on exceptionally well with the chairman and that 5 year contract must mean more than solely financial security...

    Only time will tell I suppose.

  • Gareth Ainsworth made some dubious decisions last season but Gazza's definitely doing well this time around.

  • I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Gareth as manager at QPR at some point in his career, or one of his other former clubs. But I'm hoping that, for now, he's happy to try and achieve something with Wycombe.

    Here's an excerpt from an interview a couple of weeks ago:

    We have been in interview mode for close on two hours – surely a record for most professional managers in the game nowadays. Ainsworth has been approachable, honest and open. He hasn’t ducked out of a question or scenario I asked him. My next question has stopped the flow of interviews with some managers.

    “Dave Hockaday was taken from Conference team Forest Green Rovers and given the Leeds United job. If you would have been offered the position would you have taken it?”

    His speed of response surprises me: “No, this is where I want to be. I can honestly say I have no desire to be anywhere else. Every manager dreams or wonders if they can make it at a higher level. But for me, no I don’t want to manager any other club other than Wycombe Wanderers at this point in my career.”

    Well that seems clear, however part of these interviews with various managers are to explore if they believe they can manage at a higher level. Does he see himself leaving for a higher league in the future?

    “Not in the slightest. I said if we could survive the last game with Torquay last season I knew I could make things happen at this club. I see no reason why managing at a higher level can’t be with Wycombe Wanderers”

    (!gareth-ainsworth-interview/chyu )

    Sounds like maybe Ainsworth has a silly little dream of his own? I sure hope so.

  • @Brownie said:
    Mark Warburton to QPR next season I reckon. Either way, I just have an inkling that Gareth feels he has a real project here. He seems to get on exceptionally well with the chairman and that 5 year contract must mean more than solely financial security...

    Basically he didn't have to sign that (at a time when his star was on the rise) and it means a big payout for us if he goes.

    So good luck to him come what may.

    As to the other poster's comments re. the GA interview stating his loyalty to WW - I don't doubt that GA has truly felt loyalty to wherever he is at the time - which is why he's been a fan favourite wherever he's been.

    I can't believe that if you dangled a big enough opportunity in front of him that he wouldn't go though (and why wouldn't he, given how hard big chances are to come by).

  • Am I alone in thinking that idle speculation about Gareth Ainsworth's future is both untimely and disrespectful? The implication of some of the comments is that his profession of commitment and loyalty to Wycombe Wanderers is barely worth the paper it is written upon and that "he would say that wouldn't he". I tend to think that these people misjudge the integrity of the man. His remark a few years ago, after completing a short loan spell here, that he had unfinished business at Wycombe Wanderers still rings in my ear.

    Believe it or not, there are still people in this world who will settle for a relatively modest income that at least enables them to balance the books in a situation/location where they are happy rather than go after big bucks and an uncertain future. Plenty of time for that.

    We know, the club know, and Gareth Ainsworth knows, that community support depends on confidence that the present regime is in place for a good few years. So, please, have faith, forget unhelpful speculation and keep up and continue the good work in supporting our great club both vocally and financially. End of rant.

  • If Ainsworth can establish us as a solid League One club, I wouldn't begrudge him moving on somewhere else. However, for us to realistically compete in League One requires the town to get behind the club and boost attendances.

    I know crowd numbers are down throughout lower league English football, but quite frankly, High Wycombe doesn't deserve the football club, the manager or the players they currently have representing them.

  • @JS_Watt Excellent post Mr/Ms Watt. To put it mildly, I am hugely disappointed that the major upturn in our fortunes this season hasn't persuaded many more of the lapsed supporters and floaters to return on a more regular basis. After all, the club pulled out all the stops to encourage them, with the £99 half-season ticket offer - what more can they do? I don't know how many of these were sold, but it does make you wonder whether the exercise was really worthwhile.

  • For these last few home games perhaps the 'friend for a fiver' offer could be re-introduced? 'Friend get friend' personal recommendation is a powerful marketing tool. T

  • @NewburyWanderer At the share meeting they said 300 half-season tickets were sold.

