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Danny Hylton - ****

The cheating fking ct. Hope he misses the final



  • Haha what a cunt

  • Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

    Shame we'll have to see him next season though.

  • I do hope he does not come here next season. He is one of the worst cheats I have had the displeasure of seeing in football. Not something this club should be considering.

  • Even with his reputation as the best diver in football, referees still fall for his antics.

  • Pierre should stay just to face that prick again.....

  • Two astonishing play off semi finals by the looks of it. Goals galore and both ties feature a 95th min winner. Sensational!

    Luton must be red hot favourites for the league next season.

    At least we are guaranteed to lose a long away trip.

  • What you think we will lose to Carlisle.

  • Described as a blatant dive on BBC text commentary as well. Horrible, horrible player.

  • My delight in seeing Luton & DDH's fail is tempered by the realisation that we'll have to play them next year. Still, with a two game bam for diving, DDH will only be playing every third game so there's every chance he'll not feature .... .

  • Hopefully he will play us next season and decide to go to Tesco express and bump into Pierre..

  • Both play offs (and both legs) were wonderful to watch (anyone who has watched a 'Premier League' match this week over a play off game needs their televisions taking away). DDH obliged beautifully, cheating as usual then aiming for the Kassam car park. With a roof reference he managed to keep the ball in the stadium. Then the Blackpool players, driven by a sense of injustice, gave everything they had and seized the day.

    I love Simon Garner but have to disagree with his comments on 'The Only Way Is Up' video. The play offs are wonderful

  • Fantastic games to watch ddh got exactly what he deserved often cheaters get away with it but on the big stage he's come out a loser despite his antics and next season he'll end up banned for that also took massive satisfaction seeing him in tears at the end hope GA stays well away from him don't want a cheat like that anywhere near our club and financially it doesn't make sense as he'll be banned most games so u ain't gonna get value for money

  • The thought of ever seeing Hylton in a Wanderers shirt, fills me with dread. The sooner a burly centre half puts him out of football altogether,the better for the beautiful game it will be.

  • @ChasHarps Whilst agreeing with you about of Hylton in a Wycombe Shirt. The thought that you want to see another footballer cripple a player to the degree that he can no longer continue his career is beyond belief. It certainly would not add to the beautiful game's reputation.

  • Simple way to stop Diving Danny is to double the ban everytime he is caught i.e. 2, 4, 8 games etc. He will then eventually be forced to either stop cheating or give up the game.

  • Where has this rumour even come from? Some dodgy twitter handle probably with no substance. Why would Luton want to offload a 20 goal a season striker with 2 years on his contract? I wouldn't worry, he's not coming to Wycombe any time soon.

  • Unfortunately the ban for diving will have no effect on Hylton or indeed anyone in the bottom two leagues for the simple fact that there will still only be one camera recording the action stationed on the half way line. Given that camera angle alone last night at Luton it would have been impossible to determine diving Danny had done it again. The only league it will have any bearing on would be the Premier League so I guess Danny can kiss goodbye to a move there!!

  • The comments on Luton's Twitter feed are a thing of beauty.

  • Could you share a snippet or two for those of us who twitter not (missus).

  • Mostly a litany of hilarity and abuse aimed at Hylton, with a few Watford fans chiming in to remind Hatters fans that Tom Aldred, whose header led to the winning own goal, was once a Hornet.

  • Luton is a horrible place, ground, team and all that.
    But I'd much prefer a 45min away day to the 3-4 hours of the other play off teams.

  • @ChasHarps said:
    The thought of ever seeing Hylton in a Wanderers shirt, fills me with dread. The sooner a burly centre half puts him out of football altogether,the better for the beautiful game it will be.

    Agreed, he may be the only footballer currently playing who I'd gladly see depart a pitch in a leg brace and not return.

  • For obvious reasons I would prefer Blackpool over Exeter.

    Used to really like Exeter but the way they treated their manager at the start of the season and the incessant whining because we usually beat them has soured that recently. But most of all for pure personal reasons. If Exeter go up, nearest game for me is 100 miles away and that is Yeovil of all places, that I have privately vowed not to go to again. After that its 150 miles to Cheltenham, Newport and Nailsworth. After that its 200 miles to AP. Ugghh.

  • Seems like we won't be seeing you much next season Dev.

  • I don't want to see him one of the best moments last season was him taunting the Wycombe fans in the beechdean behind the dug-out at 1 -0...just before we equalised...cue a slink off to the dressing room.

  • Not looking good, Micra.

    In the last couple of years I have lost games at Plymouth, Torquay and Bristol plus now possibly Exeter. Its getting harder.

  • Fell your pain Dev. At least we have a few south west trips with Swindon down as well

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