  • @ JS_Watt.
    My thoughts have been penned exactly. This club, manager and squad deserve more than the apathetic support from the town. I am sincerely hoping that the forecast of poor weather will put of some floaters from going to National Trust, beach or whatever other outside events they may be considering and come down on Good Friday to watch WWFC.

  • Agree to a certain extent. It's frustrating that whilst on the verge of of what would be a quite extraordinary achievement, most football fans in the town are more interested in 'the race for 4th' in the premier league. It staggers me to be honest, but it's the same problem throughout the lower divisions. Poor as our crowds are, they're still bigger than what the likes of Burton and Bury are pulling in.

  • M3GM3G
    edited March 2015

    Yes our gates are not as bad as they could be. I think the average will increase with the last four homes. Maybe 7,000 Good Friday.

  • You are an optimist @M3G . I like it.

  • Always an optimist. Probably nearer 6,000, but you never know. Local derby, hopefully a dry and pleasant day and maybe a step nearer promotion might make a few extra come out to play.

  • Sadly I think that we've lost too many people over the last few years with a stream of dreadful performances, constant turnover of average disinterested players, the very public & messy end of the Hayes era, the still notoriously bad parking/traffic situation, etc...
    And as can be seen it's not going to be an easy task to convince those lapsed floating supporters back. The current performances of the team really do merit larger attendances and I do think we'll see an increase over the last few as 'promotion fever' grabs the attention of some, but I think it will take a combination of many things to return attendances to a consistently higher level. Many people seem to think that the club just needs to drop prices to convince people to come back, but previous promotional offers have shown that it simply does not work. I'm not really sure that one particular thing will do the trick.

    Playing in League One (should we get there...) should help, although I'm not sure by that much as it's not exactly full of glamour and there aren't many 'big names' in there at the moment.
    I believe the main thing that will help reluctant floating support come back is making the whole experience 'easier' for them. I don't know what more can be done re the traffic, or what avenues have been explored in the past but I think this really does need to be high on the agenda (assuming it's not already, which it may be) to try and formulate some new options. I also think more should be done to publicise the fact that you can book your ticket online, choose the seat you want and print your ticket out at home. I did this a lot before I got my half season ticket, and use it now if I want to bring my son along, and it really is an easy and incredibly useful facility. Is this something that is publicised and known about by the wider public? Could it be added to promotional material, even as a strapline - rather than just have the website address, maybe a line stating you can choose & print your ticket at home.

    Just realised I'm rambling a bit now and this probably isn't the best place for these ideas so I'll stop now....

    Going back to the original post, I do think GA really is genuine when he says he wants this to be long-term thing. He knows he has stability and confidence from his chairman, he lives locally, and I'm sure he's paid well enough to live comfortably. Perhaps he just doesn't want or need the hassle & stress that would go with a higher paid, higher pressured job.

  • More likely GA will eventually go to PNE!

  • Or Port Vale they love him there.

  • What a difference a year makes. Most people were calling for his head this time last year. I confess I'd about had enough by now.

    Thankfully we didn't (or weren't able) to sack the boss and it's been a fantastic revival ever since.

    Should we manage promotion we need to try and remember this lesson if things don't go smoothly.

  • Not rambling at all @Fidget. Excellent post, great good sense and a very pertinent point about the ease of booking your seat(s) on-line. I can relate very readily to your last paragraph.

  • @arnos_grove do you really think "most people" were? I always had the sense last season that he still had the backing of the majority

  • @eric_plant I'd agree with you there - it's just that the "Ainsworth Out" contingent always shouted the loudest.

  • I think most of us knew (or at least suspected) that "the fault dear Brutus" lay not with GA but with the bits and pieces squad, many of whom were barely committed to WW and/or were rarely fit.

  • While I was definitely frustrated by our position as last season progressed, I don't think any of us can honestly say that we had absoloute full faith that GA would turn things around and turn out to be a bit of a hero.

    These things don't always work out and with more money at our disposal last year who can say how strong the board's 'faith' would have been.

    Some things just work out in football and looks like GA has for us!

  • Sure has!

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